New Black EL Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Black EL - L_ST [Album]

When you're feeling a little L_ST in life, there are few better ways to regain your footing than by pouring your scattered thoughts into art. Boston emcee Black EL is a case in point. The unsigned emcee's latest digital... Read More


Black EL ft. Michael Christmas - Do Not Disturb [Stream]

Black EL and Michael Christmas both hail from the Boston area, but their formative years could hardly have been more different. Whereas the former came up as a suburban kid and only gained a sense of independence after... Read More


Black EL - Golden Child [Stream]

In The Golden Child, one of the weirder flicks on Eddie Murphy’s resume, the comedian plays a social worker chosen to protect the title character, a Tibetan young’n with the power to save the world. I’m not... Read More


Black EL - Garcia Vega [Stream]

In recent weeks, Black EL has been keeping listeners entertained with a series of quality promo singles. If you thought those releases might be leading up to a full project, you were right. Today, we get our first taste of... Read More


Black EL - White ‘95 Maxima [Stream]

As we learned from late June’s Olde English 800, Black EL doesn’t reach for the most expensive bottle when it’s time to get his drink on; the Motown repper prefers something affordable that’ll get the... Read More


Black EL - Olde English 800 [Stream]

As someone who’s drained a couple (...dozen) 40-ounces in his day, I was expecting Black EL‘s latest promo single to be similar to its namesake: fizzy, intoxicating and fun while it lasts, but apt to leave you... Read More


Black EL x Durkin - Thanks For Noticing [Stream & Download]

In love there are those who yearn for commitment and on the flip-side there are those who fear commitment more than the Grim Reaper himself.  The female subject of Black EL and Durkin‘s Thanks For Noticing single... Read More


Black EL x Durkin - Mission Control (Chopped x Screwed) [Stream & Download]

Originally released this past March as part of the Motown representative’s latest EP, Black EL‘s Mission Control has received a Chopped x Screwed makeover courtesy of beatsmith Durkin. Presented by... Read More


Black EL x Durkin - Purgatory [Stream & Download]

Heaven, hell or Purgatory, life is what you make it. On the latest leak off the Boston natives’ forthcoming collaborative set, Black EL explores the themes of (in his own words) “the uncertainty of life and the... Read More


Black EL x Durkin - Che’s Parlay [Stream & Download]

Shock G has Humpty Hump, Eminem has Slim Shady, Nicki Minaj has Roman Zolanski, and Black EL has EL EL Cool Che. On newly-leaked mixtape cut Che’s Parlay, the Boston buzzmaker’s unhinged alter ego takes center... Read More


Aer - Feel I Bring (Black EL x Durkin Remix) [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed in the Booth since they brought us Chutes & Ladders (Remix), Boston rhymesayer Black EL and beatsmith Durkin return to their pages with their take on Feel I Bring, a hit single by fellow Massachusetts... Read More


Black EL ft. Theo Martins & Esoteric - Chutes & Ladders (Remix) [Stream & Download]

To some life might seem like, well, the Game of Life: though there’s a measure of luck involved, you can be reasonably confident that good decisions (like attending college, or living in a motorhome on a fault line... Read More


Black EL ft. Outasight - GO! (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Black EL and producer Durkin have teamed up with Outasight for the second of three remixed tracks from their previously-released collaborative album, Color Commentary.  Go! follows the El Prez and 6th Sense-assisted... Read More


Black EL ft. El Prez & 6th Sense - Sunday Drive (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Ah, Sunday; no alarm to wake you up in the morning, nowhere you need to be, and nothing to do but lay around till Saturday night’s hangover fades away (Unless you’re a churchgoer… or a DJBooth staff member... Read More


Black El - Color Commentary [Album]

Allow me, if you will, to engage in some rampant hometown bias. As a kid growing up in Boston in the late ‘80s we didn’t have much. The Red Sox were either terrible or heartbreakingly not good enough, even Larry Bird... Read Full Review


Black EL Delivers “Color Commentary” on New LP [Download] [Feature ]

Boston, Mass. -- Underground buzzmaker Black EL has hooked up with producer Durkin to bring fans his latest full-length, the follow-up to debut set A Major Minority. The newly-released Color Commentary comes complete with 10... Read More


Black EL - 100 Miles [Stream & Download]

Though unreleased cut Rush, featured earlier this month, came on the heels of a nearly two-year absence from the Booth, Black EL had no trouble picking up right where he left off, and the record earned overwhelmingly positive... Read More


Black EL - Rush [Stream]

When Black ELement last stepped into the Booth, George W. Bush was still President and I had yet to pen my first track review. Yep, it’s been a minute. Good things, however, come to those who wait – now... Read More


Black ELement - The Stickup Kid [Stream]

DJBooth favorite Black Element may have had to push back the release of his debut album several times, but the wait was well worth it.  Now that it’s finally dropped the Beantown-to-New York emcee is trying to keep... Read More


Black ELement [Finally] Releases “A Major Minority;” Available For Free Download [Feature ]

New York, NY-- Last we heard from DJBooth favorite Black ELement, he had pushed back the release of his debut album indefinitely, to ensure that the finished product would be as close to perfect as possible. Today, the wait... Read More


Black ELement’s Album Delayed, Offers Free Music In The Meantime [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Underground emcee Black ELement has delayed the release of his debut, A Major Minority in order to put the final touches on it, stating that, for him, "Perfection is the fifth element of hip hop." Though he... Read More


Black ELement Pushes Back “Major Minority,” Releases “Missing Elements” Mixtape [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Black ELement has regretfully informed the DJ Booth that he is postponing the release of his debut, A Major Minority, until next Thursday, September 25th, saying that he needs "a little more time" in order to... Read More


Black ELement ft. NAV - All I Love [Stream]

With summer giving way to fall, Black ELement has crafted a ditty for that special J. Lo in your life. Featuring guest artist NAV, the emcee waxes poetic over the heart’s greatest mystery– love. While Element talks... Read More


Black ELement Reveals Major Minority Cover, Tracklist [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Boston emcee Black ELement has thoughtfully supplied us with the cover art and tracklist for his full-length debut, A Major Minority, which will be released next Thursday, the 18th of September. The album's... Read More


Rapper Black ELement Offers “Missing Elements” for Download [Feature ]

New York, NY -- DJBooth favorite, Black ELement, has sent the Booth the second and third songs in his current "Missing ELements" series. The Boston native is currently set to release his debut album, "A Major Minority," on... Read More


Black ELement - Ride It Out [Stream]

In war, there are no winners; regardless of who triumphs in the end, everyone involved suffers bloody losses.  Acknowledging the senselessness of continuing the cycle of violence, rapper Black ELement denounces wrongful... Read More


Black ELement - The Itis [Stream]

We’ve all experienced “that” feeling.  But did you know that there is a name for it?  The Itis, ladies and gentlemen, is the sleepy feeling that takes over our bodies after we finish a calorie-loaded... Read More