New B.X.C Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


B.X.C - 2012 [Stream]

“You been watching the news lately, dog? Man, it’s getting’ crazy out here.” There’s no doubt about it—the times, they’re a-changing. But what does it all mean? Enter Chi-town duo B.X.C., who... Read More


B.X.C - Sometimes I Just Want to Give Up [Stream & Download]

Though rappers’ competition to produce the grittiest stories of street survival often seems like a game of one-upmanship, the true value of these snapshots of hardship and triumph lies in their applicability to our own... Read More


B.X.C - Beautiful Lovely [Stream]

Not spotted in the Booth since they brought us Jump back in November of 2010, Disturbing tha Peace duo B.X.C. make their triumphant return to our pages with Beautiful Lovely. Making its world premiere, this delicate, Marc... Read More


BXC - @BXCMusic [Album]

Disturbing tha Peace/Def Jam duo BXC have hooked up with to bring fans @BXCMusic, the fourth entry in their ongoing BXC Mixtape Series. The project features 10 brand new tracks by Windy City natives (and... Read More


B.X.C. - Jump [Stream & Download]

I know what you’re thinking: didn’t House of Pain basically close the book on jumping-themed rap records way back in 1992? Perhaps, but let’s not be too hasty: they were just jumping around while, as... Read More


B.X.C - Louder [Premiere] [Stream]

Louder, the latest track from Windy City twosome B.X.C., may be making its exclusive world premiere right here in the Booth, but don’t get it twisted; the track’s natural environment is the street, blaring at... Read More


B.X.C ft. 4-Ize - Cross the Street [Stream]

Can a hip-hop act remain dope while setting a good example for their youngest fans? Lyriq and Commando of Disturbing tha Peace twosome B.X.C. think so and, on this newly-leaked mixtape cut (making its world premiere right... Read More


DTP’s B.X.C Go “From My Block To Your’s” on New Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Lyriq and Commando of B.X.C. have teamed up with DJ Infamous, DJ Moondawg, and Disturbing tha Peace boss Ludacris to bring fans a brand new street album. Featuring "Right Here With Me," the T-Pain-assisted... Read More


B.X.C ft. Ludacris - Open Wide [Stream]

In a well-known Biblical tale, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt by parting the Red Sea, allowing his people to flee to safety as the Egyptian armies were engulfed in walls of water. Now, a few thousand years later, an... Read More


B.X.C - Right Here With Me [Stream]

As they work overtime to make a name for themselves, B.X.C are following the oldest (and most reliable) plan in the book: make hits, hits, and more hits.  Though none have gotten national chart positioning yet, the duo have... Read More


B.X.C - BangMufukas [Stream]

The 51st entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of B.X.C. (formerly known as Block Xchange), the Disturbing tha Peace duo who made their Booth debut with T-Pain collabo Swoll.  On their brand new,... Read More

B.X.C. Spit “BangMufukas” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- B.X.C. (formerly known as Block Xchange), the Disturbing tha Peace duo who recently brought us T-Pain collabo "Swoll," have stepped into the Booth for the 51st entry in our Freestyle Series. On... Read More


B.X.C ft. T-Pain - Swoll [Stream]

When B.X.C made their Booth debut with Loose Cannon, our own DJ Z complimented their discography, claiming they “have radio hits for days.”  If this newly-leaked record is any indication, his assessment was dead... Read More


B.X.C ft. Ludacris - Loose Cannon [Stream]

After over a year on Disturbing tha Peace and three appearances in the Booth (In Love Wit The Music, DJ Pharris’ Head Noddin’, and Computer Love ‘08), the Chicago-area duo formerly known as Block Xchange are... Read More


Block Xchange - Computer Love 2008 [Stream]

In 1985, Zapp & Roger (who used the voice box over twenty years before T-Pain) released their song Computer Love; a resounding success, it would later be sampled by the likes of 2Pac, Blackstreet, Donnell Jones, and... Read More


DJ Pharris ft. Ludacris & Block Xchange - Head Noddin’ [Stream]

Though Ludacris was raised in Atlanta and steadfastly reps the city as his hometown, the Grammy award winning rapper was actually born two hours south of Chicago in Champaign, Illinois.  Also south of the city is Country... Read More


Block Exchange ft. Twista - In Love Wit The Music [Stream]

After Shawnna‘s unexpected departure from Disturbing tha Peace, many fans feared that the label would no longer have any of that good ol’ Chicago swagger.  Out to reassure those fans of otherwise are... Read More