New Boaz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Boaz ft. Asher Roth - Rapness Monster (Remix) [Stream & Download]

On a loosie featured in June, Boaz introduced us to his bloodthirsty alter-ego, the Rapness Monster. Or rather, a rapness monster; on the official remix, we learn that there’s at least two of ‘em in existence.... Read More


Boaz ft. Mac Miller - Don’t Know [Stream]

When I saw that Boaz‘s latest single featured him joining forces with indie heavyweight, former labelmate and fellow Pittsburgh native Mac Miller, my gut told me I was in for a very dope listen. And what do you know? My... Read More


Boaz ft. Scarface - Hard to Forget It [Stream]

If you listen to as much new music as I do on the daily, you know there are lot of songs that simply go in one ear and out the other. Once you’ve given Boaz‘s latest jam a spin, on the other hand, you’ll be... Read More


Boaz - Rapness Monster [Stream & Download]

Like Sasquatch and Nessie, the Rapness Monster straddles the line between myth and reality, sighted by isolated individuals but disbelieved by the general public. Today, however, he has stepped out into the light of day for... Read More


Boaz - Like This [Stream & Download]

Boaz‘s last feature, the February lead single off his long-awaited Rostrum Records debut album, found him hooking up with Junior Reid to demonstrate “How We Law.” On freshly-minted follow-up Like This, the... Read More


Boaz ft. Junior Reid - How We Law [Stream]

Two years after his signing to Rostrum Records, Boaz finally has a debut album on the horizon. On newly-released lead single How We Law, the Pittsburgh representative gives us a primer on his personal approach to the paper... Read More


Boaz ft. Wiz Khalifa - Gettin’ After That Money [Stream]

Featured last year, video single Dreamin saw Boaz taking a momentary mental vacation from the hustle to indulge in some rosy fantasies of the monster stacks and luxury goods that he’ll receive as a reward for all his... Read More


Boaz ft. Sean Price & Illa Ghee - Psycho Killa [Stream]

When it comes to this rap sh*t, Boaz is a Psycho Killa. Last glimpsed Gettin’ After That Money on a September 2012 LP inclusion, the Pittsburgh representative and Rostrum Records signee has returned to remind us just... Read More


Boaz ft. Courtney Noelle - Dreamin’ [Stream]

After ensuring that things were done My Way on his last feature, Pittsburgh native Boaz has returned to our pages with his lighthearted new cut Dreamin’, which features Taylor Gang songstress Courtney Noelle. As the... Read More


Boaz - My Way [Stream]

With pushy music labels, overeager managers, flip-flopping fans, and other music industry nuisances it’s most often quite a struggle to have things done your way in this industry. Although I think it’s safe to say... Read More


Boaz - 9 to 5 [Stream & Download]

Thought you were the only one who hated your 9 to 5? Then you must never have talked to anyone about work, ever. Nonetheless, Boaz is here to prove you wrong with the lead single off his forthcoming free digital album. Here,... Read More


Boaz ft. Jay Rock - On Behalf [Stream & Download]

With his latest full-length on the verge of release, Boaz has returned with one final leak off the project. This street banger sees the Pittsburgh emcee hooking up with West Coast homie Jay Rock to speak On Behalf of hustlers... Read More


Boaz ft. Mac Miller & Josh Everette - Around the World [Stream]

Recently re-introduced to Booth readers via mixtape cut Do It for Ya, Pittsburgh representative takes the follow-up cut as an opportunity to fill listeners in on his globe-spanning travels. On Around the World, some sweeping,... Read More


Boaz - Some Things Never Change [Video]

This video comes from Boaz, the Pittsburgh MC who has been making great strides lately. The song Things Never Change comes from his upcoming project called The Transition coming this spring.  The video was directed by... Read More


Boaz - Do It For Ya [Stream & Download]

Last we featured Boaz, way back in early 2009, the Pittsburgh representative was on the verge of releasing his debut set, The Audiobiography. Though two years away from our frontpage is a damn long time, the artist is back... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Boaz & S. Money - Gimme a Sign [Stream]

A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food to be shared among the group. While I can’t take credit for that definition (thanks Bing), the word itself can be easily... Read More


Boaz - Well Connected [Stream]

If there’s one city DJBooth can be seen as helping break out onto the national stage, Pittsburgh is it. Though major-label signee Wiz Khalifa is Pitt’s most visible rapper, local artists such as S. Money and The... Read More


Boaz Drops “Steel City” Video, Preps March 17 Release of “Audiobiography” [Feature ]

Pittsburgh, PA -- Boaz pays tribute to his hometown in the newly-released video for "Steel City," a cut first featured in the Booth back in December '08. The East Coast emcee's debut LP, The Audiobiography is scheduled for... Read More


Boaz - Steel City [Stream]

When you hear “Northeast hip-hop,” it usually means rap music from New York, New Jersey, or Philly.  Despite Pittsburgh’s high-standing status as one of America’s strongest blue-collar cities, it has... Read More


Boaz Drops Pre-Album Mixtape, “The Manuscript” [Free Download] [Feature ]

Pittsburgh, PA -- With the drop date of his debut album, The Audiobiography, a month away, Pittsburgh emcee Boaz has released a brand new mixtape, The Manuscript, to keep fans busy till the big day. The 17-track project,... Read More


Boaz Officially “Gettin Mine” In New Music Video [Feature ]

Pittsburgh, PA -- In the single, "Gettin' Mine," Boaz told listeners that after a long, strenuous grind he was finally moving up in the world, and now he's got a video to prove it. Those who like what they hear should pick... Read More


Boaz ft. Josh Everette - Crazy World [Stream]

If you gave Boaz the chance, he’d probably talk your ear off about everything wrong with our world. Save your time and just watch a little CNN. During commercial breaks, however, feel free to tune into the Pittsburgh’s... Read More


Boaz - Gettin Mine [Stream]

Whether you view Boaz as the hip-hop Horatio Alger or just another bill-tossing club rapper, you can’t help but admire the American Dream in action. The Steel City native’s past reads like a modern rags to riches tale,... Read More