New Brutha Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Brutha ft. Jadakiss - Sex-a-holic (Can’t Get Enough) (Remix) [Stream]

Thanks to a certain golfer’s now-legendary infidelities, sex addiction has become urban music’s lyrical theme du jour. In recent months, everyone from Maino to Ludacris has celebrated his Tiger-esque appetite for... Read More


Brutha - One Day on This Earth [Stream]

2012 is drawing ever nearer and, as we all know, an apocalypse without a thematically appropriate r&b soundtrack is no apocalypse at all. Fortunately, Anthony, Jared, Jacob, Papa and Grady of Brutha are back with a... Read More


Brutha - Brutha [Album]

Some artists have great stories. More than just their music, it’s the myths and legends surrounding them that catapult them into the spotlight. 50 Cent’s a great example. When he first came out, people weren’t saying,... Read Full Review


Brutha Offers Album Preview; Debut In Stores 12/20 (Early Release) [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- With their self-titled debut album hitting store shelves early - this Sunday (the 21st), the R&B quartet has released a preview sampler for free download here. Fans of Brutha can tune in to the group's BET... Read More


Brutha Takes on Jodeci’s “Love U 4 Life” in New A Cappella Video [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- On the heels of last week's "Love Lockdown" a cappella version R&B group Brutha have brought us their take on Jodeci's "Love U 4 Life," viewable below. Both of these covers are part of an ongoing, weekly... Read More


Brutha Locks Down Their Love By Covering Kanye West Single [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- Hoping to win the hearts of an expanded fanbase, R&B quintet Brutha have created an a cappella cover version of Kanye West's recent single, "Love Lockdown." Brutha will be uploading a new a cappella... Read More


Brutha ft. Fabolous - I Can’t Hear the Music [Stream]

Since ‘05, Def Jam has been a launching pad for “We Got Next” artists looking to become “Industry Heavyweights.”  In the meantime, various artists have jockeyed for position, fighting to become the... Read More