New Bubba Sparxxx Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Bubba Sparxx ft. D-Thrash & D-Ray - Heart of Georgia [Stream]

Bubba Sparxxx was born and raised in the Heart of Georgia, and that heritage shines through in each and every bar of his music. As the Southern mainstay puts it on his latest feature, “Everything I make sounds like the... Read More


Bubba Sparxxx ft. Dan Rockett - Bangin’ [Stream]

Fresh off last week’s release of his senior set, ATL veteran Bubba Sparxxx steps into The DJBooth with a fresh video single off the project. As the title suggests, Bangin’ is a bass-heavy cut best enjoyed at high... Read More


Roosh Williams ft. Bubba Sparxxx - Fraudulent [Stream & Download]

While there’s hardly a rapper alive who wouldn’t pay lip service to keeping it one-hundred, we all know the truth: the game is full of individuals who aren’t just fake, they’re straight-up... Read More


Bubba Sparxx ft. Ying Yang Twins - Ridiculous [Stream & Download]

Following last week’s Boomerang, the Ying Yang Twins are back, this time letting Bubba Sparxxx take the lead in Ridiculous, the second featured cut off of Mr. Collipark Presents: Can I Have the Club Back, Please. Producer... Read More


Bubba Sparxxx - There I Go Again [Stream & Download]

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, Bubba Sparxx has arisen yet again to deliver music to the people. Wait…say what? You heard me right ladies and gentlemen; Mr. New Booty is back in action, this time with the DJ Booth... Read More


Bubba Sparxxx & Greg Street Prep “The New South” Compilation Album for May 5th Release [Feature ]

New York, NY -- New South Entertainment in conjunction with E1 Music (formerly KOCH Records) is proud to announce the release of The New South, a Bubba Sparxxx/Greg Street compilation album, on May 5th, 2009. For the past 2... Read More


Bubba Sparxxx - This Is What I Do [Stream]

Despite Ms. New Booty being Bubba Sparxxx’ biggest chart hit to date, it didn’t sit too well with his longtime fans, who prefer his work on Dark Days, Bright Nights and Deliverance.  Though such fans noticed... Read More


Good Charlotte ft. Bubba Sparxx & Jung Tu - Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Remix) [Stream]

When a hip-hop site such as features a record from a punk rock band, you know there’s going to be something epic about it.  Thus, it is with great pleasure and plenty of excitement that we proudly... Read More


Bubba Sparxxx ft. Ray J - She Got Me Like (Ahh Sh*t!) [Stream]

When Bubba Sparxxx burst onto the hip-hop scene in ’01, folks quickly labeled him as the countrified second coming of Eminem. However, when his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Deliverance, dropped in ’03, it faced a... Read More


Bubba Sparxxx ft. Mr. ColliPark - I Like It A Lot [Stream]

After working under the tutelage of Timbaland and his Beat Club label for many years, which produced the albums Dark Days, Bright Nights and Deliverance, rapper Bubba Sparxxx shifted his career gears and hitched a hayride... Read More


Bubba Sparxxx ft. Dirt Reynolds - Beatin’ Down Da Block [Stream]

Set up by Timbaland on 2001’s Dark Days, Bright Nights (which featured the megahit Ugly), Bubba Sparxx was introduced as the ultimate music anomaly. I mean, who else had ever heard of a country-bred white rapper? ... Read More


Koch Records Inks Bubba Sparxxx and “New South Ent” Label [Feature ]

New York, NY -- KOCH Records is proud to announce the signing of Bubba Sparxxx and his New South Entertainment label. One of the most forward thinking rappers to bless the game, Bubba will release his fourth studio album in... Read More