New BURNTmd Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


BURNTmd - The Green Invasion [Album]

Underground emcee BurntMD has joined forces with The DJBooth and Diamond Media 360 to offer up his sophomore full-length, The Green Invasion, for streaming and digital purchase. The project packs a whopping 25 tracks' worth... Read More


BURNTmd - Auschwitz [Stream]

As many have noted, consumer capitalism has led to an excess of choices that aren’t really choices at all; if you don’t believe me, count the types of barbecue sauce on offer at your local supermarket, then count... Read More


BURNTmd ft. DJ Grazzhoppa - Opium Guide [Stream & Download]

Hip-hop is no stranger to drug use. Some, like Snoop, prefer to roll up a J, while others prefer pill popping to get the mood right. I have to say, though, BURNTmd’s new single is only the second tune (see Krondon’s... Read More


BURNTmd ft. Keith Murray & DJ Grazzhoppa - Building Blocks [Stream & Download]

BURNTmd isn’t angry at his peers in the hip-hop game; he’s just disappointed. Thus he’s hooked up with an illustrious hip-hop vet to scare them straight on newly-released mixtape inclusion Building Blocks.... Read More


BURNTmd ft. Planet Asia & Copywrite - Medicine Ball [Stream & Download]

The great state of Vermont – also known as “The Green Mountain State” – is known for things like maple syrup, bed & breakfasts, popular 80’s TV show Newhart and the band Phish. What they are not known for is... Read More


BURNTmd ft. DJ Grazzhoppa - Show Stoppa [Stream & Download]

Vermont may be better known for skiing and maple syrup than dope beats and rhymes, but if anybody can put the Green Mountain State on the hip-hop map, it’s BurntMD—suffice it to say, the up-and-coming emcee is a... Read More