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Cam’ron Could Fly Private, But He Doesn’t Know How Long His “Moment” Money Will Last [Feature ]

Over the course of his celebrated 20-year career, Cam'ron has enjoyed several defining moments. His Def Jam debut, Come Home with Me, being certified Platinum was a moment. His co-starring role in the cult... Read More


Cam’ron Threatens to Sue UFC: An Accidental Music Publishing Lesson [Feature ]

Cam'ron has always been about his money—he's made more selling shower curtains alone than your average public school teacher makes in a lifetime—and so it's no surprise that he recently took... Read More


Cam’ron & Reebok Release 4/20 Sneakers With Rolling Papers, Munchies & Music [Feature ]

Today is 4/20, a magical day when people who like to smoke a lot of weed and eat their weight in Doritos get to smoke a lot of weed and eat their weight in Doritos. If you're someone who is excited to actually... Read More


Cam’ron ft. GunPlay & Juju - All Dat There Mine [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the new visuals to All Dat There Mine. For the past half-year, Cam’ron has been making payday just a little bit sweeter by dropping an EP at the top of every month. All good things, however,... Read More


Smoke DZA ft. ASAP Rocky & Cam’ron - Errthang Valid (Remix) [Stream]

On Tuesday, Cam’ron unleashed the official visual accompaniment to Touch the Sky, a single that saw him trading bars with site regular Smoke DZA. Little did we know, the Dipset heavyweight would return the favor just... Read More


Cam’ron ft. Wiz Khalifa & Smoke DZA - Touch The Sky [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the First Look-directed visuals to Touch the Sky. In 2005, the Dipset meets Roc-A-Fella movement reached its peak, as Cam’ron linked up with Kanye West on Down and Out (a personal favorite,... Read More


Cam’ron - 1st of the Month Vol. 4 EP [Album]

It's the 1st of the Month, y'all know what that means. Payday, for one thing—but also another highly-anticipated installment in Cam'ron's ongoing EP series. Coming on the heels of August's reader-acclaimed third entry,... Read More


Cam’ron ft. 2 Chainz - Snapped [Stream]

UPDATE: The Cam’ron and K. Spence-directed visuals for Snapped have been added. Just can’t wait for Cam’ron‘s next 1st of the Month EP? Well, consider this cut a payday loan. (And don’t worry;... Read More


Cam’ron - 1st of the Month Vol. 3 EP [Album]

Come the 1st of the Month, y'all know what that means. Payday, for one thing—but also another highly-anticipated installment in Cam'ron's ongoing EP series. Coming on the heels of July's reader-acclaimed second entry,... Read More


Cam’ron ft. Estelle & Couzin Bang - The Show Begins [Stream]

Ever since American Boy, Estelle has been one of rap’s go-to hook singers. Ever since he was in diapers (basically), Cam’ron has been rapping. So it’s only right that the two have once joined forces for The... Read More


Cam’ron - 1st of the Month Vol. 2 [Album]

Come the 1st of the Month, y'all know what that means. Payday, for one thing—but also another highly-anticipated installment in Cam'ron's ongoing EP series. Coming on the heels of July's reader-acclaimed inaugural entry,... Read More


Cam’ron ft. Nicki Minaj & Yummy - So Bad [Stream]

You thought Killa Season would only last a month? True to his word, Cam’ron is continuing to turn out new music as part of his 1st of the Month series, and this time around he’s got a true hip-hop heavyweight on... Read More


Cam’ron - 1st of the Month, Vol. 1 EP [Album]

Everyone looks forward to the 1st of the Month, and July 1 was shaping up to be even sweeter than usual. That's the day Dipset veteran Cam'ron has unleashed the inaugural entry in his new online EP series. The project, the... Read More


Cam’ron - Funeral [Stream]

Don’t look know, but the one and only Killa Cam is enjoying a career resurgence. Almost two decades after his last album Cam’ron is once again in the headlines, and to further cement his place in the 2014 hip-hop... Read More


A-Trak x Cam’ron ft. Juelz Santana - Dipsh*ts [Stream]

Thought Cam’ron and his circle were no longer a force to be reckoned with? Then the title of the Harlem mainstay’s latest feature is referring to you. On a new single off his forthcoming collaboration with A-Trak,... Read More


Win Tickets to See Cam’ron in New York City (Update: Closed) [Feature ]

It's safe to say that hip-hop's never seen anyone like Cam'ron, and likely never will again. So you should probably seize your chance to see the one and only Mr. Giles this coming week in Brooklyn. We can guarantee it will be... Read More


Smoke DZA ft. Cam’ron - Ghost Of Dipset [Stream]

Back in March of 2013, Smoke DZA called upon the spirit of Harlem most famous hip-hop clique on promotional single Ghost of Dipset. It took a hot minute, but he finally succeeded in summoning a representative of the... Read More


A-Trak x Cam’ron - Humphrey [Stream]

Harlem rap veteran Cam’ron‘s been absent from the Booth for a hot minute (his Ghetto Heaven V1 tape hit our front page back in October), as has Canadian DJ/producer A-Trak. Today, they both return to give us what... Read More


Webbz ft. Cam’ron - Make a Way [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Webbz, he was asking the Man Upstairs for assistance with his personal and professional struggles on August 27th’s Holding on to a Prayer. A week and change later, life is still tough for the... Read More


Cam’ron - Welcome to My World [Stream]

Think you can entice Cam’ron with a stroll through the park, a light lunch at your favorite restaurant, or a trip to the beach? Get the f**k outta here—the Dipset vet isn’t an ordinary man, and he doesn’t... Read More


Blue Sky Black Death w/ SAS ft. Cam’ron & N.O.R.E - Valley of Kings [Stream & Download]

Blue Sky Black Death, the Seattle-based beat duo behind Deniro Farrar‘s Danger and Mr. MFN eXquire‘s The Message 1 and 2, make their first foray into the solo spotlight with Valley of Kings, single numero uno off... Read More


Wiz Khalifa ft. Camron - The Bluff [Stream]

Ever wonder what Wiz Khalifa’s Turkey Day spread looks like? Stuffing made of Funyons? Pumpkin pie with a magical ingredient? Mashed potatoes with Skittles in them? Unless you are lucky enough to have a Thanksgiving dinner... Read More


Nyche ft. Fred The Godson & Cam’ron - Ziplock [Stream & Download]

Just how potent is the work Nyche is pushing? I can’t put it any better than the man does himself on his latest single (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!): “Sh*t’s strong, you can smell it through the... Read More


Cam’ron ft. T.I. - Jungle [Stream]

With all the mystery and intrigue surrounding Cam’ron and his whereabouts comes Jungle, his quasi-ode to Disney’s most popular animated film. A clever sample from The Lion Sleeps Tonight and a heavy dose of snares cooked... Read More


Cam’ron - F**k You [Stream]

On his last feature, late February’s So Bad, Cam’ron looked back on a relationship that, despite his best efforts, was destined for failure. If there’s anything that can sweeten a nasty breakup (even while... Read More


Cam’ron ft. Yummy - So Bad [Stream]

As N*E*R*D laid out in Lapdance, rappers are very similar to politicians when it comes to their pursuit of the top spot. When a politician has a good run one week, they follow up by swiftly attacking their opponents the next... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Cam’ron - Dig That [Stream & Download]

A new record from Mac Miller, featuring the guest stylings of Harlem vet Cam’ron—can you Dig That? I thought you could. This brand new one-off release finds the Pittburgh phenom (and freestyle alum) and his... Read More


Cam’ron - Motivation [Stream]

In the words of our very own DJ Z, there are only three things guaranteed in this life: death, taxes and five minute long Joe Budden tracks. Wise words, but I’d also like to add slowly rhymed, hilariously inappropriate... Read More


Cam’ron & Vado ft. Jazz - Soulja [Stream]

We’ve all come to expect a certain, shall we say not exactly Shakespearean rhyme style from Cam’ron and Vado, but I think the Harlem-for-life representers will surprise a lot of people with the release of their new song... Read More


Kanye West ft. G.O.O.D. Music Fam & Dipset - Christmas in Harlem [Stream]

Every year it seems hip-hop contributes to the Christmas festivities by grabbing some sleigh bells and an MPC and making a hit for Santa to ride out to. Whether they are gems like Death Row’s Santa Goes Straight Through The... Read More


Busta Rhymes ft. T.I., Cam’ron, Ghostface & DMX - Stop the Party (Remix) [Stream]

Impressively, Busta Rhymes, who’s currently working on his ninth solo studio album, is still going strong after a decade and a half in the rap game. Having teamed up with trusty maker producer Swizz Beatz for the currently... Read More


Dipset ft. Cam’ron, Juelz Santana & Jim Jones - Salute [Stream]

And now the moment everyone’s been anxiously waiting for! Ok, a lot of people. Ok, fine, some people – it’s a Dipset reunion! After ruling the charts in ’03 and ’04, Dipset fell apart, but major players Cam’ron,... Read More


Cam’ron ft. Vado - Ooh Baby [Stream]

It’s official, Cam’ron is back. Once the king of the Dipset empire, label beef and personal problems largely forced Cam out of the spotlight for the last few years. With those difficulties seemingly behind him, Cam began... Read More


Gucci Mane ft. Cam’ron & Lil Wayne - Stupid Wild [Stream]

Quick question: What do you do when you’ve spent months building your artist up, only to watch him head to prison weeks before the release of his major album? What else is there to do but put just keep releasing new music?... Read More


Cam’ron - Crime Pays [Album]

Like a shark, hip-hop never stops moving, and in 2002 Cam’ron was the great white of the rap game. All of America was shoutin Oh Boy, women were hearin Hey Ma on every corner, and Cam was draped in pink furs. Then, slowly,... Read Full Review


Jim Jones Discusses Life, Cam and Jay-Z in ‘This is Jim Jones’ Documentary [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, NY – Diplomats. Casualties of War. Purification. Each of these political terms strikes a chord with Jim Jones, one of hip hop’s heaviest hitters, and are three of ten chapters in the Capo’s new documentary,... Read More


Cam’ron Premieres “I Got It For Cheap” Music Video [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Cam'ron, the Harlem emcee who's preparing to make his comeback with the release of his sixth LP, Crime Pays, has premiered a music video for album cut "I Got It For Cheap." The newly-released video co-stars... Read More


Cam’ron Premieres “I Used To Get It In Ohio” Video [Feature ]

New York, NY -- "I Used To Get It In Ohio," the Crime Pays street single that hit our front page earlier this week, has received the video treatment courtesy of director Bang. Crime Pays, Cam'ron's sixth studio album, is... Read More


Cam’ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio [Stream]

Though Cam’ron‘s exclusive interview with our own DJ “Z” won’t hit our front page till Thursday, I had the privilege of hearing it early (fun fact: I’ve been transcribing DJBooth interviews since... Read More


Cam’ron - I Hate My Job [Stream]

Shortly after the release of his fifth album, Killa Season, in 2006 and his 2007 war of words with 50 Cent, Cam’ron suddenly disappeared from the spotlight, prompting numerous “Where’s Cam’ron?”... Read More


Cam’ron Premieres “I Hate My Job” Video, Prepares “Crime Pays” for April Release [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Though many high-rolling hip-hop artists seem oblivious to the current economic downturn, Cam'ron can clearly empathize with the plight of nine-to-fivers. In the newly-released video for his latest single, "I... Read More


Cam’ron - Still The Reason [Stream]

Perhaps no rap group’s status has been more ambiguous than that of the Diplomats: Jim Jones signed with Columbia (and formed his own Byrdgang group), Juelz Santana recently had his contract bought by Def Jam (and formed... Read More


Glasses Malone ft. Lil’ Wayne & Cam’ron - Where Itz At [Stream]

When Glasses Malone jumped inside our DJBooth for an interview this past January, he informed us that April 1st was his “magical date.”  With the success of his Akon-assisted introductory single Certified, Malone had... Read More


Cam’ron - Let The Built Build (Freestyle) [Stream]

Since he released Killa Season in May of ‘06, Cam’ron has been in and out of our lives.  Popping up occasionally with a brand new record, the Harlem native has mostly stayed quiet following last year’s silly rap... Read More


Cam’ron - Pass Da Dutchie [Stream]

In 1982, a reggae group named the Mighty Diamonds released the song Pass The Kutchie.  Since the song referenced the smoking and passing of marijuana, it received no radio play.  Later that year, however, UK group... Read More


Cam’ron - Glitter [Stream]

After starting world famous beef with ‘Currtttiis’ earlier this year, rapper Cam’ron slowly faded into oblivion.  While reports starting spewing out that Jim Jones had sent the Harlem native packing and kicked Cam... Read More


Cam’Ron - Suga Duga [Stream]

With a 70’s-inspired hook reminiscent of the Jackson 5, Suga Duga is a lighthearted single from Cam’Ron‘s crew, The Diplomats.  With an infectious beat and playful lyrics (I’m not on VH-1/But I... Read More


Cam’ron Addresses Appearance On 60 Minutes [Feature ]

STATEMENT OF CAMERON GILES, DIPLOMAT RECORDS: "In 2005, I was a victim of a violent crime. I was shot multiple times without provocation by two armed men who attempted to carjack my vehicle. Although I was a crime victim,... Read More


Cam’ron ft. Hell Rell - Ching, Cha, Ching [Stream]

The Dipset crew is at it again! This time around Cam’ron and fellow Diplomat Hell Rell let us know that they are brothas serious about their money in the new joint Ching, Cha, Ching. This record is what you you’ve come to... Read More