New Cam'ron & Vado Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Cam’ron & Vado ft. Jazz - Soulja [Stream]

We’ve all come to expect a certain, shall we say not exactly Shakespearean rhyme style from Cam’ron and Vado, but I think the Harlem-for-life representers will surprise a lot of people with the release of their new song... Read More


Cam’ron & Vado - Girls Cry [Stream]

With their collaborative set’s release right around the corner, Dipset partners-in-rhyme Cam’ron and Vado drop off another single from the project. On Girls Cry, the smooth Chipmunk-sould boardwork of a... Read More


Cam’ron & Vado ft. Busta Rhymes - Rubberband Stacks [Stream]

Ever find yourself carrying so much cash that a garden variety wallet or money clip just won’t do the trick? That’s a problem that, sadly, I have no experience with, but those who do often find themselves... Read More


Cam’ron & Vado - It’s Your Party [Stream]

As I unpack the boatloads of new music that visit the Booth each day I try to keep an open mind and not judge a book by its cover; and by “book” I mean Cam’ron and Vado, and by “cover” I mean their new mixtape... Read More