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Death Around the Corner: The Lingering Cloud of Suicide in Hip-Hop [Feature ]

Police say he was clutching a Bible to his chest when he jumped to his death. His body—too devastating to be shown to his family—was discovered outside of a Manhattan building moments after midnight on December... Read More


On Troy Ave, Capital STEEZ & Finding Compassion in Suicide [Feature ]

This verse was ghost written by Capital STEEZ, I’m high cause I fly with Loriana’s angel wings - 47 Bars The night was far from young when the phone unexpectedly rang. A voice didn’t greet me... Read More


Capital STEEZ - Capital STEEZ [Stream]

Self-titled songs aren’t for the faint of heart. You’ve got to compress everything that makes you you into a few short minutes, all while providing an experience that leaves listeners craving more. On his first... Read More


Joey BADA$$ ft. Capital STEEZ - Survival Tactics [Stream]

In his classic The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin laid down the law of natural selection: “In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves... Read More