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The Oddictions ft. Carlyle - So High [Stream & Download]

As production duo Oddz.n.Endz, Justin “Jay Houston” Harris and Nick “Nino” Lazzeri have lent their boardwork to an impressive variety of Booth-featured cuts, crafting head-noddable hip-hop cuts (Freeway‘s Hustle... Read More


Carlyle ft. Freeway - Never Go [Stream & Download]

What a difference four months can make! Though Carlyle‘s late-May Booth debut saw him attempting to smooth-talk a shawty into trading her dusty old man in for a Replacement (i.e. Carlyle himself), new promo cut Never Go... Read More


Carlyle ft. Ghostwridah - Replacement [Premiere] [Stream]

Selecting a mate is a big, big life decision – kind of like purchasing a major household appliance. And, like, say, a malfunctioning washer-dryer (provided it’s under warranty), a significant other who isn’t... Read More