New Yonas Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Yonas - Night Is Young [Stream]

Last week, Yonas told his fans to Live It Up. Assuming that they listened to and heeded his wise words, this week he follows up his own advice by reminding us all that the Night Is Young. The Dreamstate-produced song serves... Read More


Yonas - Live It Up [Stream]

The summer season is nearly upon us, so it’s time to prepare for a barrage of anthemic, YOLO-centric jams. The latest contender is the aptly titled Live It Up, a high-energy, feel-good toast to pouring it up, drinking... Read More


Yonas - Believe (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Yonas and producer Sean Ross are back with another installment of Freemix Tuesdays. This time, the duo has reworked Believe, by Mumford & Sons, into a futuristic banger with some poignant lyrics from the Bronx bomber.... Read More


Yonas - Uptown Funk (Remix) [Stream & Download]

So far, Yonas’ Freemix Tuesdays series has seen him rework the likes of Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy and Hozier, and next up to bat is none other than Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. Along with producer... Read More


Yonas - Take Me To Church (Remix) [Stream & Download]

After tackling a Fall Out Boy reworking on the last installment of his FREEMIX Tuesdays series, Yonas is back to save us all with the third installment, Take Me To Church (Remix). Producers Jorgen Odegard and Sean Ross have... Read More


Yonas - Centuries (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Fresh off reworking Taylor Swift’s Blank Space on the wildly-acclaimed inaugural installment of FREEMIX Tuesdays, perennial Booth fave Yonas returns with entry numero dos in his digital series. This time around, he and... Read More


YONAS - Blank Space (Remix) [Stream & Download]

There are two kinds of people in the world: the kind who proudly enjoy the music of Taylor Swift, and the kind who front like they’re not fans, but sing along when nobody’s watching. To his credit, YONAS is one of the... Read More


Yonas - 4am [Stream]

Update: The Nick Marfing and Cory Hammon (of Altamira Film Co.) directed visuals for Yonas’ 4am single have been added. If you’d asked me yesterday, I would have told you that little good could happen at 4am.... Read More


Yonas - Love Me Again [Stream & Download]

Since Yonas‘s last feature, The Transition (Deluxe Edition) single Leaving You, found the Bronx representative cutting loose a woman he’d been seeing, I figured new promo single Love Me Again would feature him... Read More


YONAS ft. Jasmine Poole - Leaving You [Stream]

As an emcee on the come-up, YONAS spends a lot of his time on the road and at clubs—both places that offer ample opportunity to meet women. Fun as groupies and champagne-swilling socialites may be to kick it with, though,... Read More


Yonas - Counting Stars (Trap Remix) [Stream]

An understated, emotional jam with a folk rock-infused sound, OneRepublic‘s Counting Stars doesn’t spring to mind as a prime candidate for a Trap Remix… but I’ll be damned if longtime Booth fave and NYC... Read More


Yonas to Hit the Road With Pell on Spring 2014’s “Up All Night Tour” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. - This spring, Billboard Award-winning emcee Yonas will be hitting the road on his Up All Night Tour, in support of his 2013 release, The Transition Deluxe. Presented by The DJBooth and California Crown... Read More


Yonas ft. OCD: Moosh & Twist - Roller Coaster [Stream]

Yonas may be riding high at the moment, but his life’s been anything but an uninterrupted climb from the bottom to the top. Rather, his fortunes have gone “up and down, up and down… something like a... Read More


Yonas - Set It Off [Stream]

Yonas‘s The Transition mixtape garnered considerable buzz and acclaim when it hit the ‘net in June of 2012, but not nearly as much as it deserved. That’s why, a year and change later, the NYC... Read More


Yonas - Transition 2: Bright Lights, Big City [Album]

Big Apple buzzmaker and longtime reader fave Yonas has released his latest street album, Transition 2: Bright Lights, Big City. One year to the day after 2012's DJBooth-hosted The Transition, the project comes on the heels... Read More


Yonas - Girls of Summer [Stream]

With his next mixtape just a few short weeks away, Yonas has liberated one last preliminary song release off the highly-anticipated set. On Girls of Summer (which, contrary to what its title may suggest, has nothing to do... Read More


Yonas - Pocket Full of Dreams [Stream & Download]

It’s not easy out here for a dreamer. There are cynics and dream-wreckers at every turn trying to destroy your spirit and the vision you are trying to manifest. Don’t worry though, DJBooth favorite Yonas has got... Read More


Yonas - Feel the Love [Stream & Download]

After years on the hustle, Big Apple emcee Yonas is finally starting to Feel the Love he so richly deserves. (We in The DJBooth, of course, were with him every step of the way.) To celebrate his rising stature in the game,... Read More


Yonas - Clockwork [Stream]

Last September, Yonas inked a label deal with independent imprint 1st Round Records. Four months and change later, the Big Apple repper and longtime DJBooth favorite makes things official with the release of his debut video... Read More


Nameluss ft. Yonas & Shade Sheist - Let Me Know [Stream & Download]

If your New Years resolution was to join a gym, but after just a few short weeks you’re feeling lackluster about pumping iron, then take a listen to Nameluss’ new cut, Let Me Know. On the emcee’s third Booth... Read More


YONAS - Temptation [Stream]

For a talented young artist from a humble background, the music industry offers no shortage of Temptations, but if there’s anyone with the strength of will to make it to the top without compromising his principles,... Read More


YONAS - Lights (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Like many emcees, YONAS is determined to shine. For the Big Apple phenom and longtime Booth fave, however, that involves more than simply adorning his body with ice, or rolling down the block in the most immaculate whip. On... Read More


YONAS - Thought I Told Yall [Stream & Download]

On his last feature, YONAS made clear that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a politician, a priest, a policeman or the Queen of England; if you aren’t in the streets with him and his people, the reader fave... Read More


Yonas - Don’t Give a Damn [Stream]

When you’ve worked as hard as Yonas to get where you are today, you deserve to cut loose and enjoy yourself for an afternoon. On Don’t Give a Damn, a mixtape cut newly released as a single via the artist’s... Read More


Yonas - The Transition [Stream]

On his recent The Transition album, Yonas left no doubt that he’s pushing for mainstream success, so it’s only appropriate that on the new title track video the man’s surrounded by flashing lights. On the... Read More


Yonas - Looking For You [Stream & Download]

Don’t worry, no need to look outside to see if there’s a NYC rapper looking into your window. The title of Yonas’ new single and standout from his Transition album may be Looking For You, but he’s not literally... Read More


Yonas ft. Logic - Feels Right [Stream & Download]

Why does Yonas rock the mic? You might as well ask why birds choose to sing, or why 2 Chainz steals panties from women’s clotheslines: “It’s something that just Feels Right.” Natural as kicking rhymes might be... Read More


Yonas - The Transition [Album]

NYC phenom Yonas has come together with The DJBooth, 2DopeBoyz and GoodMusicAllDay to bring listeners his latest street release, The Transition. Intended to mark the entrance into a new stage of his career, the project... Read More


Yonas - Drive It Like It’s Stolen [Stream & Download]

Life is short, so why drive slow? Yonas, for one, isn’t about to let a solitary second go to waste; now that he’s commandeered the rap game, he’s gonna Drive It Like It’s Stolen. Leak numero uno off... Read More


Yonas - One More Time [Stream & Download]

What’s the only thing better than a beautiful woman? Two beautiful women. What’s the only thing better than $1 million? $2 million. How do you top the best night of your life? Have a new best night of your life? No matter... Read More


Scotty James x Yonas - Wanna Be Loved [Stream & Download]

Yonas isn’t just a top-tier emcee—he’s the full package, as evidenced by his songwriting and co-production (with Sean Ross) on the latest promo single from Canadian pop-rocker Scotty James. On this... Read More


Yonas - Midnight City [Stream & Download]

With his version of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks, Yonas put his mark on the biggest sleeper hit of 2011—and earned the Booth staff’s Best Remix of 2011 nod for his troubles. Not quite as ubiquitous as the... Read More


Yonas - Time Is Now [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Though Yonas certainly hasn’t been slacking off in the Booth of late, the NYC phenom recently got back into the studio full-time and is preparing for a big musical “push” in the coming months—starting... Read More


Yonas - Pumped Up Kicks [Video]

Yonas recruits an army of small guest stars for his remix of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks, transforming a track about anger into an anthem of hope. The project that will feature this remix has yet to receive a... Read More


Yonas - Can’t Knock Me Down [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Fresh off flipping Foster the People on the tremendously-acclaimed Pumped up Kicks (Remix), Yonas returns to put his stamp on another indie-rock favorite on unreleased freestyle Can’t Knock Me Down. Here, the Big Apple... Read More


The Road to A3C: Yonas [Feature ]

DJBooth is proud to announce that Yonas will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. Straight from the boogie-down Bronx, meet Yonas and meet the future of hip-hop. In an endless night sky of... Read More


Yonas - Pumped Up Kicks (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Released to little fanfare back in September of 2010, Foster the People‘s Pumped Up Kicks has slowly but surely grown into a crossover juggernaut. And it’s not hard to see why: the pounding beat, instant-classic... Read More


Yonas x Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar [Stream & Download]

Back in March of 2010, soul singer Aloe Blacc rocked the Booth with I Need A Dollar, the cut selected as the theme song for HBO series How to Make It in America. Today, Yonas steps into the Booth with his unreleased remix of... Read More


Yonas - Ignition [Stream & Download]

Four weeks atop our Indie Chart (with three different records, no less), the 250th and final entry in the Freestyle Series, placement on our compilation EP with Champ Sports (2011 Remixed Vol 1)—yes, Yonas... Read More


Yonas - A Reason to Breathe [Stream & Download]

A little thought can be a dangerous thing. Take Booth fave Yonas, for example—what started as a simple urge to put words down on paper quickly blossomed into an unstoppable drive to understand the world around him. Now, on... Read More


Yonas - Get ‘Em [Stream & Download]

The 250th and final entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Yonas, the NYC buzzmaker who hooked up with DJBooth to sell his acclaimed The Proven Theory album in late April. On his brand new, exclusive Get... Read More


Yonas Brings Freestyle Series to a Close with “Get ‘Em” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Yonas, the NYC buzzmaker who brought us his acclaimed The Proven Theory street album in late April, has stepped into the Booth with the 250th and final entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand... Read More

freestyle-series-recap-0613112 Freestyle Series to End With Installment #250 [Feature ]

In February of 2009, made online hip-hop history with the launch of our Exclusive Freestyle Series--a venture dreamed up as a way to bring our fans exclusive music while supporting the careers of independent,... Read More


Yonas - Living In the Sky [Stream & Download]

You’d think that after the release of his highly rated album, The Proven Theory, and being chosen to close out our long-standing Freestyle Series Yonas would be Living in the Sky, but despite the title of his new world... Read More


Shy Kidz - Yonas [Video]

I bet when you saw that there were new Yonas visuals on DJBoothTV, you became instantly happier. Even if you didn’t, you’ve found a beautiful piece of music now complete with high quality video. In what Yonas... Read More


Yonas - The Proven Theory [Album]

Buy Yonas "Proven Theory" on DJ Booth You know what people who read hip-hop album reviews love talking about? The definitions of scientific terms. (Hey, I’m here to give the people what they want). For example, anyone who... Read Full Review


Yonas Offers New Album “The Proven Theory” for Purchase in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Bronx native and longtime reader favorite Yonas is offering up his highly-anticipated new album, The Proven Theory, for streaming and purchase in the Booth. Featuring 12 fresh cuts by the Big Apple emcee... Read More


Yonas - The Proven Theory [Album]

DJBooth Premium Download - Support Hip Hop! Bronx representative and longtime Booth fave Yonas has joined forces with to offer his latest album, The Proven Theory, for streaming and purchase. The project... Read More


Yonas ft. Phil Adé - Nobody Else (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Remember way back in November of 2010 when DJBooth favorite Yonas first promised a certain lady that there was Nobody Else for him? Well in the meantime he’s found at least one other dope emcee who share his sentiments,... Read More


Yonas - Radio Flow [Stream & Download]

Incredibly it’s been almost two years since Yonas first introduced himself to the Booth and in that time the Bronx emcee has been In Too Deep, In a Daze and Mindless. He’s been Stupid Brilliant and demanded that haters... Read More


Yonas - Fall Back [Stream & Download]

After more DJBooth approved features than I can count (and frankly I’m not a very good counter), you’d think that Yonas wouldn’t have any doubters left – but just in case there’s a skeptic or two still breathing,... Read More


Yonas Debuts Official Video for Booth-Acclaimed Single “I Could” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Earlier this week, Yonas stepped into the Booth with the world premiere of his latest single, "I Could." Now, the NYC buzzmaker is back with the reader-acclaimed cut's Nat Prinzi-directed, shot and edited... Read More


Yonas - I Could [Stream]

After seeing how effectively Yonas stirred Booth readers’ hearts with his last feature, Nobody Else, I got to thinking: if the Northeastern buzzmaker channeled that inspirational energy into a straight-up... Read More


Yonas - Nobody Else [Stream]

Though Yonas’ last feature found him showcasing his Stupid Brilliance, the NYC buzzmaker’s knack for dropping rhymes so dumb they’re genius shouldn’t overshadow the fact that, when he wants to be,... Read More


Yonas - Stupid Brilliance [Stream & Download]

It’s great to listen to an artist get creative, especially when they’re poking fun at the commercial noise that blares through my speakers every time I misplace my iPod and I’m forced to turn on the radio. This is... Read More


Yonas - Y’all Know [Stream & Download]

Predictability isn’t always a bad thing – for example, Y’all Know that Yonas is an up-and-comer you trust to consistently deliver high-quality music and thus, when you see his name on our front page, you expect... Read More


Yonas - New World Order [Stream]

When I saw Yonas in my inbox this morning, I was afraid that this would be the day that he makes a less-than-average track, and that I’d have to deliver the sad message to Booth listeners. It’s hard enough to be... Read More


Yonas - It Couldn’t Be Done [Stream]

They said it couldn’t be done. They thought DJBooth rising star Yonas couldn’t top his previous, highly rated successes like Mindless and In Too Deep. And yet, despite what they said, we have in our headphones perhaps one... Read More


Yonas - Push Em Back [Stream]

If I had to compare Yonas’ new single Push Em Back to a city, it would definitely be Toronto. And if you have ever been to T-Dot, you should know exactly why; Toronto is a city with a little bit of everything and everyone,... Read More


Yonas - Mindless [Stream]

As Shakespeare once asked, “Would a rapper by any other name rhyme as dope?” Ok, so maybe that’s not an exact quote, but the basic principle still applies, and in the case of YONAS (previously known as Cause), the... Read More


YONAS - Stand Out [Stream]

Following in the footsteps of such Booth favorites as Mike Dreams (formerly known as Young Son) and Jeff Chery (formerly known as Pay$0z), I Am Us emcee Cause has traded in his dusty old stage name for a fresh new one. As... Read More


Cause Shouts Out Before Webster Hall Performance [Feature ]

New York -- Before a performance at Webster Hall in New York City, DJBooth-favorite Cause recorded a quick video shout-out to the Booth. Watch a clip of the performance above and be sure to download Cause's newest project,... Read More


Yonas - I Am Us [Album]

My journey as a person and as an artist has just begun. I want to thank everyone who supports me and helps me to stay grounded. My mission is to bring content back to popular music and to one day tour the world. In the... Read More


Yonas - Summer’s End [Stream]

Though ‘09’s autumnal equinox came and went a little over three weeks ago and the air’s slowly but surely getting chillier (at least up here in Minneapolis), there’s still time to bid warm weather one... Read More


Yonas - In A Daze [Stream]

Yesterday, when I referred to Muggsy Malone‘s Be Alright as “one of the most successful Booth debuts in recent memory,” there was another name that was right on the tip of my tongue… catalyst? ... Read More


Yonas - In Too Deep [Stream]

Countless up-and-comers have made it their mission to usher hip-hop into a New Golden Era, each approaching that mission from a slightly different angle than the last—some put a premium on socially-aware subject matter,... Read More