New Cee-Lo Green Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Chief Keef, CeeLo & Tone Trump’s “Violence” [Feature ]

When we launched "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This" we wanted to highlight two types of songs. One, songs that were so good they deserved to be put in the ears of everyone we could find. And two, songs whose... Read More


CeeLo - Sign of the Times [Stream]

CeeLo has released Sign of the Times, an easygoing new single from his forthcoming album, Heart Blanche, due out November 13 via Atlantic. The record follows Read More


CeeLo Green - Robin Williams [Stream]

“We don’t know what the next man’s going through, we have to laugh the pain away.” On his brand new single, Cee-Lo Green celebrates the life of Robin Williams, as well as plenty of other fallen comedic... Read More


DJ Felli Fel ft. Cee-Lo Green, Pitbull & Juicy J - Have Some Fun (Steve Aoki Edit) [Stream]

How do you make a record like Have Some Fun, the latest dancefloor-scorching single from DJ Felli Fel, even more fun? Simple: get club heavyweight Steve Aoki to give it the remix treatment. Pitbull and Juicy J‘s... Read More


Gipp ft. Cee-Lo Green - Shine Like Gold [Stream]

Not glimpsed in the Booth since way back in ‘07, when he turned up as a guest on Shawty Redd‘s Drifter, Gipp (Apparently he’s no longer “big.”) makes his long-awaited return to the Booth with Shine Like... Read More


DJ Felli Fel ft. Pitbull, Juicy J & Cee Lo - Have Some Fun [Stream]

The last time I heard DJ Felli Fel‘s name was several years ago at the beach when my iPod put on Get Buck In Here. The Los Angeles heavy hitter is back, however, to change my digital music listening habits with another... Read More


Outkast ft. Cee-Lo Green - In Due Time [Stream]

For some, Throwback Thursday means posting a childhood picture on social media, but here in The DJBooth, #TBT means one thing: bringing our readers a nostalgic cut to put a smile on your face. Today’s throwback comes from... Read More


T.I. ft. Cee-Lo Green - Hello [Stream]

On his last single, the Three Stacks-assisted Sorry, T.I. let those dissatisfied with his decisions know that they shouldn’t hold their breath for an apology. With the haters dwindling to nothingness in his rear view,... Read More


Cee-Lo Green ft. Lauriana Mae - Only You [Stream]

Some people, when they’re suffering from a broken heart, have a tendency to express their hurt by saying stupid, vindictive things to or about the person they love. Things like “f**k you,” and “Oh sh*t,... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - Cee Lo’s Magic Moment [Album]

No pop icon's career is oeuvre without a collection of reimagined holiday standards; thus, Cee-Lo Green throws his hat into the "Christmas-album" ring with Cee-Lo's Magic Moment, a 14-track set featuring his renditions of... Read More


Cee-Lo Green ft. Disney’s The Muppets - All I Need is Love [Stream]

In case you’re already racking your brain trying to figure out what Goodie Mob member turned The Voice judge Cee-Lo Green wants for Christmas then fret no more. On his latest Cee-Lo’s Magic Moment single, All I... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - Silent Night [Stream]

Cee-Lo Green is already one of the biggest fish in today’s musical pond, but the ATL veteran’s angling for more than just temporary, chart-topping success; he wants to inscribe his name in the book of pop legends.... Read More


DJ Drama ft. Cee-Lo, Jadakiss, Nipsey Hussle & Young Jeezy - Never Die [Stream]

For every trap denizen who makes it out, there’s at least one who lost their life trying to hustle their way to a better life. Coming on the heels of My Moment and We in This B*tch 1.5, the third single off DJ... Read More


Cee Lo Green - I’m a Man [Stream]

In case Cee Lo Green’s penchant for fancy felines and questionable threads have raised any questions in your head, the soulful crooner is here to remind you I’m A Man on his latest effort. The DJBooth standout... Read More


Slaughterhouse ft. Cee-Lo Green - My Life [Stream]

According to common wisdom, artistic integrity and financial success are mutually exclusive; thus, a rapper can be forgiven for releasing garbage on the grounds that he or she had bills to pay. Like most pearls of common... Read More


Goodie Mob - Fight to Win [Stream]

While most will undoubtedly agree that it’s been dope to watch ATL eccentric Cee-Lo Green ascend to the highest echelon of pop success over the last couple years, one question has remained on the lips of Dungeon Family... Read More


Cee Lo Green - Anyway [Stream]

Oh, you didn’t hear about the Platinum Edition of Cee-Lo Green‘s smash-hit junior set, released earlier this month? That’s…. actually not much of surprise, considering it received next to no promotion... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - Cry Baby [Video]

Cee-Lo Green releases another hit video off of his latest album The Lady Killer. Family Matter’s childhood star Jaleel White, who’s famous for playing Steve Urkel, stars as a younger version of Cee-Lo in this... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - Bridges [Stream]

Cee-Lo Green just doesn’t quit, does he? Not satisfied with conquering the rap and soul games, the Goodie Mob alum-turned F*ck You hitmaker has found a new mission: to bring peace and harmony to the entire human race. A... Read More


Cee-Lo - (You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care [Stream]

Thought Huey Lewis and the News were the first to postulate the hipness of squareness? Think again—songwriters Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller advanced a similar thesis decades earlier on You’re So Square (I... Read More


Cee-Lo’s “Fool for You” Knocks Breezy Down on R&B/Pop Chart [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- As on our Top Hip Hop and R&B chart, the top two slots on our R&B/Pop chart experience a shake-up, with Cee-Lo regaining first with "Fool for You" as Chris Brown's "Wet the Bed" drops to second. New... Read More


Cee-Lo ft. Melanie Fiona - Fool for You [Stream]

If you take nothing else away from Cee-Lo‘s music, bear in mind that the man goes hard in the paint in just about everything he does. When he was scorned, we got F*ck You, which became an anthem for unrequited love and... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - The Lady Killer [Album]

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway has re-invented himself to a degree that hip-hop has never seen. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that Cee-Lo Green, as he’s more commonly known, has steadily become more and more himself; his... Read Full Review


Cee-Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City [Stream]

I’d be lying if I said I’d had my fill of new Cee-Lo Green material; lately the man’s been pushing out more singles than a stripper on a Friday night, but I’ve been digging them all. While I side with my bossman... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - Old Fashioned [Stream]

If I could have one wish (shout out to Ray J), I’d ask for a powder blue ’65 Chevy Malibu with Rosa Acosta riding shotgun. But if I could have two wishes, I’d also ask for Cee-Lo Green to start rapping again. Since it... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - F*ck You [Stream]

If you’ve ever been a jilted lover, a fan of A-Town funk, or just overall enjoyer of the word “f*ck”, Cee-Lo Green’s new song is right up your alley. With Mr. Green’s latest single, F*ck You, comes the most catchy... Read More


Fantasia ft. Cee-Lo Green - The Thrill Is Gone [Stream]

It can often be difficult to separate the artist from their art, but on Fantasia’s new single The Thrill is Gone, her first DJBooth feature since February’s Even Angels, it’s nearly impossible. In light of the former... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - What Part of Forever [Stream]

Forever is a long time – and that goes double (well, times-infinity, actually) when you’re an immortal sparkle-vampire like Edward Cullen Cee-Lo Green. Fresh off the release of reader-acclaimed single Georgia, the ATL... Read More


Cee-Lo Green - Georgia [Stream]

I’m sorry, but as a long, long time Cee-Lo Green supporter (shout out to Goodie Mob) I have to start this intro with a plea: please, please start rapping again Cee-Lo. The mic misses you, come back. Still, unlike Mos Def... Read More


Bruno Mars ft. Cee-Lo & B.o.B - The Other Side [Stream]

I was skeptical when I first heard Bruno Mars on B.o.B’s smash hit Nothin on You, and even when I heard him again on Travie McCoy’s Billionaire. I imagined Bruno Mars as someone who’d pop up, make a few joints, then... Read More


Diamond ft. Cee-Lo - Superbad [Stream]

Having split from former group Crime Mob, Diamond is ready to set out on her own and show mainstream audiences just how far a femcee from ATL can get in this industry!  Despite maintaining close links with G’$ Up boss... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Cee-Lo - Be By Myself [Stream]

Though we try to keep the tone friendly here at, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a good, spirited debate—thus, I can’t help but look forward to seeing readers’ reactions to the fact... Read More


MGD’s Genuine Flow Concert Series Hits Chicago; Features The Roots & Cee-Lo [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Last Thursday, was invited to the Miller Genuine Draft “Genuine Flow” concert in Chicago. The event, which was held at the legendary Vic Theatre, featured performances by The Roots and Cee-Lo.... Read More


Sophia Fresh ft. T-Pain & Cee-Lo - Super Bad [Stream]

Introduced alongside Tay Dizm and Jay Lyriq as T-Pain‘s Nappy Boy Entertainment debut artists, girl group Sophia Fresh has the makings of a superstar band.  Comparing their vocals to musical instruments, Cole... Read More


Nas ft. Cee-Lo - Less Than an Hour [Stream]

Whether you see him as a genius or a hater, it is hard to deny that Nas has legendary lyrical ability.  On the single Less Than an Hour, off of the Rush Hour 3 soundtrack and an upcoming greatest hits album, Nas... Read More


Diddy ft. Nas & Cee-Lo - Everything I Love [Stream]

After exchanging blows with 50 Cent on the cut I Am, Diddy is at it again on Everything I Love, the follow up single to his new album Press Play.  Featuring the likes of Nas and former Goodie Mob alum and now Gnarls... Read More