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10 Years Later, We Graded These Rappers’ Plans to Fix the Music Industry [Feature ]

October 2007 was a very different time. Lil Wayne was still solidifying his title as the Best Rapper Alive. Soulja Boy and Hurricane Chris both released their debut albums. "Crank Dat" was the No. 1 song in the... Read More


10 Best “Riding” Songs (Literally), Ranked [Feature ]

Before you jump to conclusions… As far as rap tropes go, records about riding around with your crew or cars, in general, are as hip-hop as graffiti and breakdancing. In that spirit, we've compiled and ranked... Read More


Chamillionaire’s Blueprint for Financial Success Outside Rap [Feature ]

Chamillionaire is not your average rapper. He has never been. Looking at his career, how many artists won a GRAMMY with a catchy song about police brutality that went viral before the term viral even existed? Who... Read More


Chamillionaire - End of a Knife [Stream]

F**king with Chamillionaire is a little like grabbing a straight razor by the wrong end; you’re guaranteed to come away with some deep cuts, and you very well may find end up in the emergency room. On newly-released... Read More


Chamillionaire - Go Getta [Stream]

On his last Booth feature, Chamillionaire reminded us that Some Things Never Change. Proving that sentiment to be correct, the self-proclaimed Mixtape Messiah has returned with another potent effort, Go Getta, on which his... Read More


Stalley ft. Lil Keke, Trae tha Truth, Bun B, E.S.G. & Chamillionaire - Swangin’ (Ol School Remix) [Stream & Download]

I’ll keep it one-hundred: when I hear the phrase “Ol School” (with or without the ‘d’), Houston isn’t the first city that comes to mind. Which is a damn shame, because it actually has a deep and... Read More


Chamillionaire - Some Things Never Change [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for September’s thought-provoking Don’t Shoot, Chamillionaire returns with another promo cut to tide fans over as they wait for news on his long-delayed junior set. On... Read More


Chamillionaire - Don’t Shoot [Stream]

Exhilarating as it might be in a fictional context, there’s nothing glamorous about the reality of gunplay. On freshly-minted promo single Don’t Shoot, Houston vet Chamillionaire urges listeners not to get... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Scarface, Killer Mike & Bobby Moon - Reignfall [Stream]

Everybody and their mother knows Chamillionaire for his 2006 smash-hit Ridin’ Dirty, but don’t even think about calling him a one-trick pony. The dude has been dropping bangers for quite a long time now. The latest?... Read More


Chamillionaire - Overnight [Stream]

Success in the game may not happen Overnight, but a new Booth feature from Chamillionaire evidently can. Fresh off yesterday’s release of EP single Hold Up, the H-Town stalwart has already bounced back with a follow-up.... Read More


M.I ft. Chamillionaire & Corbett - Nothing You Can Do [Stream]

On his last mixtape single, early April’s Church West Texas, M.i showcased a more introspective side of his artistic persona, offering listeners a firsthand account of his struggles with his Christian faith. Follow-up... Read More


Chamillionaire - Hold Up [Stream]

In a What Have You Done for Me Lately industry it is easy for an artist to fall off the map if they don’t consistently release fresh material. Just ask veteran emcee Chamillionaire, who after blowing up in 2007, has... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. DA (of Chester French) - Show Love [Stream]

Last heard expressing his fidelity to his home streets on February EP cut Won’t Change, Chamillionaire returns to our front page with a promo single dedicated to a human object of his affection. On this Adamack and... Read More


Stu Cat ft. Chamillionaire - Just Sayin’ [Stream]

“I’m not saying… I’m Just Sayin’.” is second only to “No offense, but…” as a way of dissing someone while hiding your trash talk behind a pathetically thin veneer of civility. For... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Tami Latrell - Won’t Change [Stream]

Through all the ups and downs of Chamillionaire‘s career, his city has never failed to show him love - and, needless to say, he’s been quick to reciprocate its affection. Just in case anyone had any doubts... Read More


Slim Thug ft. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire - Houston [Stream & Download]

A tireless hustler and constant promoter of his home city, Slim Thug sees himself as carrying Houston on his back. Of course, he’s not doing it all on his lonesome—on the latest leak in his #THUGTHURSDAYS series,... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Chamillionaire - Breakthrough [Stream & Download]

Some artists search tirelessly for a crossover hit that will draw new fans into the mix with their current followers. Rockie Fresh could have one of those hits on his hands with the Mike Daley-produced Breakthrough, featuring... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Short Dawg - Passenger Seat [Stream]

Chamillionaire’s fourth Poison Playlist feature is the Short Dawg assisted Passenger Seat, a Southern groove sure to get burn in more than a few Caddys down in Houston, and around the country. Producer Cory Mo’s beat is... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Rock D & Killer Mike - Charlie Sheen [Stream]

#WINNING is something few are naturally capable of. Most people simply have lackluster abilities and insecurities that keep them locked down like over-controlling girlfriends on a Saturday night. Then there are those folks... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Stephanie Tunchez - This My World [Stream & Download]

As Jay-Z says, “it was all good just a week ago.” After Mr. West started his Good Friday series many rappers have picked up on the trend (although Crooked I’s Hip Hop Weekly was the OG of weekly series), including... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Nipsey Hu$$le - When Ya On [Stream & Download]

As long as there have rappers signed to music labels, there have been issues. From Dr. Dre and Death Row to Clipse and Lupe Fiasco, there’s always drama brewing. You can now add Houston representative Chamillionaire and his... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd & Twista - Make a Movie [Stream]

The mixtape messiah Chamillionare is back and looking to build some hype for his upcoming third studio album Venom. With the help of Lloyd and Twista, Cham hopes to pick up where he left off after the semi-success of his... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Paul Wall, Slim Thug & Dorrough - Main Event [Stream]

As Dallas prepares to host the 2010 NBA All-Star Game, hip-hop’s internet king Chamillionaire decided to show the world that, although his native H-Town’s glory days are in the rearview (for now), the state of Texas... Read More


Chamillionaire - Good Morning [Stream]

Though the road to the release of his junior album (formerly known as Venom) has been a long and arduous one, it seems Chamillionaire may finally have found his mainstream niche.  The project’s newly-selected... Read More


Chamillionaire Drops Seventh and Final Mixtape Messiah [Download] [Feature ]

Houston, TX -- Southern heavyweight Chamillionaire is back in the the Booth with the seventh and final entry in his acclaimed mixtape series! Featuring reader-acclaimed Z-Ro collabo "Denzel Washington," Mixtape Messiah 7 is... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Z-Ro - Denzel Washington [Stream]

If you’ve studied the Bible, Torah, Koran, or just about any other religious text, you’re likely aware that the number ‘7’  holds a special, almost mystical significance: seven days of creation,... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Bobby V - I’m So Gone (Patron) [Stream]

Nice cars and tons of money are all well and good, but even being a platinum-selling hip-hop artist doesn’t guarantee that life will be all fun and games—everyone, even the rich and famous, needs to kick back every... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. J. Holiday - Relax [Stream]

When Chamillionaire joined me inside the DJBooth for an interview this past December, we discussed his decision to leak Creepin’ (Solo), the first single off his forthcoming third studio album, Venom.  While the... Read More


Slim Thug ft. Chamillionaire & Z-Ro - I Run (Remix) [Stream]

If you’ve been following the Booth lately, you’ve probably noticed that a remixed lead single is often pushed heavily right before an album’s release.  Slim Thug is clearly well-acquainted with this... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Ludacris & The Game - Creepin (Solo) [Stream]

In November of ‘08, Chamillionaire released Creepin’ (Solo), the lead single off his forthcoming junior album, Venom.  Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews in the Booth (the average rating was 4.5,... Read More


Chamillionaire Announces “I Am Legend” Mixtape with DJ Rapid Ric [Feature ]

Houston, TX - Chamillionaire's been busy lately - though he released Mixtape Messiah 6 just a few short weeks ago, and plans to drop his third studio album, Venom, before the end of February, he's already announced his next... Read More


Chamillionaire Set to Drop “Mixtape Messiah 6” on January 13th [Feature ]

Houston, TX -- The fifth installment of Chamillionaire's popular Mixtape Messiah series was just released on November 23rd, but the megastar emcee isn't resting on his laurels; Mixtape Messiah 6 has been scheduled to drop... Read More


Chamillionaire Promotes “Creepin (Solo)” at 97.1 The Box; Sits Down With DJBooth [Video] [Feature ]

Houston, TX -- Superstar emcee Chamillionaire, whose latest mixtape project, Mixtape Messiah 5, hit stores last Sunday, November 23rd, has been building buzz for the 2009 release of his third studio album, Venom, with lead... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Ludacris - Creepin’ (Solo) [Stream]

Chamillionaire is a wise man.  Instead of trying to convince his new label, Universal Republic, to push forward his third studio album, Venom, for a pre-holiday release, only to compete with new albums from Kanye West,... Read More


Chamillionare - Swagger Like Us (Freestyle) [Stream]

Following the platinum-certified Sound of Revenge and the critically-acclaimed (but mediocre-selling) Ultimate Victory, Chamillionaire has taken his recording career in a new direction.  Moving from Universal Motown to... Read More


Chamillionaire Readies “Venom,” “Mixtape Messiah 5,” for Release [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Less than three months since the fourth entry in Chamillionaire's popular Mixtape Messiah series hit stores, the hard-working emcee is nearly ready to release the next installment; A November 23rd drop date... Read More


Bun B ft. Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Cory Mo & Trae - H Town All-Stars: Obama ‘08 [Stream]

Tuesday evening, all eyes will be affixed to the television screen for Election Night ’08.  While DJBooth will be reporting from the Chicago Hard Rock Café, which is holding the Common and Talib Kweli-hosted Get... Read More


Chamillionaire - Keep Hatin (Freestyle) [Stream]

After failing to achieve Ultimate Victory on his last album, Chamillionaire went M.I.A. for several months.  When he returned this past summer with the DJBooth-certified Mixtape Messiah 4, however, King Koopa provided... Read More


DJ Kay Slay ft. Papoose, Bun B, & Chamillionaire - 6 Million Ways to Die [Stream]

When a well-known mixtape DJ compiles a full-length album, strong lyrical firepower tends to accompany it, and when that DJ is Kay Slay, you can expect nothing less than the best.  On 6 Million Ways to Die, an inclusion... Read More


Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 4 [Album]

There was a time when I thought Chamillionaire was just another here-today, gone-tomorrow rapper. I assumed that once America got tired of Ridin Dirty he’d slowly but surely drown under the pressure of creating another hit.... Read Full Review


Chamillionaire - Internet Nerd’s Revenge (Freestyle) [Stream]

Wherever there is a hip-hop site with artist features, there is sure to be plenty of haters (believe me, the DJBooth is no exception).  Just ask Chamillionaire, who collects some of his critics’ most-used... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Trae & Slim Thug - My Life (Freestyle) [Stream]

Earlier this week, rapper Chamillionaire was named fourteenth on the newest Forbes Magazine list of Hip-Hop’s 20 Biggest Earners.  Their site, which noted Cham’s successful ringtone download track record, album... Read More


Chamillionaire - Foolish (Freestyle) [Stream]

As a result of Pimp C‘s passing this past December, Chamillionaire put his Mixtape Messiah 4 (originally set for release December 18 of ‘07) on hold indefinitely.  Due to popular fan demand in recent months,... Read More


Chamillionaire - Hero (Freestyle) [Stream]

Last week, Chamillionaire joined a growing list of emcees (and singers) who have freestyled over Lil’ Wayne’s A Milli.  Since the Booth vowed to lay the overused Bangladesh beat to rest, we did not feature Cham’s... Read More


Chamillionaire Is Back, Preps “Mixtape Messiah 4” for Aug 27 Release [Feature ]

Houston, TX -- Grammy Award-winning, platinum recording artist Chamillionaire is back on his grind. On August 27, the Houston, Texas native will drop his much-anticipated Mixtape Messiah 4. Next week, DJ Booth will... Read More


Paul Wall ft. Chamillionaire & Lil’ KeKe - Diamonds Exposed [Stream]

Friends since childhood, rappers Paul Wall and Chamillionaire hustled for years in their native city of Houston, Texas, in an attempt to get a recording deal.  After the two finally ‘got on’ with the successful... Read More


Chamillionaire - Won’t Let U Down (Extended Remix) ft. H-Town [Stream]

As if the “Texas Takeover” remix wasn’t enough, rapper Chamillionaire leaked an extended remix (via his website) to Ultimate Victory‘s Won’t Let You Down on New Year’s Eve.  That remix has... Read More


Trap Starz ft. Chamillionaire - Get It Big (Remix) [Stream]

Universal Republic has played a major role in bringing mainstream hip-hop out of Dallas, Texas.  First Big Tuck revealed Tha Absolute Truth in 2006, and then his T-Town brother Tum Tum dropped Eat or Get Ate in... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, UGK & Z-Ro - Won’t Let U Down (Texas Remix) [Stream]

Following Bun B‘s Texas-sized formula for a successful remix (Draped Up), Chamillionaire brings the whole city of Houston on board for a remix to Ultimate Victory‘s third single, Won’t Let You Down. ... Read More


David Banner ft. Chamillionaire - Ball With Me [Stream]

Though David Banner is capable of extraordinary musical achievement, he knows that only certain songs can sell.  During an interview with DJBooth, David admitted he isn’t in the right place (label politics) to record... Read More


Chamillionaire Offers Up More Evening News Webisodes [Feature ]

Chamillionaire's Evening News Webisode, "Hip Hop" Webisode, "N Word" Webisode, "Iraq" Webisode, "911" Webisode, "Jingles" Read More


Chamillionaire - Industry Groupie [Stream]

Realizing The Bill Collecta probably wasn’t the best choice for Chamillionaire‘s next single, the Universal execs changed their minds and switched over to Industry Groupie.  Cham again describes the music... Read More


Chamillionaire - Ultimate Victory [Album]

I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong. I thought I’d die before the Red Sox won a World Series, was sure MySpace wouldn’t catch on, and thought Britney’s VMA performance would be a triumphant comeback. I was... Read Full Review


Chamillionaire Dresses Up As Bob O’Wildy, Debates Kanye vs. 50 Cent [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Rapper Chamillionaire dressed up as Evening News persona Bob O'Wildy recently and polled a large group of people on whose CD they planned to pick up this past Tuesday, Kanye West or 50 Cent. To view the... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone - The Bill Collecta [Stream]

“The phone is ringing, pick it up.  Wait!  Never mind, it’s the Bill Collecta.”  Do you find yourself saying that out loud?  If so, either you already heard the new Chamillionaire single or are in... Read More


Chamillionaire Launches 600 Limited Edition Commemorative Plaque Giveaway [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Platinum, Grammy Award Winning Rapper, Chamillionaire, officially announced today he will be giving away 600 Commemorative Plaques (worth $300 each) for fans that support and purchase his highly anticipated... Read More


Chamillionaire Introduces Highly Anticipated Video for “Hip Hop Police” [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Platinum, Grammy Award Winning Rapper Chamillionaire is set to debut the highly anticipated video for Hip Hop Police featuring Slick Rick along with a full length video introduction of the controversial new... Read More


Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah (Part 3) [Album]

Chamillionaire is living the hip-hop dream. One minute he’s a Houston rapper selling mixtapes on the streets, then he writes a banging song about jealous police trying to pull him over and suddenly he’s collecting Grammy... Read Full Review


Chamillionaire ft. Slick Rick - Hip Hop Police [Stream]

“Murder was the case, and they blamed me.”  Thus Chamillionaire begins his story about the Hip Hop Police, a fictional squad which arrests and tries suspects solely on account of their music and... Read More


Shop Boyz ft. Lil’ Wayne, Jim Jones & Chamillionaire - Party Like A Rockstar (Remix) [Stream]

The rock star movement continues to surge as rap stars Lil’ Wayne, Jim Jones and Chamillionaire all jump aboard (another) remix to the Shop Boyz popular hit single, Party Like A Rockstar.  The three guest spots... Read More


Chamillionaire Announces New Single, Free Mixtape Coming Soon [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Grammy Award Winning, Platinum rapper Chamillionaire readies for the major label release of his highly anticipated sophomore abum Ultimate Victory, with the debut of the LP's first official single, Hip Hop... Read More


Energizer & Grammy-Winning Rap Artist Chamillionaire Reward Fresh Hip Hop Talent [Feature ]

ST. LOUIS, MO -- In the underground hip hop scene he is known as C-Tru, but Chamillionaire has dubbed him the 2007 Energizer(R) e2(R) Titanium Technology(R) Freestylin' Music Contest winner. This weekend, C-Tru emerged from... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes - Not A Criminal (Pt. 2) [Stream]

The only way to describe the second installment from Chamillionaire, proclaiming that he is Not A Criminal, is pure arson.  Around for part two are Snoop Dogg, whose verse brings you back to his “DoggyStyle”... Read More


Chamillionaire Announces New Single “Not A Criminal” Featuring Kelis [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Platinum superstar and award winning rapper Chamillionaire announced today his highly anticipated first single release, “Not a Criminal” featuring Kelis off his sophomore album, “Ultimate Victory”... Read More


Chamillionaire Responds to News of Producer Disco D’s Suicide [Feature ]

NEW YORK, NY -- Chamillionaire Responds to News of Producer Disco D's Suicide "I saw that he sent a website message a couple days ago to me and I replied before I left for the studio. I got back late and saw that he was... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Kelis - Not A Criminal [Stream]

After publicizing to the world that he is regularly spotted ridin dirty, Chamillionaire is set out to prove one thing he is not, a criminal.  With the help of Nas’ wifey, Kelis, the singing rapper from Houston is... Read More


Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah: Part 2 [Album]

Chamillionaire was the hot new artist of 2006 with the super smash hit single “Ridin Dirty” -- so popular in fact that Weird Al Yankovic had to make a parody single “White and Nerdy.” Chamillionaire is new to most of... Read Full Review


Chamillionaire ft. Akon - Ridin Overseas [Stream]

After getting so much from his fans in 2006, Houston’s Chamillionaire decided to give back before the start of 2007.  Available online, for free download, is his brand new street album, Mixtape Messiah 2. ... Read More


Three 6 Mafia ft. Chamillionaire - Doe Boy Fresh [Stream]

Three 6 Mafia is joined by Chamillionaire on their latest single, Doe Boy Fresh.  The catchy, eerie beat goes back to the darker side of Three 6.  The subject matter isn’t all that innovative and... Read More


Jibbs ft. Chamillionaire - King Kong [Stream]

The newest sensation to appear from up and under the Lou’s arch is fifteen year-old, Jibbs.  After having his debut single, Chain Hang Low, get certified platinum for ring tone sales (prior to the release of his... Read More