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Anderson .Paak, ATCQ & Beyoncé See Huge Post-GRAMMYs Sales Bump [Feature ]

Ahh, the post-GRAMMYs sales bump. Thanks to their riveting performances at last night's 59th annual GRAMMY Awards ceremony, Anderson .Paak, A Tribe Called Quest, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars... Read More


Chance The Rapper is the Favorite to Win “Best New Artist” GRAMMY, According to Vegas [Feature ]

This Sunday, Chance The Rapper will travel from Chicago to Los Angeles to attend the 59th annual GRAMMY Awards ceremony at the Staples Center, where he is nominated for a whopping seven awards.According to Sports Insight,... Read More


Chance The Rapper Will Embark on 40-City Arena Tour [Feature ]

There isn't much Chance The Rapper hasn't done over the past two years. From nabbing seven GRAMMY nominations as an independent artist to reaching No. 1 at Urban radio, the Chicago native has checked career boxes... Read More


Revisiting J. Cole’s Rap Savior Predictions 4 Years Later [Feature ]

On the eve of his 2013 album release showdown with Kanye, J. Cole sent out a tweet. It wasn’t last minute promotion, he wasn't begging the hive to help him defeat Yeezus, but rather a declaration that hip-hop was... Read More


No Surprise: Rap Ruled SoundCloud in 2016 [Feature ]

Streaming platform SoundCloud, which is currently bleeding money and might run out of cash in 2017, has spent the better part of the last two years looking to be acquired. While DJs and electronic artists—once the... Read More


Are You Ready for an Anderson .Paak & Chance The Rapper Collab? [Feature ]

Both Anderson .Paak and Chance The Rapper have made waves over the past few months by teasing collaborations with Flying Lotus and Donald Glover respectively, but talk is cheap in the music business. Fans don't want to... Read More


Proud to Be a Rapper: The Origin of Chance’s Rap Name [Feature ]

The names we are appointed at birth, the nicknames we are given, and the monikers we choose ourselves all have an origin, they all have a story.A few years ago, Drake rapped, “If I left this shit to chance I... Read More


Holy Sh*t Chance The Rapper & Jeremih Released a ‘Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama’ Mixtape [Feature ]

'Twas the Thursday before Christmas, a night like any other—the moon was sitting high, the owls were hooting, graveyard shift workers were beginning to grumble, and my eyes grew heavier by the second. Just before... Read More


Chance The Rapper is The Best Emcee of 2016 #BOTBAwards [Feature ]

“And I still be asking God to show his face” - Chance The RapperI remember the feeling of being lost the night that “Acid Rain” was released. Lost in the world, lost in the... Read More


Chance The Rapper on Joint Mixtape With Childish Gambino: “It Will Come Out” [Feature ]

Here we go again.Seven months ago, during a press run for his GRAMMY-nominated mix-album Coloring Book, Chance conducted a Reddit AMA during which he confirmed the existence of a collaborative endeavor... Read More


Maturity & Growth: How Four New Fathers Are Bringing Perspective to Hip-Hop [Feature ]

One of my favorite album covers of 2016 is Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book. The vibrant orange, red and blue hues give it the same radiance of a Vincent van Gogh portrait. Intoxicating colors are a... Read More


10 Best Rap Album Intros of 2016, Ranked [Feature ]

Last month, Nathan and Yoh debated whether albums are still alive in 2016. Nathan had a point: albums like Blonde and Coloring Book (I’d throw A Seat at the Table and Atrocity Exhibition in there, too) proved that... Read More


‘Chance The Dropout’ is a Beautiful Blend of Chance The Rapper & Kanye’s Hip-Hop Soul [Feature ]

Chance The Rapper loves Kanye West as much as Kanye loves Kanye. The young Chicago rapper credits Ye as his single biggest inspiration and saw his God dream come true this year when they collaborated on two of the most... Read More


I Went to Chance The Rapper’s Open Mike to Celebrate the Legacy & Future of Chicago Artists [Feature ]

High schoolers line up to show their IDs and are immediately sent down a short escalator ride to an auditorium. The students file into each row—and at some point, later on, an announcement is made that an attendance... Read More


No Problem: Chance The Rapper Cleans Up With 7 GRAMMY Nominations [Feature ]

2016 has been a win at every turn for Chance The Rapper. Numerous late night performances, a wildly successful album and tour, and now, seven GRAMMY nominations. All of this without ever charging a dime for his musical... Read More


We May Buy Their Art, But We Don’t Own Artists [Feature ]

Everything Kanye does triggers an avalanche of articles—that man's singlehandedly kept some thinkpiece writers employed—and so, of course, his recent hospitalization and tour cancellation have provoked... Read More


Chance The Rapper Turns Drake’s “Feel No Ways” Into A Soulful Social Experiment Affair [Feature ]

One of the greatest things about hip-hop is how it's based on—and promotes—the reimagining of other people’s work. Hip-hop was born from sampling and collaboration, traditions that have not... Read More


10 Hip-Hop Careers Summarized Using Only 1 Word [Feature ]

Violent, uncontrollable anger is how the dictionary defines the word rage. Rage is hard to soothe, a challenge to calm—think of a bull staring down the color red. I found it interesting that Joe Budden wanted to change... Read More


We Gon’ Be Alright: Your Post-Election Survival Playlist [Feature ]

Regardless of what you hoped the outcome of last night’s presidential race would be, it’s safe to say that a large portion of the country would’ve been freaked out either way.No matter your beliefs,... Read More


No Problem: Chance The Rapper Reaches No. 1 at Urban Radio [Feature ]

An independent artist who wants to hear his or her song on the radio has two choices: sign a major label recording contract or spend close to one million dollars on a budget for a radio campaign. It's really... Read More


Frank, Kendrick, Earl & My Quest to Save Throwaway Albums [Feature ]

Maturity is a quality that was nonexistent on all the early Odd Future records. They were kids being kids—silly, obnoxious, offensive, and rebellious. It was a phase that helped them to become popular, but also a period... Read More


5 Best Vocal Inflections in Hip-Hop Right Now [Feature ]

Despite the age-old argument that hip-hop is dead, there has never been a better time to be a hip-hop head from an options standpoint. In the digital era of music, the average listener has thousands of artists to... Read More


Obama Loves Drake, But Thinks Kendrick Lamar & Chance The Rapper Are “Breaking New Ground” [Feature ]

Call Barack Obama “hip-hop’s first President” and your comments might be met with backlash. Some accuse him of abandoning the culture and community that effectively got him elected in 2008, while others... Read More


Chance The Rapper Releases “How Great” Video, But It’s Not That Great [Feature ]

Just like thousands of other fans, I've had Chance The Rapper’s magnificent mixtape/album Coloring Book in heavy rotation since its May release.For five straight months, Chance could do no... Read More


For Chance The Rapper & His Father, Things Come Full Circle [Feature ]

There’s a photo you might have seen floating around online of a young Chancellor Bennett (better known today as Chance The Rapper) and his family meeting with Barack Obama in the Oval Office.Chance, who was “13... Read More


Donald Glover, Chance The Rapper & the Art of Being a Hip-Hop Parent [Feature ]

In December 2014, exactly one year after the release of his sophomore album Because the Internet, Childish Gambino essentially vanished from the internet. He deleted all of his tweets and Instagram photos, leaving only a... Read More


Should Chance The Rapper Campaign For GRAMMY Consideration? [Feature ]

From his universally-praised release Coloring Book to his extravagant supporting tour and numerous awe-inspiring television performances, Chance The Rapper has been dominating the hearts and ears of listeners across the... Read More


The Race for 2016’s Hip-Hop MVP [Feature ]

With only a few months left in the year, the "Who conquered 2016?" debates are on the horizon. Who had the best album? Who had the best single? Who had the best ad-lib? All questions that will soon be answered as we slowly... Read More


Chance The Rapper Shares Donald Glover’s Best Piece of Advice [Feature ]

Everywhere you look Chance The Rapper is present. Daytime TV? Check. Late night TV? Check. Award shows? Of course. Commercials? Why not.In just the past 10 months, the Chicago native has shown the entire world what it... Read More


Chance The Rapper’s “Blessings (Reprise)” Performance on Jimmy Fallon Was Heavenly [Feature ]

Five months ago, Chance The Rapper appeared on The Tonight Show to perform "Blessings" and announce the release date for Coloring Book. Now in the midst of his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, Chano was invited back to... Read More


Chance The Rapper Secured #MCD All-Star Line-Up Through “Personal Conversations” [Feature ]

The night before Magnificent Coloring Day (September 23), Chance The Rapper did an interview with Twitter to explain the purpose and significance of the festival.“I always wanted to see a festival on the south side... Read More


Chance The Rapper & Kanye West’s “Good Ass Job” Album is “Far From Done” [Feature ]

During an interview with Zane Lowe in May, Chance The Rapper revealed that he and Kanye West were planning to resurrect Kanye's lost Good Ass Job album. Initially planned as the fourth and final release in... Read More


Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar & a History of Rappers Performing on Ellen [Feature ]

I grew up with an aunt who was the biggest fan of Oprah. Every single day she would tune into her talk show, watching religiously. Oprah was the queen of daytime television; no one was close to her stature. It was rare to see... Read More


Relax, Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa Don’t Have a Joint Project [Feature ]

Earlier today (September 14), Mick Jenkins did a Q&A with Twitter Music. Fans asked him everything from who his favorite emcee is right now — to which he answered his A Quest For Love tourmate Smino... Read More


Chance The Rapper Fought “F*ckboy Scalpers” & He Won [Feature ]

When Chance The Rapper announced the tour dates for Magnificent Coloring World, the show for Chano’s Chicago hometown date was listed as “TBD.” A few days later, he announced that the Chicago performance... Read More


Seeing Beyond Reality: The Psychedelic Shift In Hip-Hop [Feature ]

"We are discontinuing our current line of braggadocio, in light of the current trend in 'realness'...As an alternative, we will be confiscating weed supplies and replacing them with magic mushrooms, in hopes of... Read More


Chance, “Ultralight Beam” & How Music Gave Me Faith Without Religion [Feature ]

It's not until after the three-minute mark of Coloring Book’s "How Great" that you hear the voice of Chance The Rapper. Prior to that, you're greeted by a sea of voices, steadfast in their collective... Read More


Chance The Rapper Represents a Redistribution of Power in Hip-Hop [Feature ]

During the past two years, fans and critics alike have watched awe-struck as Chance The Rapper has steadily outgrown his underground buzz and ascended to the rank of a next generational hip-hop icon. Regardless... Read More


Chance The Rapper Doesn’t Like Rap Competition, But It Will Find Him [Feature ]

Appearing on the cover of Billboard is just the latest in a string of amazing feats for Chance The Rapper. Following his every accomplishment this year has been like watching a prince slowly ascend to the place of a king. His... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch Chance The Rapper in “Unlimited Together” [Feature ]

Be prepared to get into your feels.You don’t need me to tell you we’re living in tough times. Regardless of whether the world is indeed falling to shit as many seem to be convinced, or rather social media... Read More


Chance the Rapper Got His Start Handing Out CDs to Fans [Feature ]

Chance the Rapper is now in the process of selling out a stadium alongside some of the biggest corporations in America, but it was only four years ago that he was a barely-out-of-high school rapper who had yet to even play... Read More


Chance The Rapper Battles With Greedy Ticket Scalpers for the Fans [Feature ]

Chance The Rapper has something special on the way with his Magnificent Coloring Day Festival, but he has to battle ticket scalpers to preserve its integrity.“It’s become apparent to me that many... Read More


Chance the Rapper’s Music Festival is Presented by Bud Light, What’s “Indie” Mean Again? [Feature ]

Yesterday, Chance the Rapper announced that he would be throwing his first ever Magnificent Coloring Day festival, including an eye-popping lineup of names ranging from established legends like Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys all... Read More


Chance The Rapper Delivers Gripping, Powerful Muhammad Ali Tribute at ESPYs [Feature ]

Drake might have a stranglehold on the charts, Kanye might control the headlines, but no artist, hip-hop or otherwise, has captivated a live TV audience over the past year like Chance The Rapper.On... Read More


Chance The Rapper: “‘College Dropout’ Was My First Real Experience with Hip-Hop” [Feature ]

In a recent interview with the Chicago Defender, Chance the Rapper reflected on how he has become one of the most in-demand, critically acclaimed artists in music. In looking back, Chance credits Kanye West's debut... Read More


Chance the Rapper Named One of the Most Creative People in Business [Feature ]

Chance The Rapper can add another bullet point to his increasingly impressive resume as Fast Company has named the Chicago native one of the most creative persons in business for 2016, with Lil Chano from... Read More


Family Matters: The Brotherhood of Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa [Feature ]

Rap's always had a strong sense of comradery. Collectives and crews seem like families, a brotherhood with a "my brother’s keeper" mentality. Breakups aren’t seen as artists going their separate ways but the... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Busdriver’s Remix of Chance The Rapper’s “Juice” [Feature ]

Hip-hop fans protect their favorite artists and songs with the ferocity and passion of a mother lion, which is what makes remixes and covers such a precarious endeavor. Even the slightest misstep can turn a genuine attempt at... Read More


Chance The Rapper & Donnie Trumpet Unleash Unreleased “Surf” Snippets [Feature ]

Donnie Trumpet's Surf album is the musical gift that just keeps on giving.On Saturday, Trumpet celebrated the one-year anniversary of his highly-acclaimed collaborative project with Chance The Rapper... Read More


Chance the Rapper Lost $250K on Magnificent Coloring World Party [Feature ]

Chance the Rapper said he wanted to deliver something special to the city of Chicago with his Magnificent Coloring World party, but all that magnificence came with a heavy cost. In a tweet Chance posted and then... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Chance’s Original Version of “Waves/Famous” [Feature ]

Even more than Game of Thrones surprise endings or putting Jordan's crying face on things, nothing sets the internet ablaze like unreleased Kanye West music. Yes, that's because Kanye is both highly... Read More


Chance The Rapper Turned Down Kanye & Deal With G.O.O.D Music [Feature ]

When Chance rapped, “Kanye’s best prodigy, he ain't sign me but he’s proud of me,” you instantly realize how close he really is to his idol. We know they’ve worked together, performed... Read More


Masego Lost a Beat to Chance the Rapper & Learned an Industry Lesson the Hard Way [Feature ]

If you read Wednesday's story about indie rapper Phay watching Chance The Rapper use and release the same “Juke Jam” beat that he'd been writing to for months, you also saw a series of frustrated... Read More


Chance the Rapper, “Juke Jam” & The Heartbreak of Leased Beats [Feature ]

During my 1 Listen album review of Chance’s Coloring Book I couldn’t shake a strange feeling of familiarity with “Juke Jam.” The heavy but gentle chords that play at the beginning - I knew... Read More


“So Far Gone” vs. “Acid Rap”: Which Album Had the Bigger Impact? [Feature ]

Like any good squad, the DJBooth writers are a tight knit bunch who occasionally yell at each other. People have been known to walk out of rooms over rap related debates, and whenever an argument pops up that we... Read More


Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” Will Be a Top Ten Album Because the Charts Are Broken [Feature ]

I've got good news, I've got bad news, and I've got news that will render both of those things essentially meaningless. The good news is that according to estimates from Hits Daily Double, Chance the... Read More


Chance & Childish Gambino’s Joint Tape Exists, But We’ll Never Hear It [Feature ]

Rappers announcing joint albums with other rappers is equivalent to Aesop's The Boy Who Cried Wolf Fable. The same way that the shepherd boy would work up nearby villagers by screaming wolf, rappers work up their... Read More


All 74 People Credited on Chance The Rapper’s “Coloring Book” [Feature ]

You know the drill by now, right?While all the other sites take a quick skim though the credits, highlighting only the names that'll attract pageviews and retweets, we take our time and really... Read More


Chance Was Experimenting With Updating Music Before Kanye West [Feature ]

On “Blessings,” the final song on Coloring Book, Chance raps that he's “Kanye’s best prodigy.” Out of the many offspring born in this post-College Dropout industry, Chance is... Read More


Don’t Call Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” a “Free Mixtape” [Feature ]

The DJBooth writing squad knows there's a long list of shit that drives me insane. Overuse of the word "literally" for example, or larger sites that steal our headlines without credit. But chief among topics guaranteed to... Read More


Chance the Rapper “Coloring Book” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

The feeling of a thousand drunken butterflies swarming in your stomach is how I feel before pressing play on this Chance The Rapper album.Highly, I would never describe three years of anxious waiting with... Read More


Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book [Album]

It's been three long years since Chance The Rapper released his highly-acclaimed, breakthrough project Acid Rap. While fans of the Chicago native, who has transitioned from budding buzzmaker to full-bloomed star over the past... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz’ “No Problem” [Feature ]

I listened to "No Problem" once then put down my headphones and walked away to grab a glass of water, and in the 37 seconds it took me to get from the kitchen back to this computer, the only thing running through my head,... Read More