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XXL’s Most Promising Class: Revisiting the 2009 Freshmen, Pt. 2 [Feature ]

Welcome to Part 2 of our look at the past and present of the storied '09 XXL Freshmen Class cover. If you haven't yet, catch up on Part 1 here. Blu Blu, the mighty Blu, a talent that arrived like a ray of... Read More


Charles Hamilton: “Trap [Music] Doesn’t Require Too Much Talent” [Feature ]

Charles Hamilton is no stranger to controversy. To-a-fault honesty has been his main weapon in his battle against adversity and mental illness, and Hamilton is well aware of this. Hell, the opening line of his... Read More


Charles Hamilton Walks Us Through “A Rainy Day in Harlem” (Bless The Booth Freestyle) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube Remember when Charles Hamilton shut down the Booth last week with an electrifying off-the-top freestyle that referenced his "Jamaican Baby Momma"? Well, Charles never stopped... Read More


Charles Hamilton’s Baby Momma is a “Jamaican Alien” (Bless The Booth Freestyle) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube A new year ushers in new resolutions and new goals, as well as eventually giving up on those resolutions and perhaps those goals. Most importantly, however, the new... Read More


Charles Hamilton - The Black Box EP [Album]

Well, it took some time, but veteran Harlem emcee/producer Charles Hamilton returns today with the release of his first official EP in years, The Black Box, via Republic Records. It's not Pink Lavalamp, as the Booth's own... Read More


It’s Not “Pink Lavalamp,” But Charles Hamilton’s “Black Box” EP is His Future [Feature ]

We would sit under the crescent moon and dim streetlights, our voices echoing down the neighborhood, entering windows belonging to real adults with real jobs and tormented by real life. The cheap brown liquor kept our souls... Read More


Charles Hamilton - NY Raining ft. Rita Ora [Stream]

Update: The Max & Dania-directed visuals for CH’s NY Raining single have been added. Charles Hamilton is back? The Booth’s own Yoh recently asked if this was something we wanted, but much like Raining in NY... Read More


Charles Hamilton is Fine, Now Let’s Talk About His New Album [Feature ]

Charles Hamilton is doing fine. Before I talked to the much-talked about rapper, his publicist asked me to keep the interview focused solely on Hamilton's music, which was simultaneously a very simple and complicated... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Headed To The Top [Stream & Download]

After such a long time away, it’s great to see Charles Hamilton‘s name invading the blogosphere once again. While his NY Raining single was well-received by Booth readers, Headed To The Top takes us back to the... Read More


Do We Want Charles Hamilton to Comeback? [Feature ]

I was a senior in high school spending my free time clicking previous on 2Dopeboyz, irritated by Zshare links, Mininova torrents and scrolling through Datpiff’s massive catalog looking for the soundtrack to my... Read More


Charles Hamilton - I Don’t Care [Stream & Download]

Contrary to those who thought Charles Hamilton was down for the count, Charles Hamilton proves that rumors of his career’s demise are greatly exaggerated with the release of his latest album inclusion. On I Don’t... Read More


Charles Hamilton - All Alone [Stream & Download]

Charles Hamilton is many things, but he is never boring. About a week or so after the-boy-who-called-everything revealed he had cancer, Hamilton drops the (seemingly) appropriately titled single, All Alone. But if you were... Read More


Lupe Fiasco ft. All City Chess Club - I’m Beamin’ (Remix) [Stream]

As Mohandas Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history finally get Lasers a freaking release date.” Having won, with the help of... Read More


Woody ft. Charles Hamilton & XV - Make Believe [Stream & Download]

When you have a track with two well known emcees backing up someone less known for their vocal work, there’s always concern for the possibility of Diddy Syndrome (one guy without any talent manages to bring down the entire... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Gauchos [Stream]

We all know that Charles Hamilton has a left field artistic sense – after all, he rocked his All Pink Everything campaign for a good year – and sure enough the hedgehog everyone loves to hate continues to push boundaries... Read More


The Multitalented B.o.B Rocks Stage at SOB’s [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. – History has proven that it is not easy for artists who refuse to be boxed into a single musical genre. When B.o.B sat down with DJ Z in February, he discussed what it was like to warm up audiences worldwide... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Sega Music (Last of the Mauritians) [Stream]

When I think of Charles Hamilton, Joe Budden’s Padded Room album cover comes to mind. Or maybe listening to Sonic is more similar to taking the red pill in The Matrix. Regardless, when I pressed the “play”... Read More


Charles Hamilton & B.o.B - Paperboy [Stream]

Incredibly, it’s becoming cool to be a nerd in America. From oversized black glasses to spending hours gaming and reading comic books, nerdom is slowly but surely becoming something to be proud of instead of a hobby you... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Normalcy [Album]

Today we dropped our annual Best of the Booth Awards, and if Most Hated Rapper was a category, Charles Hamilton would have won. Actually Kanye would probably walk away with that one, but Most Hated Rapper... Read Full Review


Charles Hamilton - Air Agains [Stream]

Charles Hamilton’s comeback tour is off to a rocky start. After garnering some deserved praise from the Booth for Charles Hamilton is Back, his next track Loserville received mixed reviews, and then his new Normalcy Project... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Loserville [Stream]

Fresh off a label-mandated hiatus (allegedly due to mental health issues), Charles Hamilton is wasting no time in bringing us up to date on the state of his psyche. Having made his return official with the self-explanatory... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Charles Hamilton Is Back [Stream]

Don’t call it a comeback…actually, feel free to call it a comeback. Even Charles Hamilton is. Earlier this summer Hamilton’s label temporarily shelved the rising star due to alleged mental health problems, leading to... Read More


Charles Hamilton Leaks Unreleased Debut, “This Perfect Life” [Download] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- Having recently parted ways with Interscope Records, rapper/producer Charles Hamilton is offering up what was to be his major-label debut for free download. Featuring lead single "Barbara Walters" as well as... Read More


Charles Hamilton - 3PM [Stream]

At 3 AM one recent morning, Eminem was surprised to find that his evil alter-ego, Slim Shady, had gone on one of his murderous rampages and left the grisly remains all over the apartment floor.  Turn the clock ahead twelve... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Barbara Walters [Stream]

No background information is needed here—if you’re an avid follower of hip-hop with an Internet connection, you know all about Charles Hamilton.  Now, after 16 mixtapes and 12 Booth appearances, the Interscope... Read More


Charles Hamilton - MTV Cribs [Stream]

On February 24, the Interscope-distributed Demevolist Music Group released their compilation mixtape, First Order Of Business; the two-disc set features such future stars as Yung Nate, Show Tufli, J. Means, Proven, and... Read More


Charles Hamilton Drops “Well Isn’t This Awkward;” Explains Concept to DJ Skee [Video/Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Charles Hamilton is back in the Booth with his first new, post-Hamiltonization Process mixtape. Well Isn't This Awkward..., a high-concept, Valentine's Day-themed street album in which Hamilton narrates his... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Scorpion [Stream]

If you were into video games back in the early ‘90s, the grainy “Get over here” sample that opens this record is sure to evoke some fond memories.  Hamilton manages to put a romantic spin on the famous Mortal... Read More


Rhymefest Disses Charles Hamilton on New Mixtape Track [Free Download] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Though he hasn't been in the game for long, Sega-loving up-and-comer Charles Hamilton has already exhibited a taste for beef (see his YouTube exchange with Interscope labelmate Soulja Boy). Now, it seems that... Read More


Charles Hamilton Premieres “Brooklyn Girls” Music Video [Feature ]

New York, NY -- This Monday, at his Pink Lavalamp Listening Party, DJBooth favorite Charles Hamilton premiere his video for popular mixtape cut (and the emcee's first record to be featured on "Brooklyn Girls" to... Read More


Charles Hamilton Throws Listening Party [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, NY – Anyone familiar with the work of Charles Hamilton knows that the spiky emcee can be trusted to provide a left-of center experience. Last night, the Harlemite transformed the ultra-secluded Red Bull Space... Read More


Charles Hamilton to Hold “Hamiltonization Process” Wrap Party December 8th [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Most readers are aware that up-and-coming emcee Charles Hamilton's biweekly mixtape series, The Hamiltonization Process is coming to a close Tuesday, December 9th, with the release of The Pink... Read More


Charles Hamilton ft. Max B. - The North Pole [Stream]

Believe it or not, on December 9, Charles Hamilton’s ultra-successful online-only mixtape series, The Hamiltonization Process, will come to a bittersweet end.  Premiering at OnSmash, The Pink Lavalamp is a 15-track... Read More


Charles Hamilton’s Demevolist Music Group Drops “Ayo! These N*ggaz Went Hollywood” Mixtape [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Demevolist Music Group, home to familiar face Charles Hamilton, has dropped a new mixtape entitled Ayo! These N*ggas Went Hollywood. The 16-track, DJ Tay James-presented project includes new... Read More


Charles Hamilton Has “Intervention” on Latest Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- After watching the emcee suffer a bit of an identity crisis on his last mixtape release, Sonic the Hamilton, it should be clear that Charles Hamilton is in dire need of an Intervention. As the penultimate... Read More


Charles Hamilton - November 10 [Stream]

Two days ago, on November 10, Booth-acclaimed artist Charles Hamilton celebrated his all-important 21st birthday; yesterday, Harlem’s king of creativity released his newest mixtape, Sonic the Hamilton (which is... Read More


Charles Hamilton Releases “Sonic the Hamilton” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Harlem up-and-comer Charles Hamilton, whose Hamiltonization Process has kept listeners busy with a brand new mixtape every two weeks, has dropped the sixth entry out of eight in the ongoing series. The new... Read More


Video: Charles Hamilton Speaks On His Upcoming Project “Sonic The Hamilton” [Feature ]

New York, NY -- By now, readers are familiar with Charles Hamilton, the eccentric, Sega-loving up-and-comer who has been laying the groundwork for future success with his Hamiltonization Process mixtape series.... Read More


B.o.B. ft. Charles Hamilton & Asher Roth - Change Gonna Come [Stream]

If there were an award given to the most popular word in the English language in any given year, “change” would have the ‘08 trophy locked up.  In hopes of picking up votes in today’s U.S. presidential... Read More


Charles Hamilton - DSW [Stream]

Cleveland-to-Harlem transplant Charles Hamilton has taken the Internet by storm with his unique promotional tactics.  Since we assume you have already been introduced to the Hamiltonization Process, let’s cut to the... Read More


Hamiltonization Process Continues as Charles Drops “The L Word” [Feature ]

New York, NY -- With the halfway point of his Hamiltonization Process mixtape series behind him, DJBooth favorite Charles Hamilton has turned his attention to the topic of love. The fifth entry of eight, titled The L Word,... Read More


The Hamiltonization Process Continues with “It’s Charles Hamilton” [Feature ]

New York, NY-- DJBooth favorite Charles Hamilton has returned with a fourth entry in his ongoing "Hamiltonization Process" mixtape series. It's Charles Hamilton, which marks the midpoint of the biweekly, eight-project set,... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Lacey Duvalle [Stream]

Next Tuesday, Charles Hamilton will bless his Internet-led following with the fourth mixtape release in his “online tour,” the Hamiltonization Process.  In this first taste of the forthcoming It’s Charles Hamilton,... Read More


The Hamiltonization Process Continues, Charles Drops “Staff Development” [Feature ]

New York, NY-- Sonic the Hedgehog-loving emcee Charles Hamilton has dropped a new mixtape, entitled Staff Development. This release, the third entry of eight in Hamilton's biweekly "Hamiltonization Process" mixtape series,... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Ronald McDonald [Stream]

It took Nelly roughly four years to release Brass Knuckles.  Similarly, it has been four years – going on five – since the public last heard an album, let alone a new record, from Eminem.  With the exception of... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Free Download [Stream]

Charles Hamilton is all about the music.  In the midst of releasing eight mixtapes in what he has dubbed the “Hamiltonization Process,” the Harlem resident is still dropping new non-mixtape records into our inbox on... Read More


Charles Hamilton Drops Exclusive DJBooth Freestyle [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- This Wednesday, September 3, DJBooth will feature a brand new interview with 20-year-old Harlem native, Charles Hamilton. Before the full-length feature goes live, however, DJBooth has graciously decided to... Read More


Charles Hamilton - The N Word [Stream]

In the wake of the controversy stirred up by Nas‘s Untitled album, Charles Hamilton’s new song, The N Word, is refreshingly ironic. Surprisingly, the track is just about as innocent as Mister Rogers. Literally.... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Windows Media Player [Stream]

Let us take a moment to raise a toast to computers and the Internet, the biggest tools in shaping hip-hop into what it is today.  While many artists have taken advantage of these technological marvels,... Read More


Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls [Stream]

Charles Hamilton isn’t quite a rapper, but he isn’t quite a singer either. He is his own entity, a producer-turned-performer with a raw voice and a playful delivery resembling a cross between Damian Marley and Lil... Read More