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Beat Break: Chase N. Cashe Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs [Feature ]

Collaboration is a pivotal part of being a producer. Honing your craft is one thing, but getting your beats into the hands (or indeed ears) of the right people is another thing entirely. For Chase N. Cashe, it’s perhaps... Read More


Chase N. Cashe “Pulls Strings” Like Jimi, Kicks Bars Over His Own Beat (“Bless The Booth”) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube Next up in our burgeoning Bless The Booth series is Chase N. Cashe, GRAMMY-award winning producer and solo artist and former Surf Club member (or maybe current?) ... Read More


Krondon & Chase N Cashe - Hang On [Stream & Download]

After months of work in the studio, Strong Arm Steady emcee Krondon and producer Chase N. Cashe are ready to share their work with the world. The first single from their forthcoming collaborative project is Hang On, a record... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - The Best There Is… [Album]

Why settle for mediocrity when you can have The Best There Is? With his latest street album, Surf Club member Chase N. Cashe shows the world why he should be regarded as the very epitome of dopeness, proving his mettle as a... Read More


Chase N. Cashe ft. Troy Avenue & Young Lito - The Show Boyz [Stream & Download]

To quote an old country song, “ain’t it funny how time slips away?” Though I was surprised to learn that Chase N. Cashe‘s latest single was his first Booth feature in more than a year, little seems to have... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - I Can Do That [Stream]

What are you craving, Booth readers—a fresh cut from Chase N. Cashe? I Can Do That. (If that wasn’t your answer, sorry, you’re gonna have to fend for yourself.) On his latest promotional single, part of a... Read More


Chase N. Cashe ft. Casey Veggies - Me & Mine [Stream & Download]

Though Chase N. Cashe‘s dedication to amassing currency is evident from his stage name, the New Orleans native’s aspirations aren’t actually all that extravagant; once he’s collected enough wealth to... Read More


Rilgood ft. Fat Tony & Chase N. Cashe - God Bless America [Stream & Download]

Memorial Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we should stop being grateful we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. In fact, with the Fourth of July right around the corner, there is no better... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - Heir Waves [Album]

Already living a Charmed life, emcee/producer Chase N. Cashe has delivered Heir Waves, a collection of unreleased and new records to officially kick off his 2013 campaign. Included on the free released are... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - I’m the Man 2.0 [Stream]

If you’d asked me a few weeks ago, I would have told you that being the motherf**king man was like being the Pope: once granted, the title stays with you till the day you die, at which point all the Cardinals gather in... Read More


Chase N. Cashe ft. Smoke DZA - You Ain’t on It [Stream & Download]

There are many things that set Chase N. Cashe apart from the pack, but they can all be boiled down to one key distinction: You Ain’t on It, and he is. On the inaugural song release off his forthcoming street album, the... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - Riding Everyday [Stream & Download]

Whatever else Chase N. Cashe may have on the agenda, there’s one thing that never changes: rain, snow, or shine, you’ll find the Surf Club emcee Riding Everyday in the streets of Los Angeles. On the latest song... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - Charm [Album]

Surf Club rapper/producer Chase N. Cache has released the album follow-up to February's much-buzzed-about, DJ Drama-hosted The Heir up There LP. Coming in the wake of singles "O.M.W.," "I Don't Play" and "Beastin'," Charm... Read More


Chase N. Ca$he ft. A$AP Rocky - Beastin [Stream]

Many, if not most dudes would take offense if you accused them of being a “motherf**kin’ dog” when it came to their dealings with females. Chase N. Cashe and A$AP Rocky, on the other hand, wear the label like a... Read More


Chase N Cashe - I Dont Play [Stream]

Q: What does Chase N’ Cashe love? A: Matlock reruns and gardening on Sundays. Just kidding. He loves money, just in case the moniker wasn’t already a dead giveaway. After gracing DJBooth back in September with... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - Watch Me [Stream & Download]

If a rapper shows off and no one’s there to witness, can he truly call himself a baller? Knowing that stunting is as much in the eye of the beholder as it is in the stunting itself, Chase N. Cache calls on everyone... Read More


Chase N Cashe - Trill Living 4.0 [Stream & Download]

Have the basics of trillness down, but feel like you could still refine your game? You’ve come to the right place. Trill Living 4.0, the latest release off Chase N Cashe‘s long-awaited new album, finds the Surf... Read More


Chase N Cashe (of Surf Club) ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boys - In My Zone [Stream & Download]

Chase.N.Cashe may not be a millionaire just yet, but he’s feeling damn good about his prospects. How good? To find out, take a listen to In My Zone, the latest release off the Surf Club emcee’s forthcoming street... Read More


Chase N. Cashe (of Surf Club) - Anything [Stream & Download]

If you stay true to yourself and follow your dreams, you can do Anything you want to. Well, anything within reason—I’m pretty sure violating the laws of physics is out of the question. Anyway, the latest mixtape... Read More


Chase N. Cashe (of Surf Club) - Money Right [Stream & Download]

If you couldn’t tell from the stage name that Chase N. Cashe was all about the paper chase, the emcee’s latest single should set you straight. On promo single Money Right, Roc & Mayne‘s smooth production... Read More


Chase N. Cashe - Myself [Stream & Download]

Though Chase N. Cache‘s solo Booth debut was dedicated to a romantic interest, today the Southern up-and-comer has only one thing on his mind: Chase N. Cashe. Not the activity of running after currency (though I’m... Read More


Chase N. Cashe (of Surf Club) - I Don’t Want Nothing [Stream & Download]

Chase N. Cashe isn’t one to settle; not only is the Surf Club emcee uncompromising when it comes to getting that paper (hence the name), but he brings the same sense of purpose to his love life, refusing to trifle with... Read More