New Chaundon Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Cee ft. Chaundon & Bekah - Do Ya Hear Me? [Stream]

Cee‘s next album is slated to drop on Tuesday, April 10, via The Movement Fam, but Booth readers will get a sneak peek at the set the preceding Monday, when we host an exclusive listening session. Since the Melbourne... Read More


Trace Blam ft. Chaundon & L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Styles Vary [Stream]

Trace Blam and his homies’ Styles may Vary, but I defy to listen to his debut feature and tell me they don’t go together like chocolate, peanut butter and… something else that goes with both chocolate and... Read More


AWKWORD ft. Chaundon - Gas Land (Frack Off) [Stream & Download]

Hydrofracturing, the practice of injecting water, sand and chemicals into the earth at high pressure in order to extract petroleum and natural gas, has the potential to contaminate ground water, damage air quality and... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Chaundon - Dirty N*gga [Stream]

Unlike most members of the medical profession, The Audible Doctor isn’t a stickler about hygiene. In fact, the Brooklyn-based rapper/producer likes to keep it nice and grimy. On new EP single Dirty N*gga, released along... Read More


Curtessy ft. Chaundon & Rome Clientel - Muzik Therapy [Stream]

Who needs a shrink when you’ve got a mic, a recording booth and an avid audience of hip-hop heads? On his first solo feature, making its world premiere on our front page, Curtessy undergoes a session of Muzik Therapy,... Read More


Chaundon - By The Way EP [Album]

Bronx emcee and media personality Chaundon has arrived with his new collaborative EP, By The Way. In trademark Chaundon fashion, the EP is fearlessly honest, open and lyrically driven. Set off by lead single Conviction,... Read More


AWKWORD ft. Chaundon - Melting Pot (Made In America) [Stream & Download]

Based on the way American thinkers have written about our cultural ”Melting Pot,” you’d think that being thrown in a cauldron of boiling water was a positive and enriching experience. As any lobster could tell you... Read More


Big Jess ft. Chaundon, Greg Grease & Metasota - Simple and Plain [Stream]

Pop culture is littered with trilogies. From Star Wars to the Lakers of the early 00’s, great things always seem to come in threes. For producer Big Jess, though, three just doesn’t cut it, which is why he is... Read More


Chaundon ft. YC The Cynic & DJ Flash - Prosperity [Stream]

Ever since the post-Civil War era, African-Americans have been struggling to get their rightful piece of the pie. Unfortunately, their journey toward Prosperity hasn’t been without setbacks—according to a Pew Research... Read More


Chaundon - Mandatory [Stream]

Typically, we allow Booth readers to select which featured cuts they listen to on a discretionary basis; Chaundon‘s latest single, however, is absolutely Mandatory. (Of course, I’ma have to use the honor system to... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Chaundon - Success (Part 1) [Stream & Download]

It’s a tough life out there for an up-and-coming artist, but The Audible Doctor‘s determined to get his shine. On Success (Part 1) , the NYC rapper/producer cooks up a gritty, sampled instrumental to back himself... Read More


Chaundon + Senor Kaos + Skinny-C - All Out [Stream & Download]

HiPNOTT Records C.O.O., Cypher Lounge Radio co-founder and documentary filmmaker Kareem Fort has somehow found time in his busy schedule to put together a Booth-sponsored compilation album featuring some of the game’s... Read More


Chaundon ft. Daily Planet, Cymarshall Law & M-Dot - El Mariachi [Stream & Download]

Not featured on the solo tip since he brought us Y’all Don’t Want It back in summer of 2010, Chaundon returns to our pages with another dope ensemble cut. On new promo single El Mariachi, the Hall of Justus emcee... Read More


YC the Cynic ft. Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez & Chaundon - More and More (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Did YC the Cynic‘s More and More leave you wanting, well, more, when it hit the Booth back in February? Well, your wish is the Bronx emcee’s command. Today, the record returns in officially-remixed form. On this... Read More


Balance ft. Big Pooh & Chaundon - World Wide [Stream & Download]

When your hustle starts to grow so big that a single nation can no longer hold it, then there’s only one thing to do about it: go World Wide! The latest West Coast representative to assert himself on the national scale,... Read More


Focus…ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Chaundon - Idols & Role Models (Perspective #2) [Stream & Download]

In today’s fast-moving, often-superficial world, Perspective is a rare commodity. Though rap music as a whole plays a part in perpetuating – or at least reflecting – our culture’s messed-up priorities, we can... Read More


KVBeats ft. Chaundon - Maria [Stream & Download]

“Mari-i-i-a, Chaundon just met a girl named Maria…” Sorry, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop a little West Side Story on y’all. And the narrative that unfolds over the course of up-and-coming... Read More


M-Dot ft. King Magnetic, Chaundon & Cymarshall Law - Eastcoast Points [Stream & Download]

If you’re familiar with the names involved in Eastcoast Points, you know exactly what to expect: pure, uncut underground excellence, with a Northeastern flair. This epic ensemble cut, the inaugural leak off... Read More


Chaundon ft. Carlitta Durand - Ya’ll Don’t Want It [Stream]

Absent from our pages since he dropped entry #49 in our Freestyle Series, Hall of Justus rapper Chaundon is back to tantalize us with a little reverse psychology – though the South Bronx native tells us... Read More


Hall of Justus Drop DJ Warrior & DJ Skillz-Mixed Reservoir Dogs Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, and Chaundon of Hall of Justus have joined forces with DJ Warrior and DJ Skillz to drop a street album themed around the work of big-name director Quentin Tarantino. The Little... Read More

Chaundon Spits “Old School” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Chaundon, a South Bronx veteran best known for his work on '08 debut album Carnage, as well as his central role in Little Brother's Justus League collective, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 49th... Read More


Chaundon - Old School [Stream & Download]

The 49th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Chaundon, a South Bronx veteran best known for his work on ‘08 debut album Carnage, as well as his central role in Little Brother‘s Justus... Read More


Listening to Sharpies Presents: Chaundon In My Opinion “What Is Real Hip Hop?” [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Listening to Sharpies has kicked off a brand new podcast segment entitled "In My Opinion." In each installment, a prominent artist, producer, blogger, or journalist will attempt to answer the age-old... Read More