New Chiddy Bang Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Russ ft. Chiddy Bang - Understand [Stream]

Do you Understand that Russ is the man? If not, you most definitely will by the time you’re finished listening to his latest promo single. Coming on the heels of album inclusion Comin Thru, this freshly-released loosie... Read More


5 Stress-Free Hip-Hop Cuts [Feature ]

Though it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, Christmas commercials, lights, and red bows are already popping up everywhere, which means it the holiday season is but a few weeks away. While it is supposed to be a time filled with... Read More


Chiddy Bang - HeartBeat [Stream]

Does a new, high-energy tune get you pumped up? Well you might want control your HeartBeat, because this powerful cut from Chiddy Bang is sure to get your ticker racing. While Xaphoon Jones, Chiddy’s former right-hand man,... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Breathe [Stream]

Been waiting with bated breath for a new feature from Chiddy Bang? Then unless you’re David Blaine, you’re probably dead, because the Philly duo hasn’t dropped off a solo record since last July’s Paper... Read More


2AM Club ft. Chiddy Bang - Every Evening [Stream]

With the recent release of 2AM Club’s Clinton Sparks-hosted mixtape, Moon Tower, it’s clear the quintet is going to blast off. Corny jokes aside, these Booth newcomers have an intoxicating, feel-good style that is... Read More


Hoodie Allen ft. Chiddy - Fame Is for A*****es [Stream]

It’s difficult to achieve celebrity status, much less enjoy life in the spotlight, without an unhealthy amount of arrogance, narcissism, and entitlement. As rap buzzmaker Hoodie Allen puts it on his latest feature,... Read More


Outasight ft. Chiddy Bang - Shine [Stream]

Anyone who’s been a regular reader of the DJBooth knows that Outasight‘s busted his ass to get the Shine he so richly deserves. For those who haven’t followed his career over the course of four-plus years,... Read More


Chiddy Bang Talk “Breakfast”, Living the Tour Life & More (DJBoothTV Exclusive Interview) [Feature ]

For the latest episode of "Outside the Booth", DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morels catches up with Xaphoon Jones and Chiddy of Chiddy Bang backstage at the Under the Influence Tour to discuss the success of their Breakfast album,... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Paper & Plastic [Stream & Download]

The thing about not taking any days off is that you actually can’t take any days off. Well, considering their prolific output - while still pushing their recently released album Breakfast, they still found time to link... Read More


Olly Murs ft. Chiddy Bang - Heart Skips a Beat [Stream]

Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, heart palpitations—all signs that you might be falling in love. If you’re a fan of upbeat pop grooves, don’t be surprised if you find yourself experiencing all the... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Twisted [Stream]

As a previously-unknown musical act rises to prominence in the game, it’s only natural that speculation will begin to run rampant. Seeing the potential for misconceptions, Philly duo Chiddy Bang step in to ensure that... Read More


Chiddy Bang ft. Travie McCoy & Icona Pop - Mind Your Manners (Remix) [Stream]

Originally released to a warm Booth reception back in summer of 2011, Chiddy Bang‘s Mind Your Manners makes its return to our pages in officially remixed form. Joining Chiddy over production partner Xaphoon Jones’... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Breakfast [Album]

Only old people, like myself, think there’s anything truly extraordinary about Chiddy Bang. You see, when I was growing up there was rock and there was hip-hop; you picked a side and you stayed there. And with rare... Read Full Review


Chiddy Bang - Zeroes [Stream]

With their freshman set’s physical release less than 24 hours away, Chiddy Bang return to our pages with a fresh record that didn’t make it onto the final tracklist. Here, crew member Zaphoon Jones teams up with... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Grab A Plate [Stream]

If you’re reading this right when it drops that means the moon’s out and dinner’s still digesting away in your stomach – but come on people, it’s got to be breakfast time somewhere. So in the spirit of eternal... Read More


Chiddy Bang - By Your Side [Stream]

Many a dope song has been lost in the fog of hip-hop history because a sample couldn’t be cleared, but thanks to the wonder of the digital age artists facing a sample barrier too high to climb can now take matters into... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Ray Charles [Video]

A message from Chiddy Bang: “It’s almost breakfast time y’all…check out the first official video from the album for our single Ray Charles. Shot by the incomparable Alan Ferguson. We’re really... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Ray Charles [Stream]

In addition to, y’know, revolutionizing the soul genre, Ray Charles has enjoyed a second burst of fame as shorthand for a certain method of dealing with the haters—simply slip on your shades, sit back and act like you... Read More


V V Brown ft. Chiddy - Children [Stream]

Does your bedroom decor prominently feature stuffed animals? Do you have to suppress an urge to run outside waving a dollar bill when you hear the ice cream truck roll past your residence? Then you’re part of the target... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Mind Your Manners [Stream]

The days are getting warmer, the beers are getting colder and the skirts are getting shorter, it must be summer. And you know what that means; yep, every artist in the game is jockeying for that coveted Summer Anthem status.... Read More


Chiddy Bang - Too Much Soul [Stream & Download]

Could it be—could Chiddy Bang simply have Too Much Soul for today’s music game? I’m leaning towards “no,” if only for the fact that they don’t make soul music in any sense of the term I’m... Read More


Chiddy Bang ft. The Knocks - When You’ve Got Music [Stream & Download]

Even after breaking the Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle with an epic, 9-hour-plus rhyme session – can I get a round of applause, by the way? – Philly flame-spitter Chiddy Bang‘s lyrical well is far from... Read More


Chiddy Bang Jump “In the Mix” [ Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

If there still existed a divide in the listening public's mind between "serious" spitters and new-school "hipster" rappers, Chidera "Chiddy Bang" Anamege laid that dusty prejudice to rest May 2, when the Philly native... Read More


Chiddy Bang - The Good Life [Stream]

So you missed out on The Swelly Express? Big deal. It’s not like you missed out on a group that has stormed the music scene in the past seven months (also making you the subject of ridicule amongst friends). Don’t worry... Read More


Chiddy Bang x Ellie Goulding - Under the Sheets (Remix) [Stream]

Fresh off their Booth-approved remix of the Gorillaz’ spacey Stylo, emcee-producer duo Chiddy Bang are back to introduce fans to a UK phenom who has yet to make the big jump stateside. On the inaugural leak off their... Read More


Gorillaz ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack - Stylo (Chiddy Bang Remix) [Stream]

In November 2009, up-and-coming emcee/producer duo Chiddy Bang spun a sample from MGMT‘s KIDS Kid CuDi/MGMT collabo Pursuit of Happiness into The Opposite of Adults, a reader-acclaimed meditation on cash, music and... Read More


Mike Posner and Chiddy Bang Rock Davidson College [Feature ]

Davidson, North Carolina - If you didn't know better you would have thought that January 23, was another normal campus weekend at Davidson college, but those who managed to check out Mike Posner and Chiddy Bang's show for the... Read More


Chiddy Bang ft. MGMT - The Opposite of Adults (KIDS) [Stream]

Once upon a time, we were all The Opposite of Adults – Booth newcomers Chiddy Bang and Xaphoon Jones still consider themselves KIDS and, to paraphrase that classic Toys ‘R’ Us jingle, they don’t wanna grow... Read More