New Chief Keef Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Chief Keef Stopped Writing Raps in 2012 Because of a Lil Wayne-Inspired Lean Habit [Feature ]

Just as Jay Z is, in part, personally responsible for the decline of mainstream lyricism thanks to his longstanding belief in never writing down his lyrics, Lil Wayne is, in part, personally responsible for the gross number... Read More


Chief Keef Earns His First (and Likely Last) Two Platinum Plaques [Feature ]

It took five years, but Chief Keef can finally say he's an RIAA-certified artist. On Wednesday (March 22), the RIAA announced that the Chicago-born drill rapper's two most popular singles—"I Don't Like" and... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Chief Keef, CeeLo & Tone Trump’s “Violence” [Feature ]

When we launched "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This" we wanted to highlight two types of songs. One, songs that were so good they deserved to be put in the ears of everyone we could find. And two, songs whose... Read More


Study Says Chief Keef Swears More Per Song Than Any Rapper Ever [Feature ]

There's nothing wrong with letting off the occasional obscenity, we all need to let off a little steam, but a new study by the musixmatch lab reveals that Chief Keef uses more profanities per song than any other... Read More


Chief Keef Suspended From FilmOn Deal, Continues to Burn Bridges [Feature ]

The ongoing epic that is Chief Keef's career will continue. It was reported yesterday that the Chicago rapper has been suspened from his deal with FilmOn and that the company's owner, Alki David,... Read More


Parents Outraged as Substitute Teacher Gives Chief Keef Quiz in School [Feature ]

When Kanye said “listen to the kids” he wasn’t talking about school curriculums. As FakeShorDrive reported, a Chicago substitute teacher is in some trouble this week after giving her class a Chief Keef... Read More


The State of Chicago Hip-Hop: No End In Sight [Feature ]

Three years ago things were just getting exciting around Chicago. Chief Keef had just made the country take a collective gulp as he shoved guns into the lens of a Handicam protected by his thick mop of locks, Kids These Days... Read More


Chief Keef & Lil Durk - Sumo [Stream]

Chicago rappers Chief Keef and Lil Durk, who have had their differences over the years, have come together to record and release Sumo. The record is produced by Chop Squad DJ and could be placed on Durk’s next mixtape,... Read More


Chief Keef - Superheroes ft. A$AP Rocky [Stream]

Chief Keef has released Bang 3, a new 14-track mixtape that serves as the third installment in the Bang series. The standout selection off the tape is Superheroes, a collaboration between the Chicago native and Mr. Pretty... Read More


Chief Keef to Hold Benefit Concert for Family of Toddler Killed in Crash [Feature ]

Much has been made of Chief Keef and his involvement in the continuing violence in the Chicago area, notably amongst the city's youth. His rise to prominence fed off of and glorified the "Chiraq" mentality, but now seems... Read More


Chief Keef’s Strange, Incredible Journey to the American Dream [Feature ]

[Image via LilOozo3hunna] Article Soundtrack: Read this while playing Kendrick Lamar’s "U" and DMX’s "Slippin." Dead or in jail, the only outcomes parents, teachers and television told us would... Read More


Stunt Taylor ft. Twista & Chief Keef - Friend of Me [Stream]

A Windy City buzzmaker best known for 2014 local hit Fe Fe on the Block, Stunt Taylor makes his grand entrance into the Booth with a standout cut off his latest full-length. On Friend of Me, the EMPIRE signee spits... Read More


Chief Keef ft. Kanye West - Nobody [Stream]

It’s not like I’m in line for a Pulitzer Prize, but I do pride myself on maintaining some semblance of journalistic integrity (aka not just posting random, potentially fake leaks). So with that said, I really... Read More


Chief Keef ft. Tyga - Now & Later [Stream]

Last we heard from Chief Keef, he was riding shotgun on Valley, a compilation cut by constant behind-the-boards collaborator Young Chop. On his own latest single, however, the Southside Chicago repper forgoes the... Read More


Young Chop ft. Chief Keef - Valley [Stream]

However you feel about the Windy City natives and the drill movement they’ve helped to popularize, you’ve got to admit that Young Chop and Chief Keef make a damn good team. So it was a given that the former would... Read More


Chief Keef ft. Fredo Santana - Beetlejuice [Stream]

It’s a new banger featuring Chief Keef and Fredo Santana. It’s called Beetlejuice. It’s blowing up on the proverbial streets and it sounds exactly like you think it does, maybe even more Chief Keef-ish than... Read More


Young Chop ft. Chief Keef - All I Care About [Stream]

There are three things in this world, and three things only, that you can count on Young Chop to give a f*ck about: twenties, fifties and hundreds. On new street single All I Care About, coming on the heels of late-March... Read More


Young Chop ft. Chief Keef & Lil Reese - Bang Like Chop [Stream]

Craving something that’ll rattle the fillings right out of your teeth? Then you’ve come to the right place; after all, ain’t nobody Bang Like Chop. Young Chop‘s debut headlining feature, his first... Read More


Macaroni Time With Morgan Tracy: What the F**k is Chief Keef Talking About? [Feature ]

Yes, of course the point of "Rap Lines That Make No Fucking Sense" is to crack some jokes about rap lyrics, but believe it or not, I also started it because I really wanted to figure out what the fuck rappers were talking... Read More


Kanye West ft. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon - Hold My Liquor (Mano Remix) [Stream]

Three weeks after the release of his envelope-pushing seventh album, Kanye West has stuck to his guns on not releasing any singles off the set. As such, this freshly-released remix of Hold My Liquor, courtesy of West’s... Read More


Chief Keef Makes Less Money Than Your Average Orthodontist [Feature ]

I started "Your Favorite Rapper is Poor" to answer one simple often incredibly complicated question: Just how much money do rappers really have? Given the lengths that a rapper will go to in order to look rich, it can be... Read More


Fat Trel ft. Chief Keef - F*kkk Da Feds [Stream]

This may come as a surprise to some of our readers, but Fat Trel isn’t overly fond of law enforcement agents. What could possibly have inspired his ill will?  Well, as he explains on freshly-released street single... Read More