New Chino XL Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jesse Abraham ft. Chino XL - I’ve Tried [Stream]

Is your slow Internet driving you crazy? Mad that you don’t have the new iPhone? If you think you’re having a rough day, just imagine not having any clean drinking water. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Maybe your life... Read More


Chino XL - Eye (The Stomp) [Stream & Download]

When you haven’t been featured on the solo tip for a whopping three years, it takes a proportionately grand re-entrance to turn Boothgoers back into avid followers of your work. Fortunately for Chino XL, who we last... Read More


The Academy ft. Crooked I, Chino XL & Copywrite - Triple Seize [Stream & Download]

Crooked I, Chino XL, Copywrite—can it possibly be a coincidence that so many talented emcees start with the letter ‘C’? To answer my own question… yeah, I suppose it could. Not that that makes it any... Read More


Celph Titled ft. Apathy & Chino XL - Styles Ain’t Raw [Stream]

Booth newcomer Celph Titled hardly wants us to believe that his style can be compared to anyone else’s, so to make sure we’re convinced that he’s in a league of his own, he comes at us with Styles Ain’t Raw, a... Read More


Chino XL - Nahh! [Stream]

It’s been over a year since Chino XL stepped into the Booth with his first (and, to date. only) solo feature, the Bun-B assisted Cross Your Heart...  so, does that mean he’s fallen off?  Nahhh! As... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Crooked I & Chino XL - Sickology 101 [Stream]

This cut may be Tech N9ne‘s first Booth feature, but with over a decade of experience in the game and eight albums’ worth of underground acclaim under his belt, he couldn’t be more qualified to teach a... Read More


Chino XL ft. Bun B - Cross Your Heart [Stream]

There are only a few rappers out there who can pull off using the word “eviscerated” in a single; Chino XL just so happens to be one of them. Cross Your Heart finds the Jersey rapper in his typical battle rap craze,... Read More