New King Chip Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


King Chip - Brand New Hoes [Stream]

With the release of his long-delayed CleveLAfornia around the corner (maybe), King Chip has released Brand New Hoes, a new single produced by S-Dot. There is no official drop date for the album, but it will be independently... Read More


Blended Babies - So Slow ft. Anderson .Paak & King Chip [Stream]

Production team Blended Babies and Compton‘s shining star Anderson .Paak have aligned musically for So Slow, the first single from the group’s forthcoming EP, out September 25. The record also features an opening... Read More


King Chip - Protect Us ft. Bun B [Stream]

Veteran indie emcee and Kid CuDi collaborator King Chip has released the J Hill-produced Protect Us, an Auto-Tuned affair featuring Texas legend Bun B. Unattached to a larger body of work, it’s doubtful this selection... Read More


King Chip - Hittin These Licks ft. Compton Menace [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from King Chip, he was all By his Lonely, but since Hittin These Licks is a full-time job he’s teamed up with the Compton Menace on his latest loosie. LongLivePrince mans the boards, laying down a booming,... Read More


King Chip - By My Lonely [Stream]

Don’t let anyone try to convince you that Cleveland artists need help. It’s already well-known that Kid Cudi is Mr. Solo Dolo, and now we can confirm that his longtime collaborator, King Chip, is similarly... Read More


DEMRICK ft. Logic & King Chip - Skyscraper [Stream]

At this point, we’ve featured so many bangers off DEMRICK’s Battle Axe debut that, if you’re not excited, you may actually be in a coma. If there’s anything that can shake those still sleeping into consciousness,... Read More


OverDoz ft. King Chip & Childish Gambino - 7,000 Girls [Stream]

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain once famously (if implausibly) claimed to have 20,000 notches on his bedpost. Sleezy, Tube, Creem and Kent of West Coast rap crew OverDoz haven’t quite reached that echelon of... Read More


King Chip - Walking Home [Stream]

Fresh off the mid-September release of his latest full-length’s digital deluxe edition, King Chip steps into The DJBooth with a new single and standout cut off the set. On this record, the Cleveland spitter gives... Read More


Audio Push ft. Riff Raff & King Chip - Fwd Back [Stream & Download]

Audio Push first broke through in ‘09 with a record dedicated to the “jerkin’” craze. Their latest feature, part of the duo’s ongoing, untitled digital series, also has a dance step attached, but this... Read More


King Chip - Money & Fame [Stream]

Being showered with cash and attention can make you feel like a god—just ask Yeezy—but they can’t make up for a basic lack of integrity. Or, as King Chip puts it on his latest single, “Money & Fame won’t... Read More


King Chip - Lazy & Lucrative [Stream]

An underground rapper’s hustle is nothing to sneeze at, but let’s be real: there are harder jobs than speaking rhythmically into a microphone. Rather than pretending that the grind consumes his every waking... Read More


Casey Veggies & King Chip - Lipstick on the Blunt [Stream]

Good friends, quality weed, a couple dime pieces leaving Lipstick on the Blunt—what else could a buzzmaking rapper ask for in life? On their new joint single, part of a forthcoming compilation from DJ Emilio Sparks, West... Read More


GLC ft. King Chip & Chevy Woods - Holdin [Stream]

Earlier this week, on a Hassan Khaffaf-assisted single off his next full-length, GLC let the world know in no uncertain terms that he was still the Man. Before he held that title, however, the Chi-town repper was just another... Read More


Romero ft. King Chip & Tasia Mo’nay - Same Ol’ [Stream]

Sick of the Same Ol’, same ol’? You’ve come to the right place; despite what its title might suggest, beatsmith Romero Mosley‘s Booth debut ain’t the kind of sh*t you hear every day. This... Read More


Logic ft. King Chip - Two Kings [Stream]

Generally, monarchy involves a single ruler with broad executive powers, but who’s to say you can’t have Two Kings at once? On Logic‘s latest single, his first solo feature since the release of his... Read More


King Chip ft. Pusha T & Kid Cudi - Vortex [Stream]

As someone who listens to rap music on a daily basis, I’m more or less desensitized to awkward, creepy and/or bizarre pickup lines. At least I thought I was, until I heard Kid CuDi tell a woman, “I want to live in... Read More


King Chip - 44108 [Album]

King Chip, the artist formerly known as Chip tha Ripper, has released his latest street album, 44108. The 19-track project, titled after the zip code of his native Cleveland, Ohio, included previously-featured selections... Read More


King Chip ft. GLC & Chevy Woods - Fresh at My Funeral [Stream]

For King Chip, simply being fresh to death isn’t sufficient; he also wants to look maximally fly for his journey into the next world. On Fresh at My Funeral, the Cleveland representative makes a solemn request to homies... Read More


Eric Bellinger ft. Hit-Boy & King Chip - ASAP (Remix) [Stream & Download]

This glorious thing called the Internet has spoiled us. We now expect new music at the drop of a hat, even though the creative process takes time. After hearing Eric Bellinger’s last Booth feature, you probably wanted a... Read More


King Chip ft. Tezo - Heinous [Stream]

If “bad” means “good” in the rap lexicon, then “Heinous” must translate to “f**king dope.” That interpretation certainly seems to hold true with regard to King Chip‘s latest effort, a promo single... Read More


Tony Williams ft. Kanye West, King Chip & Freddie Gibbs - Another You (Remix) [Stream & Download]

On a single featured back in February of 2012, Tony Williams serenaded a woman who held a special place in his heart, assuring her, “There’ll never be Another You.” More than a year later, the G.O.O.D. Music R&B... Read More


Eric Bellinger ft. King Chip - Official [Stream & Download]

Some dudes are more than happy to be boyfriend #2, if that means they can get it in without the muss and fuss of an actual relationship. Not Eric Bellinger—on his latest promo single, the unsigned recording artist... Read More


King Chip - 7-8 Rings [Stream & Download]

You know you’ve made when you can’t remember exactly how much jewelry you copped on your last shopping spree. Take King Chip, whose latest haul consists of “‘bout 7-8 Rings.” Premiered late last week via... Read More


Kid Cudi ft. King Chip - Just What I Am [Stream]

Update: Click “Watch Video” above to view the Just What I Am video. Mobile users can scroll down. Late last month, Kid Cudi reappeared on hip-hop’s radar as he rode around with Hit-Boy in his Old School... Read More


King Chip x Boldy James x Two9 x Peechie Green x GoDreamer - Swisha [Stream]

Ever wondered what it would be like to pass a Swisha blunt around the circle with a few of the most promising up-and-comers in the rap game? Listen to the latest single off SMKA and The Flush‘s forthcoming A3C... Read More


King Chip - Ask a Baby [Stream & Download]

Want to know just how much King Chip (formerly known as “Chip Tha Ripper”) is buzzing? Simply drive down to your local hospital, bust into the maternity ward, grab an infant from the nursery and ask that freshly-minted... Read More


Travi$ Scott ft. King Chip - Old English [Stream & Download]

The common man would define having a “good month” as getting a raise at work or watching their favorite team win a championship. The common man’s “good month” isn’t necessarily a G.O.O.D. month, but we can all... Read More


King Chip - The Truth [Stream]

With a Soundcloud song description that reads, “The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” Cleveland rapper King Chip immediately gives listeners a heads up on the excessive truthfulness that is on... Read More


The O’My’s ft. Twista, Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper & Chance The Rapper - Bout A Dolla [Stream]

Who would have known that mere months after debuting on The Booth with Living Wrong, that The O’My’s would hit us with a record that boast a Who’s Who arsenal of Midwest spitters? Well, the self-proclaimed... Read More


Hit-Boy ft. ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Bun B - Busta Ass Ni**as [Stream & Download]

Those who have been following Hit-Boy‘s campaign to go from Ni**as in Paris producer to respected emcee already know that he can spit solo, but for standout selection Busta Ass Ni**as Hit-Boy decided to roll deep,... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper - Keep It So Real [Stream & Download]

A lot of rappers claim to keep it real, but only Chip Tha Ripper is truly dedicated to Keeping It So Real. For the Cleveland native’s latest release Chip snatches a beat from the increasingly popular Cardo that’s... Read More


Paypa ft. Chip Tha Ripper - Turned Up [Stream & Download]

Fresh off earning rave reader reviews for inaugural leak Tried to Tell ‘Em, Paypa is back with the follow-up, Turned Up. On this ambitious banger, Brian Keith‘s piano-led productoin bangs in the back as the... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper ft. Casey Veggies - The Jam [Stream & Download]

Chip Tha Ripper did two things on Monday that his fans may enjoy: he Tweeted that he declined an invitation to be on XXL’s Freshman Cover and he also dropped a new track. The Jam, featuring Casey Veggies, has a lot... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper - Out Here [Stream & Download]

Apart from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and LeBron, I admit I wasn’t too familiar with the city of Cleveland until the last few years. Bone Thugs made me realize that Cleveland existed, LeBron made me notice where it was located,... Read More


Tony Williams ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Fonzworth Bentley - Marsha Braidy [Stream & Download]

With his long-awaited debut studio album still lacking a drop date, Tony Williams is getting ready to tide fans over with a brand new mixtape release. Single numéro deux off the project, Marsha Braidy finds the G.O.O.D.... Read More


Far East Movement ft. KiD CuDi & Chip Tha Ripper - Ride 4 U [Stream]

When multiple upper-echelon talents come together “just for fun,” the results can be downright magical. I mean, they can also be f*cking terrible, but I’m happy to say that Ride 4 U, the newly (and prematurely)... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper ft. Eric Grant - Hold Me Down [Stream & Download]

Considering his last DJBooth feature, Chip Tha Ripper should have a full compliment of women – in fact an astounding 25 Wives – eager and waiting to cater to his ever need, but just in case his harem doesn’t come... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper ft. Wale - 25 Wives [Stream & Download]

I’ve been in this rap blogging game for a minute now and I thought I’d heard it all (after you’ve heard R. Kelly’s Sex Planet nothing shocks you), but I’d never heard an ode to polygamy…until today. Thanks Chip... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper ft. Like (of Pac Div) - Me Too [Stream & Download]

Ever wonder why Chip The Ripper hasn’t stepped into the Booth with a solo feature since way back in November 2009? Me Too. I don’t actually have an answer, but what I do have is even better: a fresh unreleased... Read More


The Cool Kids ft. Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper & Boldy James - Roll Call [Stream]

With their Green Label Sound-distributed debut album out today, The Cool Kids give fans one last taste of what to expect from the project with Roll Call. Last week’s pit stop at the Gas Station seemed to re-fuel the... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Whatzisface - Back Home [Stream]

UPDATE: “Back Home” is no longer available to stream. With baseball season right around the corner it seems Asher Roth is rounding into mid-season form quite nicely.  After offering up More Cowbell earlier... Read More


Pulled Over By the Cops ft. Nate Santos - Authority [Stream & Download]

When the meeting between Chip Tha Ripper, The Cool Kids and Freddie Gibbs first happened (on Oil Money), I’m positive they all decided the name for their supergroup should be something that aggravates everyone. Thus, Pulled... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Various Artists - Runnin’ My City [Stream]

Only rappers seem to feel the need to rep for their city; you never hear Jason Mraz throwing down for Mechanicsville, Virginia. But whatever the roots of this geographic hip-hop phenomenon, Mikkey Halsted’s here with a... Read More


Freddie Gibbs ft. Chuck Inglish, Chip tha Ripper, Bun B & Dan Auerbach - Oil Money [Stream]

I’m not going to front. When I first saw that Freddie Gibbs has released a new track titled Oil Money I was nervous. Could Gangster Gibbs have finally sold out and crafted some Arab Money-esque joint for the radio? ... Read More


Jadakiss ft. Nipsey Hu$$le, Mikey Rocks, Brisco, Uncle Murda & Chip Tha Ripper - I Am the Man [Stream]

This summer one of the biggest questions in the history of humanity will be answered. No, not “is there a god?” No, not “what is the meaning of life?” Of course I’m talking about “where will Lebron go?” While... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper ft. Curren$y & Big Sean - Fat Raps [Stream]

It’s almost impossible to listen to a Chip Tha Ripper track and not be immediately reminded of Kid Cudi. Chip’s deep voice aside, both have their own unique sound, both rap about clothes, weed and girls, and, perhaps not... Read More


Chip Tha Ripper - Movie [Stream]

The first time I checked out Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (in 8th grade), I was inspired. I tried to do crazy ridiculous ish every day after that, all while doing my best to smooth talk my way out of any trouble. While that... Read More