New Chris Faust Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Chris Faust ft. Cocoa Sarai - All Day, All Day [Stream]

In honor of Valentine’s Day, New York City rhymesayer Chris Faust has stepped into the Booth with the world premiere of a brand new promo single. On this smooth, tuneful cut, the Black Manta auteur assures a lucky girl... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Donwill - Black Manta [Stream]

Since the 2012 lauch of his VILLAIN trilogy, Chris Faust has been keeping listeners entertained with tales of his diabolical schemes. According to narrative conventions, Issue Three of Three should feature the NYC... Read More


Chris Faust - 54 to Barclays [Stream]

If you were to ask Chris Faust what he wanted out of life, he’d respond without hesitation, “More.” More what? More money, more women, more money, more clothes, more shows, more everything. Though 54 to Barclays,... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Sunny Jones & ScienZe - Prom Queen [Stream]

Of all the legendary songs Tupac released, I think Do For Love is my personal number one, which is why I have a soft spot for Chris Faust’s latest single, Prom Queen. Towards the end of the song, guest Sunny Jones quotes a... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Maffew Ragazino & Kris Kasanova - The Hellfire Club [Stream & Download]

As numerous superhero sagas have taught us, a proper sequel requires at least one added villain. On the inaugural leak off installment number two in his ongoing mixtape series, Chris Faust goes above and beyond the call of... Read More


Chris Faust - Villain: Issue One of Three [Album]

Brooklyn emcee Chris Faust has stepped into The DJBooth with his latest street release, Villain: Issue One of Three. The inaugural entry in a LP trilogy, the project features 13 original records from the up-and-coming... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Mike Maven - Inception [Stream]

If you think about it, every rap record is a kind of Inception, in which ear-pleasing beats and smooth flows provide the distraction a rhymesayer needs in order to implant his or her ideas directly in the depths of the... Read More


Sunny Jones ft. Chris Faust - Get Off It… (The Office) [Stream & Download]

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: when it comes to the music game, not all that glitters is gold. On Sunny Jones’ latest single release, Get Off It (The Office), 2 Thumbs Up craft a minimalistic... Read More


Chris Faust - The Daily Bugle [Stream & Download]

Superheroes get all the love but, if you ask Chris Faust, villainhood is where it’s at. On The Daily Bugle, leak numero uno off his forthcoming full-length, the Big Apple representative makes a convincing case for being... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Mickey Factz - Me Vs. The Machine (FAUSTMIX) [Stream & Download]

When you’re battling something as big as the music industry, you need all the help you can get—and you could hardly ask for a more formidable ally than Mickey Factz. On this newly-released remix of Chris... Read More


Chris Faust Unleashes “FAUST” LP for Free Download [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Brooklyn buzzmaker Chris Faust has unleashed his latest street album, the FAUST LP, for streaming and download in the Booth. Featuring 17 tracks' worth of new material, plus guest appearances by Outasight,... Read More


Chris Faust - FAUST LP [Album]

Songwriter and emcee Chris Faust has hooked up with and to bring fans his latest street release, the FAUST LP. The project features 17 fresh cuts from the underground up-and-comer, including... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Rocki Evans - As You Like It [Stream & Download]

Next week, Chris Faust will be hooking up with DJBooth to drop his latest street album. Today, the Brooklyn native drops off the final leak off the project, a pensive cut by the Shakespearean title of As You Like It. Here, a... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Mike Maven & 6th Sense - So Long [Stream & Download]

Don’t worry, Chris Faust fans – the Brooklyn up-and-comer isn’t saying “Au revoir” just when he’s started to get a serious buzz going for his forthcoming, 2DopeBoyz/ mixtape. In... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Sunny Jones - Maybe Now Begins [Stream & Download]

If Chris Faust’s latest leak is an indicator of what can be expected on his upcoming project FAUST, then May 17 Is going to be a great day. On Maybe Now Begins, over a dirty kick-snare pattern and colorful electric guitar... Read More


Chris Faust - Just Some Scattered Thoughts [Stream & Download]

On any given day my mind changes more times than Kanye’s personality (in other words, a sh** ton). Between school, work, and the rest of life’s troubles, it feels like my brain is nothing but Just Some Scattered Thoughts.... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Capri & Carras Paton - Good Days, Good Nights [Stream & Download]

As Ice Cube so famously laid out, there’s nothing quite as good as a good day, unless of course it’s a good night. Did that make any sense? The point is, deeply creative Brooklyn emcee Chris Faust is here with a new... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Outasight - Looking Back [Stream]

First impressions are important, but they can also be very deceiving – and that goes double when the individual being sized up is as versatile as Chris Faust. In stark contrast to the Brooklyn hopeful’s Booth debut,... Read More

P.SO ft. Chris Faust - Mind Over Matter [Stream]

I am what I eat, and I eat what I love, so… I guess that right now I’m an auto-cannibalistic bowl of cereal with high self-esteem? Huh. The opening lines of P.SO‘s Booth debut may be difficult to wrap... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Cocoa Sarai - The Book of Faust [Stream]

In a German legend famously reinterpreted in plays by Christopher Marlowe and Goethe, a man named Faust makes a pact with the devil in order to satisfy his hunger for earthly knowledge. Now, I’m definitely not implying... Read More