New Chrishan Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Chrishan - Too Late [Stream]

Despite the title, I swear it’s not Too Late to hear the latest offering from Chrishan. The Twin Cities R&B buzzmaker flexes both his singing and production chops here, crooning over his own bubbling, blunted... Read More


Chrishan - What It Is [Stream]

A whopping two years after commanding rivals to STFU on his last Booth feature, Twin Cities R&B buzzmaker Chrishan is finally back on our front page with a fresh record. New single What It Is finds the budding singer and... Read More


Chrishan ft. TryBishop - STFU [Stream]

Chrishan may come from the R&B side of the urban-music divide, but call him “soft” and he’ll tear your damn head off. On new single STFU, the Hit Republic crooner silences the competition in tough yet... Read More


Chrishan ft. J Watts - Red Jeans [Stream]

Despite being one of the more positively-reviewed R&B singers on (see Late 4 Us, I Wish, and Girlfriend), Chrishan, for some unfathomable reason, remains unsigned to this day.  For his new single (and... Read More


Chrishan - Girlfriend [Stream]

If I was a betting man and the record industry was a big roulette wheel, I would put all my chips on Chrishan. There is no way in hell that he’s not going blow up by the end of the year; the kid is like Chris Brown 2.0. Not... Read More


Chrishan - I Wish [Stream]

18-year-old Chrishan Dotson is the kind of person that makes you seriously contemplate what the hell you’ve been doing for the first 21 years of your life. The Toledo native is barely of legal voting age, but it’s clear... Read More


Chrishan - Late 4 Us [Stream]

Numerous industry heads have said Chrishan is the “future of R&B.”  Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, but currently representing both Atlanta and Minneapolis, the R&B singer got his start in the music... Read More