New Christian Deshun Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Christian Deshun - DemandTheArt EP [Album]

Shreveport-born, LA-based rapper Christian Deshun returns today with his latest EP, DemandTheArt, a project recorded entirely by Deshun on his iPod Touch while working his at his normal 9-5. "Living in Los Angeles, recording... Read More


Christian Deshun - Undisclosed. [Stream]

Some things are better off Undisclosed., which turns out not to be the case at all for Christian Deshun‘s freshly minted video single, directed by Mo El Bahrawi. The Louisiana native recently relocated to Los Angeles,... Read More


Minty Burns ft. Christian’Dee - Higher Grounds [Stream]

As an up-and-coming rapper striving to carve out his niche in the hip-hop game, Minty Burns isn’t exactly in a position to settle down just yet. Lately, though, his girl’s been trying to take over his life, as... Read More


Christian Deshun - Right [Stream]

Ever since September, when the Shreveport, L.A. native earned rave reviews for unreleased cut Thurzdey, fans have undoubtedly been wondering when they’d get to enjoy another fresh record from Christian Deshun. Well, how... Read More


Christian’Dee - Thurzdey [Stream]

I know it’s almost the weekend, so your mind is on Saturday and Sunday, but do me a favor and keep Thurzdey in your thoughts as well. It’s not as if you’ll be able to forget Christian’Dee’s latest... Read More


Christian’Dee - SHVPXRT [Album]

NWLA spitter Christian'Dee has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, the SHVPXRT. Described by the artist himself as "smooth, chill and thinkworthy," the project comprises 16 original cuts... Read More


Christian’Dee ft. Brynn Taylor - Cali’ Dreamin [Stream & Download]

Christian’Dee may reside in the state of Lousiana, but that hasn’t stopped the Cajun spitter from Cali’ Dreamin on his newest DJBooth feature. On the record the growing DJBooth fave raps, “Louisiana... Read More


Christian’Dee ft. Angel Haze - Yo!MTVRaps II [Stream & Download]

If the cancellation of Yo!MTVRaps were a human being, he or she would be old enough to drive—as of this past August, the seminal program’s been off the air for 17 years. (Not that any self-respecting hip-hop fan would... Read More


Christian’Dee - Society’s Lullaby [Stream & Download]

Whether we’re talking skin color, sex or economic class, often-superficial differences between individuals carry expectations that are far from insignificant. For those who fall into one or more underprivileged... Read More


Christian’Dee - Nxnchalxnt [Stream]

Christian’Dee‘s new video, making its world premiere right now on The DJBooth, may be titled Nxnchalxnt, but don’t let the title decieve you; while the Shreveport, LA rhymesayer may have a nonchalant flow,... Read More


Christian’Dee ft. Angel Haze - H.H.I.D.S [Stream & Download]

Christian’Dee may be new to our pages, but his Booth debut should sound mighty familiar to veteran hip-hop heads. Freshly-released buzz record H.H.I.D.S. finds the Los Angeles rhymesayer doing double duty on the mic and... Read More