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10 West Coast Rappers Carrying California’s Underground Torch [Feature ]

Who is the first artist that pops into your head when you hear the phrase, “West Coast hip-hop”? For the 25 and younger crowd, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator, ScHoolboy Q, YG and Vince Staples probably come... Read More


Why Word of Mouth Still Matters Most in Music’s Algorithm Age [Feature ]

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool" - Philip Seymour, 'Almost Famous' I can still vaguely recall how my excitement for J.... Read More


JR & PH7 x Chuuwee - Florin Light Rail [Stream]

If you haven’t checked out JR & PH7 and Chuuwee‘s The South Sac Mack project yet, what are you waiting for? If you needed just a little more convincing, today we have the music video, directed by Max... Read More


JR & PH7 x Chuuwee - Meadowview Morning ft. Bueno & Sean LaMarr [Stream]

Hopefully you were lucky enough to catch our exclusive premiere stream of JR & PH7 x Chuuwee‘s collaborative album The South Sac Mack yesterday, but if not, you are still in luck. The album was officially released... Read More


JR & PH7 x Chuuwee - The South Sac Mack [Album]

Reader favorite and DJBooth Freestyle Series alum Chuuwee has linked up with German production duo JR & PH7 for the release of new collaborative album, The South Sac Mack. With many of the tracks named after Sacramento... Read More


Trizz x Chuuwee - Time [Stream & Download]

It’s been some Time—nearly a year, in fact—since Trizz and Chuuwee unleashed their last joint mixtape but, as we all know, dope music doesn’t have an expiration date. The release of Aerocinepros!‘s... Read More


C Plus ft. Chuuwee & Mani Coolin’ - The Jhene Joint [Stream]

Today, Jhené Aiko‘s Def Jam debut album, Souled Out, made its highly-anticipated landing on record store shelves. No one was more excited to cop the project than Sacramento rhymesayer C Plus, who’s celebrating... Read More


C Plus ft. The Kid Daytona & Chuwee - Who Got Ya? [Stream]

It’s halfway through August, and I still haven’t nailed down a summer romance. Sacramento spitter C Plus, on the other hand, has it in the bag. On new promo single Who Got Ya?, his first feature since Ski Beatz... Read More


Chuuwee - Friends [Stream]

When you begin to experience success, determining who your real Friends are is of paramount importance. On the lead single off his forthcoming EP, Chuuwee struggles to do just that. Over a pensive, tension-fraught synth beat... Read More


Chuuwee ft. Maryann - Crack the Windows [Stream]

As evidenced by his DJBooth Freestyle Series entry, JFK, Chuuwee can easily spit off the dome. Though Crack the Windows, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, is not a freestyle (unless he is actually rapping in the video), the... Read More


Chuuwee - JFK [Stream]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More


Chuuwee x Trizz - F**kin’ Great [Stream]

I love it when rappers do my job for me. The latest single from Chuuwee and Trizz is titled F**kin’ Great and, sure enough, that’s exactly the adjectival phrase I’d use to describe the record. Of course,... Read More


Chuuwee x Grande Marshall - I Know The Game [Stream]

Lately, it appears as though Booth regular Chuuwee has been playing well with others. His last few Booth feature spots, including an LP with Shae Money (The Great GatZby) have all included a collaborative partner. On I Know... Read More


Chuuwee x Trizz - By My Lonesome [Stream]

Being alone is no fun, but now, thanks to Chuuwee and Booth newcomer Trizz, I never have to be By My Lonesome again. Instead, I will always have their unique, smoky collaborative cut to keep me company. One listen to the lead... Read More


Shae Money & Chuuwee - The Great GatZby [Album]

Denver rapper/producer Shae Money and Sacramento emcee Chuuwee, together known as SMC, have joined forces with The DJBooth to bring listeners their debut collaborative street release, The Great GatZby. The project packs 16... Read More


SMC (Shae Money x Chuuwee) ft. Planet Asia - Lit… Loaded… Lost… [Stream]

In this world, there are just three things you can truly count on: death, taxes, and Chuuwee blowing the most dro. Single numéro trois (and world premiere numéro deux) off his forthcoming collaborative set with Shae Money,... Read More


Shae Money x Chuuwee ft. Robb Peezy - What It’s Hittin Foe? [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for Treacherous Lands, the Ruste Juxx/Sean Price-assisted lead single off their collaborative debut album, Sacramento spitter Chuuwee and buzzmaking rapper/producer Shae Money return... Read More


Chuuwee x Shae Money ft. Sean Price & Ruste Juxx - Treacherous Lands [Stream]

When you’re journeying through Treacherous Lands, it’s never a bad idea to have someone watching your back. That’s why, for his next project, Chuuwee‘s forged a collaborative partnership with... Read More


Chuuwee - Kamikaze [Stream]

The title of Chuuwee‘s latest single may be Japanese for “suicide attack,” but don’t worry; self-destruction isn’t on the Booth fave’s agenda. On the contrary, the Sacramento representative intends... Read More


Chuuwee - Thrill [Album]

Sacramento buzzmaker Chuuwee is offering up his latest digital full-length, Thrill, for free streaming and download at The DJBooth. The artist's first release since October 2012's Wild Style, the Read More


Chuuwee - K.i.L.L People [Stream]

Upon reading the title of Chuuwee‘s latest mixtape single, K.i.L.L. People, the first word’s acronym-esque appearance led me to expect that there was some kind of double-meaning involved, and that the record would... Read More


Chuuwee - Basquiat & Rocko [Stream & Download]

You know, Chuuwee is a lot like a Transformer. Not because he’s a robot (although he produces quality music like a machine) but because there is more to him than meets the eye. Take Basquiat & Rocko for example.... Read More


Chuuwee - Changed [Stream]

Whenever a rapper makes it big, it is inevitable that those who knew them back in the day will say that they’ve become a different person. Chuuwee flips the script on his latest effort; he has stayed the same, while the... Read More


Consequence ft. Chuuwee & Killer Mike - Scared of Commitment [Stream]

If there’s one thing we can count on from Consequence, it’s honesty. On his latest free offering Scared of Commitment, the second installment in his new ConsTV Tuesdays series, he’s leveling with listeners.... Read More


Chuuwee ft. Stevie Crooks & Gibby - Minds that Collide [Stream & Download]

Normally, unless you have a slightly twisted sense of entertainment, people skip right over shows like Worlds Wildest Police Chases because you inevitably know that the chase will end in a horrifically violent crash. Those... Read More


Chuuwee - Float [Stream & Download]

To qualify as a true baller, it’s not sufficient simply to succeed—you’ve got to piss off the haters by making it look like the easiest thing in the world. Here to show you how it’s done is Chuuwee, whose... Read More


Chuuwee - 40oz & 40 Sacs/Beastie Boy [Stream]

At first listen it may be hard to believe that Sacramento spitter Chuuwee is a 21-year-old rapper making noise in the year 2012 because his rhymes certainly sound like they’re fresh out of a 90’s hip-hop time... Read More


Levi Watson ft. Chuuwee - Triple Helix [Stream & Download]

While listening to Levi Watson‘s first Booth feature, the reader-acclaimed West, did you get the feeling that he might be a little more highly-evolved than the rest of us? On his follow-up EP single, a Booth-exclusive... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Chuuwee - Resonate [Stream & Download]

Suffering from stress? The Audible Doctor‘s got the cure for what ails you. On this freshly-released EP cut, the artist’s first feature since April’s Success (Part 1), the Brown Bag All Stars-affiliated... Read More


Chuuwee ft. Dutch Rebelle - B.Y.O.Weed [Stream]

You can have lungs the size of a small European country, but if you don’t have a connect, you don’t have anything. Here to speak on the hardships of living through a marijuana drought is Cali-representative... Read More


Chuuwee - Rock the Party [Stream & Download]

Looking for a little something to soundtrack your next rager? You’re in luck; Sacramento spitter Chuuwee has come “to Rock the Party right on time.” on the latest single off his official freshman set. Here,... Read More


J.Good ft. Chuuwee - Chomsky’s Lecture [Stream & Download]

Probably the most famous living intellectual in America today, eminent political commentator and linguist Noam Chomsky receives a little love from rap buzzmaker J. Good on new single Chomsky’s Lecture. Here, a sampled... Read More


Chuuwee - Glorious Revolution [Stream]

The downside of overthrowing the current regime and installing yourself as king is that there will inevitably be those scheming to do the same to you. On new mixtape single Glorious Revolution, released along with visuals by... Read More


Chuuwee - The Crown Don’t Make You King [Stream]

Having taken aim at hip-hop figureheads on his DJBooth-sponsored Watching the Throne tape, Chuuwee returns to the theme of idol-smashing on mixtape leak The Crown Don’t Make You King. Here, Audible Doctor crafts a... Read More


Bueno ft. Chuuwee & C-Plus - Raindrops [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Bueno’s “Raindrops” video. Absent form the Booth since dropping off the reader-approved Unstoppable this past May, Bueno makes his long-awaited return... Read More


Chuuwee - Lottery Ticket [Stream & Download]

With his studio debut on the horizon, Chuuwee is preparing to serve up a plate of musical hors d’oeuvres in the form of prelude mixtape Crown Me King. The latest leak off the latter project, Lottery Ticket finds The... Read More


Chuuwee - Watching The Throne (Through Rifle & Scope) [Video]

Kanye and Jay can’t easy at the top, not with Cali representer Chuuwee Watching the Throne, and through a Rifle & Scope nonetheless. For more dopeness from Chuuwee be sure to cop his Watching the Throne album,... Read More


Chuuwee & Sundown ft. Thee Tom Hardy - Attacking The Clones [Stream & Download]

Fresh off last week’s release of their DJBooth-sponsored collaborative street album, Sacramento emcee Chuuwee and Raleigh rapper/producer Sundown return to our pages with a newly-leaked standout cut off the project. On... Read More


Chuuwee x Sundown of Actual Proof - The Millennium Falcon (Episode 1) [Album]

Sacramento emcee Chuuwee and Raleigh rapper/producer Sundown (of Actual Proof) have joined forces with The DJBooth and The NQM to bring fans their collaborative mixtape debut, The Millennium Falcon. Recorded over the course... Read More


Chuuwee x Sundown ft. Drique London & Carbin - Carbonite [Stream & Download]

While Sacramento’s Chuuwee and North Carolina native Sundown (of Actual Proof) live on opposite sites of the country, their mutual love for the Star Wars films has brought them together as collaborators. Carbonite, the... Read More


J.Good ft. Keno & Chuuwee - Le Nouveau Monde (Ordre) [Stream & Download]

When it comes to hip-hop, Cali’s capital city has traditionally been overshadowed by the City of Angels. Times, however, are a’changing. On J.Good‘s latest mixtape single, the buzzmaking emcee teams up with... Read More


Chuuwee x Mean Doe Green - Keep It Real (On the Real) [Stream & Download]

Still riding high off the wave of acclaim he received for Booth-sponsored tape Watching the Throne, Chuuwee returns with a freshly-leaked cut off his next project. Keep It Real (On the Real) finds the emcee trading... Read More


Chuuwee - Reign (Long Live the King) [Video]

Sacramento spitter Chuuwee issues a declaration of hip-hop royalty with his new video Reign (Long Live the King). To stream and directly download Chuuwee’s new album, Watching the Throne, click here. Produced by ENG. Read More


Chuuwee Offers “Watching the Throne” EP for Streaming & Download via The DJBooth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Sacramento emcee Chuuwee is offering up his latest street release, concept mixtape Watching the Throne, for streaming and download via The DJBooth. Featuring 20 original cuts from the buzzmaking emcee, plus... Read More


Chuuwee - Watching the Throne [Album]

Sacramento representative Chuuwee has joined forces with The DJBooth, Amalgam Digital and Fly Society to bring fans his latest street release, the Watching the Throne free album. A concept album following the reign and fall... Read More


Rufio ft. Chuuwee - Kind Love (Sac) [Stream & Download]

Compared to its siblings Los Angeles and San Francisco, Sacramento doesn’t get a whole lot of love in the rap game. Beatsmith Rufio sets out to rectify that situation with his latest single and first Booth feature,... Read More


Chuuwee ft. Sean Boog (of The Away Team) - Re-Siege The Throne [Stream & Download]

Not satisfied with simply sitting back and watching rap’s reigning Goliaths enjoy their position of power, Chuuwee has come to Re-Siege the Throne and take his rightful place at the top. On the latest single off his... Read More


Chuuwee - Joe Jackson (A Tyrants Rage) [Stream & Download]

Though his methods were controversial to say the least, Joe Jackson succeeded into molding his clan into one of the finest soul ensembles of all time, indirectly producing many of the greatest tunes ever unleashed upon the... Read More


C Plus ft. Chuuwee & Illecism - Checkmate [Stream]

Making his DJBooth solo debut is Sacramento native and up and coming emcee C Plus with his latest single, Checkmate. On Checkmate, the 22-year-old emcee brings along Chase Moore and Hippie Sabotage for the production, who... Read More


Chuuwee - What’s The Word [Stream & Download]

As a member of the DJBooth, it’s quite a feeling to know that a collective body of friends and audiophiles can have an appreciation for the not-yet-discovered. The underground, fresh, upcoming emcees are more valued than... Read More