New Coby Obi Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Cobe Obeah - Roseshaw Magic [Stream]

Contrary to what popular music suggests, making it rain at the strip club is more likely to empty out your bank account than convince a dancer to go home with you. A better strategy? Be Cobe Obeah. As the L.A. rapper and... Read More


Cobe Obeah ft. Nneka - True Colors [Stream]

Update: The Ifeanyi Njoku-directed visuals for Cobe’s True Colors single has been added. To the unwary observer, Cobe Obeah looks like a talented, thoughtful rhymesayer with an eclectic style. Today, however, the Cali... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Heru Story [Stream]

Cobe Obeah‘s been quiet since December of 2013, when he enjoyed some delicious strawberries on reader-approved single The Hunger. Fresh off his miniature hiatus, the L.A. rapper, songwriter and producer has a new... Read More


Cobe Obeah - The Hunger (strawberries) [Stream]

Lately, Cobe Obeah‘s been feeling The Hunger. What exactly is he craving, you ask? Some delicious strawberries. (You were expecting me to say “dope beats” or “sucker emcees,” right?) Fruit may be on the West... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Come Alive in August [Stream]

Damn, it’s already July? Just yesterday it felt like summer was beginning, and now fall is on the distant horizon. While most of us have been enjoying the nice weather and BBQs for two months, some, like Cobe Obeah, still... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Isis Taylor [Stream & Download]

For those of you who somehow missed Bomb A** White Booty 13 or the Oscar-nominated Naughty Office 17, you’re probably unfamiliar with porn actress Isis Taylor. No worries, emcee Cobe Obeah will help you become familiar... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Dark Night [Video]

Cobe Obeah unleashes a cinematic and suspenseful set of visuals for his new video Dark Night. Keep it locked for more from Obeah as he works on completing his Song of the Starz 2: Dark Night album. Directed by Matt Genesis/ Read More


Cobe Obeah - My Sickness [Stream & Download]

It’s been more than a year since Cobe Obeah graced our pages for the first time, hooking listeners with his flow and reeling them in with his message. His latest project, a sequel to his Song of the Starz mixtape, has been... Read More


Cobe Obeah - The Night Ride [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the reader-acclaimed, Florence & the Machine-inspired Dark Night, Cobe Obeah returns with another nocturnally-themed banger. Here, the moody synth stylings of Coast Productions set the stage for witty yet... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Dark Night [Stream & Download]

If Adele was the new Imogen Heap, could Florence Welch (of “and the Machine” fame) be the new Adele? After a listen to Cobe Obeah‘s latest single, I’m thinking she’s a prime candidate for hip-hop’s... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Witchdoctor [Stream & Download]

Not seen in the Booth since he dropped entry #161 in our Exclusive Freestyle Series back in April of 2010, Los Angeles repper Cobe Obeah returns to our pages with a freshly-leaked cut off his forthcoming street album. On... Read More


Cobe Obeah - 360 Degrees [Stream & Download]

The 161st entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Cobe Obeah, the Los Angeles native who recently earned reader acclaim for mixtape track Director’s Cut. On his brand new, exclusive 360 Degrees... Read More


Cobe Obeah Spits “360 Degrees” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Cobe Obeah, the Los Angeles native who recently earned reader acclaim for mixtape track Director's Cut, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 161st entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Director’s Cut [Stream]

Do you ever just zone out? You know, just sit back and relax as your mind drifts. If so, then you probably know that there is music specifically built for these “zone-out” moments. After a few thorough listens and a quick... Read More


Cobe Obeah - Song of the Starz [Premiere] [Stream]

Born to Nigerian parents living in Inglewood, California, Booth newcomer Cobe Obeah was raised on a musical diet of Fela Kuti, Sunny Ade, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson, in addition to traditional African tunes.... Read More