New KXNG CROOKED Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Statik KXNG (Statik Selektah x KXNG CROOKED) - Statik KXNG [Album]

Underground mainstays Statik Selelktah and KXNG CROOKED have joined forces to form the new super-duo Statik KXNG, which is also the title of their new self-titled album, released through Penalty Ent. and Showoff Records. The... Read More


KXNG Crooked - God Bless Dope Rappers ft. Noah King [Stream]

Slaughterhouse emcee KXNG Crooked has released God Bless Dope Rappers, the first single off Seven13 Music‘s forthcoming compilation album, due out this November. The record, which is produced by Spokewheel, features... Read More


Rittz - LAF (Remix) ft. Yelawolf, Royce Da 5’9” & KXNG CROOKED [Stream]

What happens when Strange Music, Slumerican, Shady and Slaughterhouse get together? Oh, just a remixed version of Rittz’ LAF, a Matic Lee-produced single off his 2014 album Next to Nothing, which now features guest... Read More


Truth Ali - Lost In Paradise II ft. Royce Da 5’9” & KXNG CROOKED [Stream]

Truth Ali makes his debut Booth feature today, but brings along a couple familiar names for the effort. Flanked by Slaughterhouse crewmates Royce Da 5’9” and KXNG CROOKED on Lost In Paradise II, the San... Read More


KXNG CROOKED, One-2 & K-Young - This Is The Life [Stream & Download]

In advance of the May 12 release date for Treacherous C.O.B‘s upcoming compilation, Mint Room 2, to be premiered by The DJBooth and the good folks of 2DopeBoyz, we have one final leak from the project featuring a few... Read More


KXNG CROOKED & Bridge - Mr. I Don’t Give a F*€k [Stream]

Treacherous C.O.B is gearing up for the release of the follow-up to their 2012 compilation, The Mint Room, and today we have the world premiere of the project’s first single, Mr. I Don’t Give a F*€k. The indie... Read More


DJ EFN ft. Killer Mike, Webbz & KXNG CROOKED - If U Run [Stream]

DJ EFN‘s last feature, July 2014’s Hood Banger, was an “[ode] to the mixtape freestyle.” Though its raw, grimy feel won the record positive reviews from our readers, I have a feeling listeners will appreciate... Read More


Emanny ft. Crooked I - Work on Me (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Originally released last fall as part of Emanny‘s Songs About HER. 2 LP, Work on Me has now received the official remix treatment. This rendition of the smooth, Karon Graham-produced jam boasts an added guest 16 from... Read More


KXNG CROOKED - Sex, Money & Hip-Hop [Album]

Over a week ago KXNG CROOKED (aka Crooked I) tried a radical experiment with his new album, Sex, Money & Hip-Hop. Could he still put music out the old-fashioned way? Could he keep the album off the internet entirely - no... Read More


Contest Closed: Win a Copy of Crooked I’s “Sex, Money & Hip-Hop” (Plus Shirts!) [Feature ]

Earlier this week, we ran an in-depth profile on Crooked I and his new Sex, Money & Hip-Hop album, an album that isn't available on the internet, at all, only in physical form. It's Crooked's attempt to bring... Read More


Indie Savage: Crooked I Gets Physical With “Sex, Money & Hip-Hop” [Feature ]

There's this thing called the internet, you may have heard of it. It's fundamentally changed how we communicate with people and navigate the world and shop and get our news and read and, of course, how we... Read More


KXNG CROOKED - Freestylin’ Under Oath [Stream & Download]

Some days, I wonder why rappers are so quick to confuse their fans by cavalierly adopting new stage names. This is one of those days, thanks to Long Beach vet Crooked I—sorry, KXNG CROOKED. At the same time, I can’t... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Crooked I & Novel - Devil In My Room [Stream]

If you know Joe Budden‘s music, you know his best songs are lengthy and personal. Which leads us to Devil In My Room, the latest song release in his now weekly #SomeLove series, which is slightly over 7 minutes long and... Read More


Joell Ortiz ft. Royce Da 59, Joe Budden & Crooked I - Brothers Keeper [Stream]

In Genesis 4.9, Cain, after murdering his brethren Abel, asked the Lord if he was his “Brother’s Keeper”? This isn’t a question you need to ask Joell Ortiz about his brothers in music. Just two short... Read More


Mark Morrison ft. Crooked I, Erene & Devlin - 2omorrow [Stream]

Back in 2012, Mark “The Mack” Morrison made his return to the game with IAmWhatIAm, his first official single since 2006… or so we thought. Turns out that cut, like the smattering of street singles that followed,... Read More


Crooked I - Struggle [Stream]

Crooked I may be the man today, but that wasn’t always the case. It took the Long Beach representative many long years of Struggle to achieve financial security much less carve out a niche in the music game. On a... Read More


Canibus ft. Crooked I, Nino Graye & Flawless the MC - Wreck Room [Stream]

Canibus feels so at home in the recording booth that he’s given it a nickname: the Wreck Room. If you doubt the appropriateness of that moniker, just take a listen to the underground vet’s latest single, which... Read More


Passport Gift ft. Crooked I, Skyzoo & Tito Lopez - Turn ‘Em On [Stream & Download]

You can guess a lot about a rhymesayer from the company he keeps. For example, a glance at the feature lineup on Passport Gift‘s Booth debut suggests that the Bronx repper is an aggressive, no-nonsense spitter with a... Read More


Crooked I ft. Snow Tha Product - Not for the Weak Minded [Stream]

Listening to Crooked I is little like having your grey matter pummeled by a heavyweight boxer with gloves made of sheer lyrical excellence. In other words, it’s definitely Not for the Weak Minded. Those of y’all... Read More


Crooked I - Beautiful Murder [Stream]

I’ve seen enough episodes of Dexter to know that murder is always ugly. Unless, of course, you are talking about a rapper killing a beat the way Crooked I slaughters his latest effort; then it is a Beautiful Murder. The... Read More


Crooked I - Against All Odds [Stream]

In an industry as crowded and cutthroat as the hip-hop game, it’s a minor miracle when a talented underground emcee is able to carve out a profitable niche without compromising his or her vision. On his latest promo... Read More


Ca$his ft. Crooked I, Mistah FAB, Roccett & Goldie Gold - Imma Hustla (West Coast Remix) [Stream]

Ca$his may have been born and raised in the Midwest, but he has mad love for the Golden State, and the talented emcees who call it home. On this freshly-released remix of summer mixtape single Imma Hustler, making its world... Read More


Crooked I ft. Tena Jones - Nobody Cares [Stream]

There’s nothing easier than averting your gaze when somebody accosts you on the street or in the subway, asking for change—I’ve done it myself,  more times than I’d care to admit. On new single Nobody... Read More


Crooked I - No Sleep Gang [Stream]

When it comes to shut-eye, Crooked I‘s mantra is “F**k sleep, get that that money.” Needless to say, when selecting his clique, he seeks out individuals who share his priorities. On a fresh single off his studio... Read More


Mark Morrison ft. Crooked I & Shonie - N.A.N.G. 2.0 [Stream]

Early last year, Mark “The Mack” Morrison unleashed a snippet of N.A.N.G. (N**ga Ain’t No Good), a prospective single which found the UK singer urging women to walk away from abusive relationships. While that... Read More


Crooked I - Apex Predator [Album]

Long Beach veteran Crooked I has unleashed his debut studio album, Apex Predator. His first solo project since 2012's Psalm 82:V6 mixtape, the LP packs 11 tracks worth of new material from the Slaughterhouse lyricist,... Read More


Crooked I - YODO [Stream]

Since Drizzy popularized “YOLO” last summer, countless rappers have weighed in on the ubiquitous Motto. Less attention has been paid to its logically necessary corollary, YODO. On the follow-up to album lead single No... Read More


Mark Morrison ft. Crooked I - IAmWhatIAm (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Though 2010 saw Mark Morrison drop by the Booth with the dancehall-flavored Father Forgive Them, 2012’s non-featured IAmWhatIAm marked the English R&B vet’s first proper single since ‘06’s Innocent... Read More


Crooked I - Minority Report [Stream & Download]

Racism ain’t just something that happens in small towns the deep South—it’s also alive and well in the most prosperous urban enclaves of the upper class. Don’t believe me? Try walking into a store on Rodeo... Read More


Nino Bless ft. Cambatta, Styles P & Crooked I - The Watchmen [Stream & Download]

In his Satires, the Roman poet Juvenal posed the question, “Who watches The Watchmen?” (You may remember the quote from Alan Moore’s graphic novel, or its ‘09 cinematic adaptation.) Nearly two milennia later,... Read More


Crooked I ft. K-Young - Praise God [Stream]

After the sh*t Crooked I‘s been through—from the deaths of friends and loved ones, to a 2009 attempt on his life, all the way down to the false starts and frustrations that plagued him in his early career—you might... Read More


Slaughterhouse - Truth or Truth [Stream & Download]

Although Hip-Hop supergroup Slaughterhouse are gearing up for the release of their welcome to: OUR HOUSE album, the group has still managed to drop off a new record from their forthcoming On The House mixtape. Titled Truth Or... Read More


Treacherous Records ft. Crooked I & Brevi - Dancin’ On Your Grave [Stream & Download]

While dancin’ on ones grave may not sound like the most pleasant of activities, Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I and vocalist Brevi seem to make Dancin’ On Your Grave quite an audible enjoyment on the latest... Read More


Crooked I Pslam - 82:V6 [Album]

West Coast veteran and Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I has released his brand new mixtape, Pslam 82:V6. The LA Leakers-hosted tape features several Booth-approved cuts, including “Never Forget,”... Read More


Crooked I ft. Eddy Fontane - Never Forget [Stream & Download]

For some rappers, keeping it one-hundred is a daily struggle. Crooked I, however, is to realness as a mic-rocking fish is to water. Tortured analogies aside, the Long Beach representative is Never gonna Forget where he came... Read More


Crooked I - Nikki [Stream & Download]

An ‘84 electro-funk classic off Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack, Darling Nikki receives a sinister makeover on Nikki, the latest leak off Crooked I‘s forthcoming mixtape. Here, Tito Ali‘s street-ready... Read More


1982 ft. Freddie Gibbs & Crooked I - Make It Out Alive [Stream]

For every rapper who escapes the ‘hood and weathers the game’s slings and arrows to achieve hip-hop legendhood, hundreds of hungry hopefuls are left by the wayside. Determined to be among the elite few who climb... Read More


Crooked I ft. Slaughterhouse - Monsters in My Head [Stream]

Originally featured on the West Coast heavyweight’s Hoodmorning: Candy Coronas EP, Game‘s Monsters in My Head serves as inspiration for the latest mixtape freestyle from Long Beach mainstay Crooked I. Over... Read More


Crooked I - Game Time [Stream]

Just in time for the NFL playoffs, Slaughterhouse spitter Crooked I has released a single to give some extra motivation to anyone who has ever been called an underdog (haven’t we all?). New release Game Time gives listeners... Read More


Crooked I ft. HorseShoe G.A.N.G. - Drum Murder [Video]

Fresh off the release of his new EP, In None We Trust - The Prelude, Slaughterhouse representer Crooked I drops off his new video Drum Murder, also featuring his HorseShoe G.A.N.G. crew. Press play with caution, this is that... Read More


Crooked I Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

While Crooked I's recent work as one-fourth of lyrical supergroup Slaughterhouse has been instrumental in raising his national profile, heads shouldn't get it twisted. At the end of the day, the Long Beach underground... Read More


Crooked I ft. K-Young - Diamond In The Back [Stream & Download]

Let’s be honest. If Slaughterhouse was The Three Tenors, west coast veteran Crooked I would be José Carreras, the equally talented but sometimes overlooked member of the group. While Crook doesn’t display the same antics... Read More


Crooked I - No Competition [Stream]

Regular readers of the Booth know that, when Crooked I goes all-out on the mic, there’s not a man in the industry who can match his combo of wit, aggression, and dexterity. For those who need a little reminder that the... Read More


Slaughterhouse - The Illest [Stream]

“Ask your friends who’s The Illest” and, if your friends are serious hip-hop heads, you can bet that the flamespitters who make up lyrical supergroup Slaughterhouse will factor in. On this new, unreleased... Read More


The Academy ft. Crooked I, Chino XL & Copywrite - Triple Seize [Stream & Download]

Crooked I, Chino XL, Copywrite—can it possibly be a coincidence that so many talented emcees start with the letter ‘C’? To answer my own question… yeah, I suppose it could. Not that that makes it any... Read More


K-Boy ft. Glasses Malone, Sly Boogie & Crooked I - This One’s 4 You [Stream & Download]

Though new buzz record This One’s 4 U is dedicated to K-Boy‘s haters, that shouldn’t stop fans from taking a listen—I have a feeling they’ll enjoy it more than the critics, anyway. Here, a... Read More


Crooked I - Mr. Porter Meets Mr. Pigface [Stream & Download]

I haven’t met him, but I’d wager that, by day, Dominick “Crooked I” Wickliffe is one of the most pleasant people you could ever meet. My reasoning? Only an exceptionally good-natured individual would feel the... Read More


Vakill ft. Crooked I, Rhymefest, Nino Bless & Juice - Beast Ballad [Stream & Download]

Beast Ballad, the latest single and first Booth feature from Chitown emcee Vakill, doesn’t sound like any ballad I’ve ever heard… nor is it, technically speaking, a beast. It is, however, one of the most... Read More


Crooked I - How to Thug (Freestyle) [Stream & Download]

Is it possible to flip Lil Wayne‘s softest song to date into something street-certified, and thought-provoking to boot? If anyone can pull it off, it’s Long Beach mainstay Crooked I, who transforms How to Love... Read More


Crooked I - Everyday [Stream]

If everyone were exactly like Crooked I... well, I’m not sure if the world would be a better place, but it would certainly be a realer one. Those of us who wouldn’t be able to handle the Long Beach native’s... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Various Artists - Runnin’ My City [Stream]

Only rappers seem to feel the need to rep for their city; you never hear Jason Mraz throwing down for Mechanicsville, Virginia. But whatever the roots of this geographic hip-hop phenomenon, Mikkey Halsted’s here with a... Read More


Crooked I ft. Sally Anthony - Villain [Stream]

One of the first to utilize a weekly series, a marketing tool that’s now become overwhelmingly popular, Crooked I has built a foundation that established him as a west coast godfather and one-quarter of rap supergroup... Read More


The Grand Finale: Wrapping Up DJBooth’s A3C Finale [Feature ]

(Editors Note: Over the last few weeks DJBooth has been steadily releasing exclusive interviews from the artists who attended Atlanta's epic A3C Festival. As a final goodbye to the night that was, here's one last look at the... Read More


The DJBooth A3C Showcase Awards (Video & Pics) [Feature ]

(Laws & Emilio Rojas hold down DJBooth's A3C stage) All photos courtesy of Sheyla Padilla. First off, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you have to read these lines as if they’ll be as memorable as the actual A3C experience.... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Crooked I - Sober Up [Stream & Download]

When I was assigned to write about this record today it came with the warning, “I don’t mean to make your Monday more depressing, but….” I laughed, but it proved to be true. Even though Joe Budden is... Read More


Evidence, Crooked I & More to Play Booth-Sponsored Showcase at A3C [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- Friday, October 8, will be presenting a star-studded hip-hop showcase as part of ATL's A3C Festival. Performing at the event will be Dilated Peoples emcee Evidence, Cali underground mainstay... Read More


Crooked I ft. Vaughn Anthony - Let Me Buy You a Drink [Stream & Download]

Don’t worry, Crooked I hasn’t gone all T-Pain on us. While Let Me Buy You a Drink finds the Cali mainstay showcasing a different side of his persona than fans may be used to, it’s… well… a... Read More


Crooked I - Everythang [Stream]

Most emcees are willing to stretch the truth a little (or a lot) for the sake of a good rhyme – not Crooked I. As the West Coast underground mainstay explains on the lead single off his forthcoming EP, “I’m... Read More


Ahmad ft. Crooked I - Get Some Money & Go to Jail [Stream]

Ahmad, it isn’t every day that I say something like this, but welcome back to making good music; Ja Rule, take notes from someone doing it right. Now in all honestly I had to check it twice (thanks to the hip-hop... Read More


Sir Aah ft. Royce Da 5’9 & Crooked I - And the Beat Rocks On… [Stream]

Crazy as it may sound, it’s already been a year since Michael Jackson‘s untimely death on June 25, 2009. Appropriately then, Booth newcomer Sir Aah kicks his debut set’s lead single off with a dedication to... Read More


Bishop Lamont ft. Xzibit, Crooked I & Jelly Roll - Blow Yo Mind [Stream]

Last we heard from Bishop Lamont, the Left Coast buzzmaker had hooked up with Xzibit to take hip-hop to church on unreleased cut Hallelujah. Fast forward nearly 12 months, and Lamont’s back with Blow Yo Mind, a... Read More


Mark Morrison ft. Beenie Man & Crooked I - Father Forgive Them [Stream]

Since Mark Morrison‘s ‘90s heyday, the Return of the Mack hitmaker’s career has been rocked by numerous legal and personal issues, punctuated by sporadic, well, returns to the game. Through all his troubles,... Read More


Crooked I - First Time [Stream]

Slaughterhouse alumnus and unstoppable west coast representer Crooked I is knee deep in a freestyle series that features Crooked going in over some…let’s say…unexpected beats. Well, today Crook’s hit freestyle gold... Read More


Focus ft. Crooked I, Jay Rock, Marsha Ambrosius, & Kida - Homage to Dr. Dre [Stream]

Able to craft hard-hitting, sampled rap beats and retro soul instrumentals with equal ease, Focus is nothing if not versatile. Now calling himself TheRealFocus…, the Aftermath in-house producer has undertaken perhaps... Read More