New Curt Chambers Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Curt Chambers - Out Of Body [Stream]

Fresh off garnering positive reader reviews for New America earlier this month, Curt Chambers returns to The DJBooth with another fresh single—and some official visuals for good measure. On this newly-released effort, Ivan... Read More


Curt Chambers - New America [Stream & Download]

Remember the morning of November 5th, 2008? When the Bush-era struggles gave way to feelings of hope for the future, and a sense of pride in having elected the first black President, it felt almost as if a New America had... Read More


Curt Chambers - Grass Is Greener [Stream & Download]

It’s cliché because it’s true: the Grass Is always Greener on the other side—and, just to double down on clichés, you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Needless to say, when applied to... Read More