New Cymarshall Law Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Cymarshall Law - This Journey [Stream]

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster for Cymarshall Law. Today, two days after his father’s passing, the Jersey veteran is celebrating his birthday. To top it all off, he’s liberated the lead single off... Read More


Dub MD ft. Cymarshall Law, 8thW1, Genesis Elijah & Daniel Joseph - Road to Sedgwick Ave. [Stream & Download]

It’s hard to pinpoint the beginning of such a complex phenomenon as hip-hop, but many trace the roots of the genre back to an August 1973 party at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx, where DJ Kool Herc began to entertain... Read More


Everliven Sound - Everending Story [Stream & Download]

As my fellow ‘80s babies will remember, fantasy film The Neverending Story (and the dope novel that inspired it) featured adolescent hero Atreyu battling against a virulent Nothing spawned by greed and lust for power,... Read More


Everliven Sound with DJ Tee - Video Game [Stream & Download]

You might raise an eyebrow at Everliven Sounds’s lofty claim that “Life is like a video game.” I mean, you don’t see Italian plumbers eating giant mushrooms and saving princesses nor do you get rewarded for stealing... Read More


Everliven Sound - Sound of the Everliven [Stream & Download]

Not featured as a duo since summer 2010’s Elements, Jersey-based emcee Cymarshall Law and UK spitter Skit Slam have rejoined forces to craft their junior project as Everliven Sound. One of two newly-released singles off... Read More


Chaundon ft. Daily Planet, Cymarshall Law & M-Dot - El Mariachi [Stream & Download]

Not featured on the solo tip since he brought us Y’all Don’t Want It back in summer of 2010, Chaundon returns to our pages with another dope ensemble cut. On new promo single El Mariachi, the Hall of Justus emcee... Read More


Cymarshall Law - Triple Shot of Gin [Stream & Download]

Fresh off releasing his sophomore collaborative set with Mr. Joeker, Cymarshall Law returns to drop off a fresh jam that didn’t make the final cut. On Triple Shot of Gin, Joeker’s gritty harpsichord-percussion... Read More


Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - 911 [Stream & Download]

War, poverty, genocide, environmental destruction—there’s no doubt about it, things need to change. On 911, the latest single off Cymarshall Law and The Joeker‘s sophomore collaborative set, the Jersey... Read More


Cymarshall Law - Great Ones Too [Stream & Download]

I’m a day late, but what the hell: happy birthday, Cymarshall Law! Leaked to celebrate the Jersey-repping Booth fave and freestyle alum‘s big day, Great Ones Too finds Law spitting about the influence... Read More


Cymarshall Law & Mr. JoeKer - Everyday [Stream]

When we first met Cymarshall Law, the Jersey emcee was busy promoting Hip Hop in the Soul, his collaborative set with Mr. JoeKer. Today, two years, three months and one day after his Booth debut, Law returns from his recent... Read More


Cymarshall Law - Zion Land [Stream & Download]

Who wants to bust the doors down of the White House and scream ‘Hell yeah we want universal health care!!’ ? I’m always down to throw the bird at “the man” so after hearing Cymarshall Law‘s... Read More


Cymarshall Law - One Million Miles Away [Stream & Download]

If I can find one or two tracks that I really personally enjoy each week, I consider it a win for team me. Thanks to Cymarshall Law, I can chalk up a W for the first week in February. The highly talented Freestyle Series alum... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Cymarshall Law - Mind Elevation (Kurser Remix) [Stream & Download]

As I see it, there are remixes, and then there are remixes. What’s the difference, you ask, other than one being in italics? I haven’t decided yet; I just said that because it sounded smart. Whenever I get around... Read More


M-Dot ft. King Magnetic, Chaundon & Cymarshall Law - Eastcoast Points [Stream & Download]

If you’re familiar with the names involved in Eastcoast Points, you know exactly what to expect: pure, uncut underground excellence, with a Northeastern flair. This epic ensemble cut, the inaugural leak off... Read More


Cymarshall Law - Almost Home [Stream & Download]

Considering we haven’t heard from Booth fave Cymarshall Law since he jumped on board the Freedom Express Line with production crew The Beatnikz back in August, fans may well be wondering where the man’s travels... Read More


Cymarshall Law - Believe This [Stream & Download]

There are plenty of rappers who will swear up and down that they aren’t in the game for the money – hell, some will do so right after spending several bars boasting about their bankroll and their expensive taste in... Read More


Cymarshall Law - The Flyness [Stream]

Cymarshall Law has been a regular presence in the Booth lately as one-half of duo Everliven Sound (with Skit Slam) but it’s been a minute since last we heard the Jersey native stretch his limbs on a track of his own.... Read More


Cymarshall Law - Juggling [Stream]

I’m going to try something new today and play nice. If you haven’t heard of Cymarshall Law yet (yet?!), I’m not going to be a d**k and say you’re obviously more interested in turning on your swag than listening to... Read More


Cymarshall Law & DJ Omega - The Creator’s Craft Mix CD [Album]

Cymarshall Law‘s Creator’s Craft Mix CD is a mix of unreleased and new songs and freestyles, which were recorded or released in 2009. The project features guest appearances from Sean Price, Sha Stimuli, One Be... Read More


Cymarshall Law Jumps “In the Mix” [ Exclusive Interview] [Feature ]

Last week, we jumped "In the Mix" with The Redland, the up-and-coming duo who hooked up with DJBooth to bring fans The Free Album. For the 18th installment in our exclusive interview series, we're taking listeners up-close... Read More


CyMarshall Law ft. DJ JS-1 - Harder Than Thou [Stream]

Forgiving and forgetting may be good for your blood pressure, but there’s something to be said for letting a grudge age like fine wine. Just ask CyMarshall Law; who, since entering the music game, has seemingly built up... Read More


Cymarshall Law - Meteowrite [Stream]

Like a Meteorwrite hurtling through the heavens on a collision course with the Earth, CyMarshall Law‘s pen game is blazing hot, apocalyptically destructive and damned near impossible to stop, unless you’re Bruce... Read More


CyMarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - King With 4 Wives [Stream]

Gather ‘round, Booth readers, because CyMarshall Law has a story to tell.  On his latest single, the man who brought us Booth-exclusive freestyle I Am Hip-Hop puts his own spin on a fable that, whether passed down... Read More


CyMarshall Law - I Am Hip Hop [Stream & Download]

The 55th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of CyMarshall Law, the New Jersey-based up-and-comer who made his Booth debut with reader-acclaimed Mr. Joeker collabo Love, Sex or What.  On his brand... Read More

CyMarshall Law Spits “I Am Hip Hop” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- CyMarshall Law, the New Jersey-based emcee who earned reader acclaim for Mr. Joeker collabo "Love, Sex or What," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #55 in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


CyMarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - Love, Sex or What [Stream]

Where love is concerned, it’s often best to go with the flow—overthinking has spelled the end of all too many promising relationships (of course, underthinking can be equally perilous…).  CyMarshall Law... Read More