New D. Julien Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Ahmaad ft. D.Julien & DJ KevMoney - Get It Right [Stream]

Did Ahmaad and his guest, D. Julien, Get It Right on this cut? Well, it’s up to you and the orange and white starts to decide for sure, but when it comes to hip-hop/R&B hybrids, it doesn’t get more refreshing than... Read More


Scolla ft. QuESt & D.Julien - Even & Odds [Stream & Download]

Kicked off with the YP-assisted Can’t Go Back, Scolla‘s online “Web Tour” enters its second week with the newly-released Even & Odds. On this headphone-ready cut, Jerry Parker‘s shimmering... Read More


IsaiahThe3rd ft. D.Julien - What’s Next [Stream & Download]

As Nas put it on Stillmatic cut Rule, “On this life mission, you never know what’s next.” The first Booth feature and latest single from IsaiahThe3rd finds the Big Apple newcomer hooking up with Booth... Read More


Mista Mista ft. D. Julien & Neil Letendre - Wake Up [Stream & Download]

Like most rappers who aren’t in the game out of sheer masochism, Mista Mista is sustained in his arduous grind by visions of a bright future—and, being only human, he occasionally experiences moments of frustration... Read More


D. Julien ft. Young Scolla - Mirror Pt. 2 [Stream & Download]

Originally featured back in March, D. Julien‘s The Mirror gets the remix/single treatment on the newly-released Pt. 2. Over the pensive, boardwork of Bahama Beats, the NYC native (and freestyle series alum) is joined by... Read More


D. Julien - World [Stream & Download]

With his latest full-length just a few weeks from release, D. Julien has stepped into the Booth to amp up anticipation with a quality cut that didn’t make the cut. Backed by the bittersweet grooves of producer Clyde... Read More


D.Julien - Mirror [Stream & Download]

D. Julien has previously been featured on our homepage six times, but not since this past October’s Rain City.  Now, two full months into the 2011 campaign, the emcee has released Mirror.  The reflective... Read More


D.Julien - Rain City [Stream & Download]

There’s something about rainy days that sets the perfect mood for sitting back and getting lost in thought – in theory, anyway. In practice, they always seem to make me more sleepy than thoughtful. In any case,... Read More


D.Julien - Prove Them Wrong [Stream]

Remember all that “hip-hop is dead” talk a couple years ago? It was stupid then, and it’s even dumber now that a new generation of emcees are beginning to emerge from hip-hop’s underground. Brooklyn up-and-comer D.... Read More


D. Julien - Never Change [Stream & Download]

The 107th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of D. Julien, the Brooklyn native who earned reader acclaim for Live, Love, Learn single Absolute Perfection, featured back in July. On his brand new,... Read More


D. Julien Spits “Never Change” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- D. Julien, the Brooklyn native who earned reader acclaim for Live, Love, Learn single "Absolute Perfection," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 107th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Booth Favorite D. Julien Says “Live, Love, Learn” on New Project [Download] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, NY -- D. Julien, the underground rapper who recently earned reader acclaim for single "Absolute Perfection," is offering up his latest project for free download. Produced entirely by DMV-based beatsmith Soulful!,... Read More


D. Julien - Absolute Perfection [Stream]

As unpredictable as the community can be, there are times when I can pretty much see what’s coming.  Case in point: I expect D. Julien‘s latest single and third Booth feature to elicit at least a... Read More


Fresh Off DJBooth Record Premiere, D. Julien Drops “The Experiment” [Free Download] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, NY -- Yesterday, we brought Booth readers the online premiere of "Think About That," a track off indie emcee D. Julien's debut album. Also featuring Booth-approved cut "Treat Me Different," The Experiment has... Read More


D. Julien ft. RNB - Think About That [Stream]

Here’s a riddle for all you Booth-heads: What’s better than an online premiere?  Why, two online premieres and a world premiere, of course!  In addition to Pay$0z’ Go Hard and Sabrina‘s They... Read More


D. Julien - Treat Me Different [Stream]

Fame is the bread and butter of today’s urban music – from current superstars to unsigned up-and-comers, if a rapper isn’t lyrically basking in the adulation he has earned (or aspires to), he’s griping... Read More