New D.Focis Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


D. Focis - Go Right [Video]

In new visuals from the song “Go Right”, D. Focis backs up his realist song with what seems like a realist video, until you’re hit with the ironic twist at the end that leaves you wondering (but in a good... Read More


D. Focis - Ugly Inside [Video]

D. Focis reveals the true meaning of beauty on his new single Ugly Inside, off his upcoming album The Herman Gardens Project, a cinematic journey that also serves as a tribute to the late, great J Dilla. Keep it locked for... Read More


D.Focis Presents WFAC Facemusic Radio [Album]

Reader-acclaimed emcee and internationally-known beatsmith D.Focis has hooked up with to usher in a new movement in music with the release of his new compilation mixtape, WFAC Facemusic Radio. Mixed by DJ K Hurtz... Read More


D.Focis - New Tokyo Mixtape 2 [Album]

From 2000 to 2007, artist/producer D.Focis called Tokyo, Japan his home. During that time the Detroit native produced music for many of Japan’s most popular hip-hop and r&b acts and founded his own label, Facemusic... Read More


D.Focis ft. The Mr - In the Beginning [Stream]

Success is a double-edged sword – as emcee/producer D.Focis illustrates on the final leak off his Be Strong LP. Those who finally make it after years on the grind often find themselves looking back wistfully on their early... Read More


D.Focis ft. Kamilion & Sashay - Forgiveness [Stream]

I was going to kick this one off by pointing out the inaccuracy of a certain popular saying, but, as it turns out, the late, great John Lennon beat me to the punch: “Love means having to say you’re sorry every fifteen... Read More


D. Focis ft. Bobby Creekwater - Miracle [Stream]

It’s a Miracle: D.Focis, producer of Donnis’ Over Do It (featured today) and Bobby Creekwater‘s Rainman, has been divinely transformed into a skilled emcee!  Well, okay, that’s not exactly how it... Read More