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Mac Miller, ‘Faces’ & Why We’re Attracted to Artists Killing Themselves [Feature ]

"This poem is for those who think that A man can only be a creative genius At the very edge Even though they never had the guts To try it" - Charles Bukowski (“Gold In Your Eye”) Swirling, fluorescent... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch Danny Brown’s Jonah Hill-Directed “Ain’t It Funny” Video [Feature ]

I’ve written very recently about our collective tendency as music fans to treat the same musicians we celebrate like shit. There’s some disconnect that occurs once a human being reaches some arbitrary level... Read More


10 Hip-Hop Songs Under Two Minutes We Wish Were Longer [Feature ]

Don't you just hate it when a song you love is too short? The internet may have crippled our attention spans (thanks a lot, Vine), but a great song will always hold our ears for longer than our impatient minds... Read More


Holy Shit You Need to Watch Paul White’s “Accelerator” Video with Danny Brown [Feature ]

My love for Danny Brown and Paul White’s collaborative relationship is well-documented, so when Paul announced that he had a couple new Danny tracks that would be incorporated into an EP called Accelerator, my hopes... Read More


Danny Brown & Paul White Are Releasing an EP, Get Excited [Feature ]

Throughout the history of hip-hop, some of the most compelling content has come from a properly formed producer-emcee relationship. Think about it: Eric B. and Rakim, Gang Starr, and more recently, Run The... Read More


4 Successful Artists Who Were Just as Clueless as You at Your Age [Feature ]

Ah, young adulthood. While middle-aged folk thoughtlessly peddle the idea that this is the best time of your life, you’re likely more terrified and disoriented than you’ve ever been. In your late teens or early... Read More


5 Dream Hip-Hop Collaborations We’re Speaking Into Existence [Feature ]

Every once in awhile, a group of artists will come together and force the world to slap its collective forehead and shout “why didn’t I think of that?” I was 12 when Madvillainy came out, 14 when I first... Read More


10 Best Rap Album Intros of 2016, Ranked [Feature ]

Last month, Nathan and Yoh debated whether albums are still alive in 2016. Nathan had a point: albums like Blonde and Coloring Book (I’d throw A Seat at the Table and Atrocity Exhibition in there, too) proved that... Read More


10 Most Slept-On Hip-Hop and R&B Tracks of 2016 [Feature ]

I have a very poor handle on what is popular. I don’t listen to the radio, but rather discover music by stalking the Spotify playlists of a few select tastemakers who will remain unnamed. While this leads to some... Read More


5 Best Vocal Inflections in Hip-Hop Right Now [Feature ]

Despite the age-old argument that hip-hop is dead, there has never been a better time to be a hip-hop head from an options standpoint. In the digital era of music, the average listener has thousands of artists to... Read More


Meet Paul White, Danny Brown’s Secret Weapon [Feature ]

Yesterday (September 27), Danny Brown released his fourth studio album Atrocity Exhibition three days early, a welcome surprise for Danny fans such as myself. As Yoh brilliantly pointed out in his 1-Listen review,... Read More


Danny Brown “Atrocity Exhibition” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Danny Brown knows what it means to sit in the center of swirling madness, raw chaos, and unforgiving mayhem. He inhaled the atmosphere that surrounded him and exhaled art in the form of music—music that captured his... Read More


3-on-3: Danny Brown’s “Atrocity Exhibition” [Feature ]

Detroit emcee Danny Brown is slated to release his fourth solo studio album, Atrocity Exhibition, this Friday (September 30). Fresh off unveiling his super-posse cut "Really Doe," Brown is currently riding a wave of... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Created Danny Brown’s “Really Doe” Single [Feature ]

Danny Brown lit the internet on fire earlier this week when he released the star-studded posse cut "Really Doe," featuring guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt. In a new interview with Beats... Read More


Danny Brown on Current Hip-Hop Climate: “No One Wants To Be The Smart Guy” [Feature ]

Danny Brown is an artist that bridges the gap between introspective, lyrical content and the street-bred turn-up music that dominates today’s mainstream—a microcosm of the balance necessary to keep hip-hop the... Read More


Danny Brown on “Really Doe” with Kendrick, Ab-Soul & Earl: “We’re Like the Four Horsemen” [Feature ]

Danny Brown is sort of like the Kevin Durant of the rap game. Earlier this summer, NBA superstar Kevin Durant fled the Oklahoma City Thunder in favor of joining Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and the... Read More


Danny Brown Spent 70k to Clear Samples For “Atrocity Exhibition” [Feature ]

Danny Brown, hip-hop's misfit hero, is set to release his brand new album, Atrocity Exhibition, on September 30. Unlike his last full-length, 2013's Old, which found the Motown native expanding his sound into... Read More


How Danny Brown Became Hip-Hop’s Misfit Hero [Feature ]

Unapologetic. If the word could be represented by a single face, that face would be a smiling, chipped tooth Danny Brown. Very few rappers would be a better fit to carry the word's definition. Since his breakout mixtape,... Read More


“This Ain’t F*cking Folk”: Danny Brown Says Rap’s Losing Its Edge to the Mainstream [Feature ]

Vulgar, abrasive, and rebellious, music that spoke to the youth and put fear in the hearts of those too old to understand. Like rock n' roll in the '50s, that's hip-hop's legacy. ODB said Wu-Tang was for the... Read More


Danny Brown x Clams Casino - Worth It [Stream & Download]

Detroit wild child Danny Brown and Jersey producer Clams Casino have released their new joint effort, Worth It, which is the latest release in Adult Swim’s ongoing, weekly single series. Since the release of his 2013... Read More


Kembe X - Hereditary (2 B*tches) ft. Danny Brown [Stream]

Sometimes being a boss is Hereditary. Just look at Kembe X for example, who keeps 2 B*tches with him at the advice of his father. With his Talk Back project coming soon, the Chi-Town buzzmaker lets loose this freshly-minted... Read More


Eminem, Royce Da 5’9, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf & Trick Trick - Detroit Vs. Everybody [Stream]

Update: The visuals for Detroit Vs. Everybody have been added. When the tracklisting for the upcoming Shady XV double album was released late last month, there was one record on the ‘X’ disc, made up of all-new... Read More


Various - Noisey Presents The Rap Monument [Stream]

The Egyptian Pyramids… the Colossus of Rhodes… The Rap Monument. OK, Noisey‘s new promo single may not have taken quite that much toil to create, but it’s as monomanically epic in its scope as any of... Read More


Action Bronson ft. Danny Brown - Bad News [Stream]

In-between picking the left over turkey from your teeth and Black Friday madness, there’s a chance you purchased the recently re-released Grand Theft Auto V, now available on Xbox One and Playstation 4. The graphics... Read More


Danny Brown - Smokin & Drinkin [Stream]

If you’ve ever listened to Danny Brown ever in history ever you know the man’s not shy about Smokin & Drinkin. For the latest video off his Old album, Danny throws down with the Bruiser Brigade in an Alan Del... Read More


The Neighbourhood ft. Danny Brown - Hate Machine [Stream]

Introduced to the DJBooth readership via Jealou$y, a reader-acclaimed jam featuring guest bars by West Coast buzzmaker Casey Veggies, Cali rock ensemble The Neighbourhood return to our pages with another eclectic... Read More


Rustie ft. Danny Brown - Attak [Stream]

A buzzmaking producer who calls Glasgow home, Rustie makes his first headlining appearance in the Booth with Attak, a single recently premiered as Zane Lowe‘s “Hottest Record” on BBC Radio 1. Previously heard... Read More


Busdriver ft. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown - Ego Death [Stream]

This one is not for the faint of heart. S**t, even the strong of heart might feel a little woozy after just one listen to Busdriver‘s solo Booth debut, Ego Death. Bus’s frenetic, jarring flow gets the track... Read More


Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Danny Brown - Six Degrees [Stream]

It’s been said that no more than Six Degrees of separation exist between any two people in the world. For those who share a common profession—say, music—the number is presumably even lower. So it’s not too... Read More


Danny Brown’s Dying Like a Rockstar & No One Cares [Feature ]

Danny Brown is not doing well.  Last night the Detroit emcee revealed on Twitter that not only was he fighting a host of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, but that he was going through withdrawals,... Read More


Danny Brown - Side B (Dope Song) [Stream]

Danny Brown‘s latest single, Side B, is a Dope Song in more than one sense: in addition to being a quality jam in general, Side B deals specifically with the Motown phenom’s experiences as a cornerboy. Rather than... Read More


Danny Brown - Old [Album]

Before I truly listened to Old, I had heard more about Danny Brown than I had directly from him on the mic. From the rowdy concerts and raunchy interviews (especially with a certain red headed celebrity) to his late... Read Full Review


Danny Brown ft. ScHoolboy Q - Dope Fiend Rental [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: “Drug addicts are dangerous, unpredictable, and not all that fun to be around. Who the f**k would want to buy or lease one?” Luckily for Danny Brown, he isn’t actually going into... Read More


Danny Brown - DIP [Stream]

Having showcased the more aggressive, focused side of his rhyme style on Side A (Old), the lead single and pseudo-title track off his junior set, Danny Brown takes the opportunity to cut loose—with a little chemical... Read More


Danny Brown - Side A (Old) [Stream]

In the grand scheme of things, 32 years old is still relatively fresh-faced. For a rapper on the rise… yeah, that’s pretty damn Old. Danny Brown isn’t ashamed of the fact that he’s got a few years on... Read More


A$AP Ferg ft. Danny Brown - Reynolds [Stream]

With A$AP Ferg‘s RCA Records debut set less than 24 hours from release, the Harlem rhymesayer is giving fans one final appetizer in advance of the main course. On bonus cut Reynolds, an producer Benson Graves dissonant... Read More


E-40 ft. Danny Brown & ScHoolboy Q - All My N*ggaz [Stream]

Time for a pop quiz: what are the top three items on E-40‘s priority list? If you answered “cash,” “paper” and “currency” (in any order), then congrats; you are correct. On the latest single off his... Read More


Danny Brown ft.  A$AP Rocky & Zelooperz - Kush Coma [Stream]

Back when I used to partake in the herb, I occasionally found myself so blazed I couldn’t think, move or do much of anything besides rolling over and going to sleep. Whereas I’d have been hard-pressed to answer a... Read More


Tree ft. Danny Brown - No Faces [Stream]

When Chi-Town newcomer Tree ogles the dancers at his local strip club, he sees acres of bare flesh, but No Faces at all. What could be the cause? If I were a neurologist, I might diagnose him with prosopagnosia, a brain... Read More


Joey Fatts ft. A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown - Choppa [Stream]

Joey Fatts may be a new face in the Booth but, assuming that birds of a feather flock together, a glance at the feature lineup on Choppa should be enough to turn your average Booth reader into a fan. Of course—to bust out a... Read More


Paul White ft. Danny Brown - Street Lights [Stream & Download]

Not seen on our pages since way back in September of 2011, when he linked up with NYC underground mainstay Homeboy Sandman to drop A Weird Day, UK-repping producer Paul White makes his long-awaited return to the Booth with a... Read More


Cassow ft. Danny Brown - Oh Lord [Stream]

Way back in February of 2012, Cassow rolled out the Red Carpet for his grand entrance into The DJBooth. Then, as promising newcomers have an unfortunate tendency to do, he dropped off our radar. A year and change later, the... Read More


K.Flay ft. Danny Brown - Hail Mary [Stream & Download]

Don’t let the title of her latest promo single fool you; K. Flay is no saint. Nor is she a sinner, according to Hail Mary‘s chorus. Whatever you choose to call her, the RCA Records signee is an electrifying... Read More


The Purist x Danny Brown - Jealousy [Stream]

Some beats, from the moment of their creation, are just asking to be blazed by a certain emcee. Take Jealousy, the debut feature and latest single from British record producer The Purist: though the record was originally... Read More


Danny Brown Definitely Isn’t the “Black Brad Pitt” (Video) [Feature ]

I pride RefinedHype on being the kind of site that doesn't just post a video and one sentence of info. Fuck, at the very least I should figure out a way to work some boobs into any post. But in this case...I don't... Read More


DJ Muggs ft. Danny Brown - Headfirst [Stream]

With his much-buzzed-about hip-hop/dubstep fusion project just a week away from release, DJ Muggs is stoking the flames of anticipation with another fresh single release. The follow-up to last November’s Wikid, which... Read More


A$AP Rocky ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yela, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big KRIT - 1 Train [Stream]

Quick: list off seven of the hottest new emcees to emerge in the last few years. If you’re anywhere near my wavelength, your list will look a lot like the lineup of A$AP Rocky‘s latest single. Following the... Read More


Let the Debate Begin: Help Select Complex’ 2013 Man of Next Year [Feature ]

Anyone can hand out awards for things that have already happened, but Complex is always looking ahead, which is why they've have launched The MONY Awards...The Man of Next Year. After some intense discussions, Complex'... Read More


Danny Brown - Change [Stream]

Change is a good thing or in emcee Danny Brown‘s case it just so happens to be the title of his latest cut. The Detroit spitter, who’s known for his energetic lyricism and spastic flow, tones things down a notch... Read More


House Shoes ft. Danny Brown - Sweet [Stream]

Previously heard lending his production to a Booth-approved record by Nitty Scott, MC (who was impressed enough to name the record after him), House Shoes steps into the solo spotlight with Sweet, a brand new video single off... Read More


Danny Brown - Molly Ringwald [Stream]

It’s about time someone truly paid tribute to ‘80s movie star Molly Ringwald. I’ve always said her work in The Breakfast Club was underrated. Wait, what’s that? Danny Brown‘s new cut Molly... Read More


Pitchfork to Return to Chicago’s Union Park for Seventh Annual Music Festival [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. -- On the weekend of July 13-15, the Pitchfork Music Festival will return to Chicago's Union Square for its seventh year running. Among the eclectic lineup of bands and artists set to perform this year are... Read More


Danny Brown - Grown Up [Stream]

Though everyone feels the occasional pang of nostalgia for their childhood, being Grown Up has some undeniable perks. On the latest promo single from Scion Audio Visual, released along with official visuals by Greg Brunkalia,... Read More


The Alchemist ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q - Flight Confirmation [Stream]

Never one to pass up a chance to get lifted with a few underground flame-spitters, The Alchemist enlists Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q to be his copilots on Flight Confirmation, the latest single off his next solo album. Over... Read More


Ab-Soul ft. Danny Brown & Jhené Aiko - Terrorist Threats [Stream]

Attention, readers: in response to credible Terrorist Threats we ask that you evacuate The DJBooth immediately. Or, if you’re feeling daring, you could always stick around and take a listen to Ab-Soul‘s latest... Read More


A-Trak ft. Juicy J & Danny Brown - Piss Test [Stream]

Ever had to urinate into a plastic cup in order to prove your sobriety to a parole officer or employer? Then you’ll undoubtedly be able to relate to the sentiment behind A-Trak‘s latest feature: “F*ck a Piss... Read More


Catch Lungs ft. Danny Brown & Donny Goines - Gotta Kill This… [Stream & Download]

When it comes to your debut single, there’s no sense in holding back; on the contrary, you’d better completely annihilate the beat. I’m happy to say that, on Gotta Kill This…, Catch Lungz does just... Read More


Kid Sister ft. Danny Brown - Gucci Rag Top (Remix) [Video]

Kid Sister recruits the always original Danny Brown for the hilariously bouncing video to Gucci Rag Top (Remix). Sister’s EP Kiss & Tell will be released Nov 29, 2011 on iTunes and elsewhere. Read More


Black Milk x Danny Brown - Zap [Stream & Download]

One of Motown’s fastest-rising spitters, Danny Brown has come together with local vet Black Milk to craft a generation-bridging collaborative EP. The latest leak off the project, Zap finds the Fat Beats Records... Read More


Paul White x Danny Brown - One of Life’s Pleasures [Stream & Download]

If you consider a dope, surprising beat One of Life’s Pleasures, then I have no doubt you’ll enjoy the latest release off Paul White newly-released solo set. Here, the London beatsmith’s off-kilter sample... Read More


Danny Brown - DNA [Stream & Download]

It’s a question that every philosopher, doctor, parent and, come to think of it, child had pondered: how much of what we do, the mistakes and victories, joys and pains, was pre-determined? Are we creatures of our own... Read More


A-Trak ft. Donnis, Pill, Danny Brown & CyHi Da Prynce - Ray Ban Vision (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Mainstream hip-hop has backed the “If it ain’t broke, throw some more artists on there for a remix” adage for quite some time now, and from the look of the listener consensus on the original Ray Ban Vision it was only a... Read More


Danny Brown - Guitar Solo [Stream]

First things first: no, Booth newcomer Danny Brown hasn’t done the unthinkable and released the first rap record entirely composed of guitar noodling. Not even Weezy is that crazy. (And if that is what you were hoping... Read More