New Cole King Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Cole King - Fade ft. YC the Cynic [Stream]

Face it, there’s a lot of messed up shit going on in the world today. Cole King has had enough of it, and in response he prepared to deliver a lyrical Fade at any moment. Well, that moment is now, as he’s just... Read More


Cole King ft. AMJ & Don Marko - Wassup One Love [Stream]

Cole King‘s style may be Unorthodox, but the NYC rapper and producer will be the first to acknowledge his influences. On new single Wassup One Love, he does just that, paying tribute to Outkast, Dr. Dre and other... Read More


Cole King - Unorthodox [Stream]

On a past feature, Cole King (then known as Dao Jones) told us, by way of excuse for his playeristic tendencies, that he was Good at Being Single. But perhaps he simply hadn’t found the right chick yet. After all, as we... Read More


Dao Jones - Never Learned [Stream]

After a period of overindulging in life’s pleasures, most people come to the conclusion that a steady diet of weed, liquor, partying and casual sex isn’t the most reliable path to a happy and productive life.... Read More


DAO JONES - 100 Years LP [Album]

New York native Dao Jones has released his new album, the 100 Years LP, which we have available for full stream at The DJBooth. The 16-track project, which was fully produced by Jones, along with co-production from Luke... Read More


Dao Jones ft. Leah Woods - Dead End [Stream]

Be warned: if you’re a twentysomething, this one may hit a little close to home. Coming on the heels of early February’s Good at Being Single, this freshly-minted mixtape single finds the NYC buzzmaker... Read More


Dao Jones - Good at Being Single [Stream]

Based on the speed with which Dao Jones jumps from one girlfriend to the next, you might assume the NYC buzzmaker was bad at relationships. Au contraire—as he explains on his latest feature, he’s just really Good at... Read More


Win Tickets to Y.C. the Cynic’s “G.N.K.” Album Release Party [Exclusive Giveaway] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Next Tuesday, August 27, South Bronx spitter YC the Cynic will release his highly-anticipated debut full-length, G.N.K., via Move Forward Music. In honor of the occasion, he will be holding an album release... Read More


Nick Lyon ft. Dao Jones - Vices [Stream]

UPDATE: “Vices” is no longer available to stream. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be on the other end of a breakup song, à la Adele’s ex. I have to imagine it would be a little... Read More


Nick Lyon ft. Dao Jones & Austin - Could It Be [Stream]

UPDATE: “Could It Be” is no longer available to stream. A up-and-coming emcee hailing from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Nick Lyon makes his first appearance on our pages with Could It Be, the lead single off his... Read More


Dao Jones ft. YC the Cynic - About Love [Stream]

Though his Booth features are in the double-digits (this being number 12), Dao Jones latest offering is only the second set of visuals we have received from the artist. Luckily, for fans who missed Mr. October back in 2011,... Read More


Dao Jones - Us vs. Them [Stream & Download]

Confession time: I have no clue what the Dow Jones is. I know it’s something related to the stock market, but I’m no economist so it all goes a little over my head. If you want to talk about upstate New York emcee Dao... Read More


AirlineJay ft. Dao Jones - Let Her Choose [Stream & Download]

Unlike many rappers, AirlineJay won’t simply steal your girlfriend. Ever the gentleman, he prefers to Let Her Choose. The Albany representative’s first feature since Her Song, a Valentine’s Day dedication to... Read More


Dao Jones - FAITH [Stream]

Roughly a month removed from his last Booth feature, some of you might have worried that Dao Jones was on hiatus, but rest assured the New York native is back, restoring your FAITH in unique, well-put-together hip-hop. Even... Read More


Dao Jones - Don’t Want To Be A… [Stream]

Like many males of his age group, Dao Jones enjoys hitting it and quitting it. And, like many, he feels just a little guilty for doing so—but not guilty enough to stop. On new single Don’t Wanna Be A…, the... Read More


Dao Jones ft. AirlineJay - Thru Your City [Stream]

Absent from the Booth since dropping off his Mr. October video back in summer 2011, Dao Jones made his triumphant return to the Booth in January, with freshly-minted promo single Thru Your City (a Booth-exclusive world... Read More


Dao Jones - Mr. October [Video]

Up-and-coming emcee Dao Jones drops off his incendiary new video for his Mr. October single, shot and edited by Matthew Charof and directed by Dao Jones. For more captivating hip-hop be sure to cop Jone’s Cole King EP,... Read More


Dao Jones - Cole King EP [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee Dao Jones has joined forces with to bring fans his latest street release, the Cole King EP. Taking its title from the artist’s own birth name, in which we find juxtaposed the commonplace... Read More


Dao Jones ft. The Incomparable Shakespeare - Japan [Stream & Download]

Anyone who’s traveled overseas knows that, as rewarding as the experience invariably is, the reality of an exotic locale never quite fits with the elaborate fantasies you’ve concocted beforehand. Not that... Read More


Dao Jones - Mr. October [Stream & Download]

With his previous two features, unreleased joints Ayo and King’s Ransom, Dao Jones has employed the trendy stratagem of leaking dope records that won’t be on his next project, thereby leading listeners to assume... Read More


Dao Jones - King’s Ransom [Stream & Download]

Dao Jones’ first Booth feature, EP outtake Ayo, earned the full spectrum of reader/staff reviews, with some praising the Big Apple native’s lyrically defiant (and defiantly lyrical) style and others questioning... Read More


Dao Jones - Ayo [Stream & Download]

Evoking both Eastern philosophy’s concept of the flow of the universe and the U.S.’ best-known market index company, Dao Jones’ stage name tells you just about all you need to know about the Booth newcomer.... Read More