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David Banner, ‘The God Box’ & A Second Life in Hip-Hop [Feature ]

If a rapper is skilled and lucky enough to cross the 15-year mark of their career, change can be difficult. Not necessarily a change in sound, but rather a change in perspective as a writer and a change in sound as a... Read More


5 Worthy Candidates for Hip-Hop Attorney General [Feature ]

In the midst of the clusterfuck that is the Trump administration so far, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has once again come under fire for bold-faced lies misrepresentation of his communications with Russian officials... Read More


David Banner - Before The Box [Album]

As we continue to wait on David Banner's upcoming studio album The God Box, slated for release later this year, the veteran Mississippi rapper/producer helps tide fans over with the release of a brand new free project,... Read More


David Banner - My Uzi ft. Big K.R.I.T. [Stream]

Mississippi natives David Banner and Big K.R.I.T. have come together on My Uzi, a record that is meant to be blasted from your speakers in order to be fully appreciated. Produced by Banner, with additional closing composition... Read More


David Banner ft. Ernestine Johnson - Evil Knievil [Stream]

Update: The Mildly Impressed Productions-directed visuals for David Banner’s Evil Knievel, the first single off upcoming album, #theGodBox, have been added. Rapping and producing may not be quite as dangerous as... Read More


DJ EFN ft. Sizzla, David Banner, N.O.R.E. & Jon Connor - Warrior [Stream]

Grab your weapon, gird your loins (whatever that means) and prepare for war; on single number four off his next solo set, DJ EFN leads a bevy of talented street lyricists into battle against bigotry and injustice. More... Read More


SA-ROC ft. David Banner - The Who? [Stream]

Update: The Tommy Nova-directed visuals for SA-ROC’s The Who? single have been added. If the title of this cut conjured up images of the English ‘60s rockers of the same name, take a moment to purge those... Read More


Gensu Dean & Planet Asia ft. David Banner & Tragedy Khadafi - Thyself [Stream & Download]

During his recent trip to Africa, Cali underground mainstay Planet Asia picked up more than the usual assortment of souvenirs; his travels also left him with a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom. On new promo single... Read More


Chin Injeti ft. David Banner - Peoples 2 [Stream & Download]

I know what you’re thinking. Really, I do. You probably saw the featured artist today and thought, “Am I familiar with Chin Injeti?” Although he may not be a household name, rest assured, if you listen to hip hop... Read More


David Banner ft. Chris Brown - Amazing [Stream]

Anyone who’s followed the long career of David Banner knows that he’s a complicated man, an artist capable of dropping revolutionary calls to action one minute and club anthems the next. There’s nothing complicated... Read More


David Banner ft. Maino - Castles in Brooklyn [Stream & Download]

Though David Banner‘s undoubtedly been busy promoting his forthcoming album (and the burgeoning movement which it represents), the Mississippi native’s found time to work a little travel into his schedule. Fresh... Read More


David Banner ft. Snoop Dogg, Game, Nipsey Hussle, Kree & Ras Kass - Californication [Stream & Download]

2000 single Californication found the Red Hot Chili Peppers peeling back the glossy exterior Los Angeles projects to the rest of the world to reveal the seamy reality underneath. On David Banner‘s new single of the same... Read More


David Banner ft. Tank - Let Me In [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch David Banner’s “Let Me In” video The great thing about David Banner is that you never know what’s coming next from the man. One minute it’s an ode... Read More


Gensu Dean ft. David Banner - Alice in Wonderland [Stream & Download]

It’s a tough life out there for a fairy tale heroine—even if you’re not being menaced by a wolf disguised as your Grandma, slaving away at the behest of an evil stepfamily, or escaping from a witch’s tower... Read More


David Banner ft. Big K.R.I.T - Believe [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Banner’s “Believe” video. Can you Believe it? Southern luminaries David Banner and Big K.R.I.T., together on one record! OK, so it may not qualify as a... Read More


David Banner ft. Chris Brown & A$AP Rocky - Yao Ming (Remix) [Stream]

Though Yao Ming, the larger-than-life second single off David Banner‘s Make Believe Album, received lukewarm-to-negative reviews from our readership, the Mississippi repper didn’t despair. Instead, he went right... Read More


David Banner ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz - Yao Ming [Stream]

Even if Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are the talk of the league now, making a song honoring one of the most influential and popular athletes of this generation in Yao Ming is one tall order. However, Mississippi native, David... Read More


David Banner ft. Don Trip - Do Work [Stream]

David Banner may make this rap sh*t look easy, but don’t let his effortless Swag (or should that be “meta-Swag”?) fool you. For the Jackson, Mississippi representative, staying fresh and fly as he stacks... Read More


Kidz In The Hall ft. David Banner & Bun B - Pour It Up (P.imp C.up) [Stream]

There are many ways of honoring the memory of the departed: praying, leaving flowers or stones by a gravestone, lighting candles at a shrine, or just fondly reminiscing about the good times. Personally, though, I’d much... Read More


Cory Mo ft. UGK & David Banner - Ain’t Nobody Trippin (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Who’s in the mood for a hip-hop history lesson? No one? Well too bad, it’s going down anyway. Way back in October of 2007 the legendary Pimp C had laid down some vocals on a remix to Cory Mo’s heavily buzzing Ain’t... Read More


David Banner - Swag [Video]

David Banner is back, with a brand new video entitled Swag. The video addresses some very public issues about the music industry, society and more. This video was well thought out and leaves a message to all. Check it out!... Read More


David Banner - Swag [Stream]

While some (cough, Lil B, cough) may prefer to believe that it will last forever, history tells us that the currently red hot “Swag” will soon join its brothers “bling” and “fo sho” in the Words Everyone Used To... Read More


Strong Arm Steady ft. Jean Grae & David Banner - Bust Yo Sh*t [Stream]

Last Tuesday, the Strong Arm Steady gang released their brand new album Arms & Hammers.  A week later, we are treated to iTunes bonus track Bust Yo Sh*t, which is produced by David Banner (who also contributes hook... Read More


David Banner - Super Bowl (I Can’t Wait) [Stream & Download]

Have you ever seen David Banner? Dude could be a lethal force in this year’s Super Bowl; he’s got the intimidation factor written all over him, from the linebacker build to the street-clearing vocals. But instead of... Read More


David Banner & 9th Wonder - Death of a Pop Star [Album]

True story. David Banner was reading my review of his previous album, in which I said that his music, which constantly vacillated between strip club ready anthems and politically charged manifestos, often sounded at war with... Read Full Review


David Banner & 9th Wonder ft. Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius - Be With You [Stream]

Let me get this straight: David Banner, 9th Wonder, Ludacris and Marsha Ambrosius on the same song? Excuse my enthusiastic language, but let me talk my s**t - I f**king love this record. Taking a break from my day job, I saw... Read More


David Banner & 9th Wonder - What Did I Do? [Stream & Download]

There was a quote that stuck with me from Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Making the Band: “Emotions will have you broke.” I guess that philosophy comes into play when choosing tracks for an album too…... Read More


¡Mayday! ft. David Banner - Give Em’ A Song [Stream & Download]

Would mentioning the fact that ¡MAYDAY!‘s Lords of the Fly has yet to receive a single reader rating below five stars mean “jinxing” the musical equivalent of a shutout game? Because, if so… oops. For those... Read More


David Banner - Who’s That (The Mixtape Song) [Stream]

Do you ever get the feeling there’s someone peeping in your window – a heavyweight rapper/producer, perhaps? Well, don’t look now, but it’s very possible the fella in question is none other than... Read More


David Banner ft. Big Remo - Strange [Stream]

As I wrote on the Mississippi heavyweight emcee’s last DJBooth feature Something Is Wrong, you never know what you’re going to get from a David Banner track. He could be rhyming about big rims and bigger booties, the need... Read More


K-Young ft. David Banner - If You Only Knew [Stream]

Big-name singers beware; K-Young, the rising R&B star who brought us Summer Love (Remix) back in July ‘09, is hard at work on a mixtape that he’s confident will be Better Than Your Album. How does the West... Read More


David Banner ft. Rhymefest, Naledge, Twista - Something Is Wrong (Remix) [Stream]

Two weeks ago the sometimes schizophrenic David Banner decided to delve back into his socially conscious side with his stop-the-violence anthem Something Is Wrong. Well obviously Banner isn’t the only rapper that feels the... Read More


David Banner ft. Lisa Ivey - Something Is Wrong [Stream]

You never know what you’re going to get with David Banner. One minute he’s a one-man Black Panther party, the next he’s telling Chris Brown to Get Like Me. On his latest track Something Is Wrong Banner is back to using... Read More


Izza Kizza ft. David Banner - Throw It Up [Stream]

Ever since we featured They’re Everywhere last February, Izza Kizza has been a bone of contention among Booth regulars, consistently earning both one and five-star reviews on the same record.  As an emcee who takes... Read More


Kardinal Offishall ft. David Banner & Alfamega - Numba 1 (Dutty Sout Remix) [Stream]

As we reported last week, Kardinal Offishall has recorded two completely different remixes to his current hit single, Numba 1 (Tide Is High).  After replacing featured hook singer Rihanna (who is on the album version of... Read More


Talib Kweli & David Banner On The Road for “The Flow TV Hip Hop Live!” Tour [Feature ]

New York, NY-- Sony has been announced as the sponsor for this year's Hip Hop Live! Tour, which will feature performances by Talib Kweli, David Banner, Little Brother, and B.o.B. (as well as surprise guest appearances in... Read More


DJ Green Lantern ft. Talib Kweli, David Banner & Busta Rhymes - Black President (Remix Pt. 1) [Stream]

“Yes, we can;” these three simple words could end up changing the world come Election Day.  In honor of Barack Obama’s now-famous quote, DJ Green Lantern has created the Yes, We Can mixtape.  For the project,... Read More


Kid Sister ft. David Banner - Family Reunion [Stream]

Take a glance at this week’s newest Billboard Magazine (after you’re done enjoying your visit to and count how many female rappers appear on any one of the urban singles charts.  Wait, actually, don’t... Read More


Anthony Hamilton ft. David Banner - Cool [Stream]

Having already showed us what it’s like comin’ from where he’s from and reassuring us a year later that ain’t nobody worryin’, R&B singer Anthony Hamilton is back with some brand new Southern... Read More


Sunny Valentine ft. David Banner - So Fresh [Stream]

If you were to judge Sunny Valentine solely on his stage name, you’d assume he was the Care Bears’ resident rapper.  Once you take a listen to the Tyler, Texas native, however, you’ll quickly realize that... Read More


David Banner Throws MySpace Listening Party [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

By Erica L. New York, NY -- David Banner is undoubtedly one of the most controversial hip-hop artists today, yet it’s his certified crunkness that keeps him out of political rapper territory. Although he’s been targeted... Read More


David Banner - The Greatest Story Ever Told [Album]

David Banner is not your average rapper/producer/philanthropist. Raised under the scorching heat of Mississippi’s southern sun, Banner has slowly worked his way up from homeless hustler to one hip-hop’s premier names.... Read Full Review


David Banner ft. Lil’ Wayne - Shawty Say [Stream]

Ever ask yourself: when is it too soon to sample a record?  Well, David Banner asked himself that very question and the answer he came up with is “never!” Despite the fact that Lil’ Wayne’s smash hit Lollipop is... Read More


RZA ft. David Banner - Straight Up The Block [Stream]

Does anyone have a clue as to what goes on in RZA’s mind? The Wu-Tang Clan chief takes a trip to another planet (scratch that, universe) with his new track, Straight Up The Block, and doesn’t plan on coming back anytime... Read More


David Banner & DJ Whoo Kid Hook Up For New Mixatpe [Feature ]

New York, NY -- On July 15, David Banner will finally release his long-awaited new album, "The Greatest Story Ever Told." As a precursor to the release, Banner has dropped "The Greatest Mixtape Ever Sold" with G-Unit's DJ... Read More


David Banner ft. Young Jeezy - Hello [Stream]

As a result of the commercial success of his first four albums, his highly-publicized political activism following Hurricane Katrina, and his on-screen debut in the film Black Snake Moan, David Banner has quietly become one... Read More


Bun B ft. Rick Ross, David Banner, 8Ball & MJG - You’re Everything [Stream]

One of the many things that Bun B is quick to display in his work is a representation and loyalty to the Dirty South.  Knowing that he and many of his popular industry-mates are products of their environment, the Port... Read More


Qui ft. David Banner - Rev It Up [Stream]

Born in Mississippi and raised in the Bay Area of California, 20 year old independent singer Qui knows that in order to be the best, you need to work the hardest.  As a daughter to former NFL star and future Hall of... Read More


David Banner ft. Chamillionaire - Ball With Me [Stream]

Though David Banner is capable of extraordinary musical achievement, he knows that only certain songs can sell.  During an interview with DJBooth, David admitted he isn’t in the right place (label politics) to record... Read More


David Banner ft. Chris Brown, Yung Joc & Jim Jones - Get Like Me [Stream]

Somewhere in-between 2003’s Missisippi: The Album and 2005’s Certified, rapper/producer David Banner decided to start constructing his albums similar to DJ Khaled (or maybe it was the other way around?, who knows). ... Read More


David Banner - So Special [Stream]

Acclaimed Mississippi rapper/producer David Banner has always been outspoken; on the track, So Special (from his forthcoming album Greatest Story Ever Told), he makes no exception.  Banner brings attention to the... Read More


David Banner Readies New Album for Fall Release [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Mississippi hip hop icon David Banner is putting the finishing touches on his much anticipated new SRC/Universal Motown album, Greatest Story Ever Told, preparing it for a fall release. The first single from... Read More


David Banner’s New Cartoon “That Crook’d Sipp” on Cartoon Network [Feature ]

New York, NY -- David Banner is set to debut his thought provoking cartoon That Crook'd Sipp this Saturday Night (Sunday morning - May 13th) @ 12:15 AM on the Cartoon Network. That Crook'd Sipp, loosely based on Banner's... Read More


David Banner ft. Akon, Lil’ Wayne & Snoop Dogg - 9MM [Stream]

Christening himself after comic book hero “The Hulk,” David Banner (AKA Levell Crump) has become a superhero of rap.  Growing up in an impoverished and all-too-often racist environment in Mississippi, a young... Read More


David Banner’s Plan To ‘Get Money’: Put Out ‘Best Record Ever’ [Feature ]

BEVERLY HILLS, California — "I want y'all to look around this room," David Banner instructed the audience at the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Awards earlier this summer. "Everybody who's getting awards, next year they... Read More