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Revolutionary Music: How Dead Prez Changed My Life [Feature ]

Dead Prez’s music was never meant for my ears. As a middle-class white kid growing up in the Midwest, my demographic was dead last on the list of targets for the Afrocentric, militant, revolutionary sounds of... Read More


DJ EFN - Survival ft. Juvenile, Dead Prez & Trick Daddy [Stream]

If there is strength in numbers and only the strong survive, then DJ EFN should be around for the long haul. On his latest single, Survival, the South Florida tastemaker secures yet another strong guest list of notable emcees... Read More


dead prez - No Way as the Way [Stream]

In his “Proverbios y Cantares,” the Spanish poet Antonio Machado writes, “Traveler, there is no road / the road is made by walking.” Having amassed enough life experience to realize that no dogma can be all things to... Read More


¡MAYDAY! ft. dead prez - T-N-T [Stream & Download]

The city of Miami has its fair share of fantastic duos. There’s LeBron and Dwyane Wade, Dan LeBatard and his father, Horatio Caine and Eric Delko, Eva Mendes (she counts as two people) and of course ¡MAYDAY! emcees,... Read More


¡MAYDAY! ft. M1 of dead prez & REKS - Internal Wars [Stream]

While the competitive, often cutthroat nature of the music game can’t be denied, the struggle to establish oneself as an artist is as much a battle with one’s inner demons as it is a fight against one’s... Read More


Miami Beat Wave ft. Dead Prez - This is Life [Premiere] [Stream]

There are plenty of hip-hop artists who can be counted on to create high-quality tunes packed with lyrical insight, but truly mind-expanding records are few and far between. If you’ve been craving something a little (or... Read More


dead prez - The Beauty Within [Stream]

Former revolutionaries turned revolutionary gangstas dead prez penned the definitive “I’m going to hit on you by not hitting on you” track with the 2000 release of Mind Sex (with Black Star’s Brown Skin Lady a close... Read More


dead prez ft. Chuck D & Avery Storm - Refuse to Lose [Stream]

dead prez may not be fans of the free market, but they certainly know what’s marketable; seeing the enormous demand for motivational music, M-1 and have teamed up with Jersey’s Avery Storm to supply... Read More


Dead Prez Hold CD Release Show at NYC’s Highline Ballroom [Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- “Everybody make some noise for O-dogg y'all, I’m still so happy Obama made it into office!” yelled M-1 to a house packed with dead prez fanatics. After much applause, the instantly-recognizable... Read More


dead prez ft. Styles P - Gangsta, Gangster [Stream]

As has been stated so many times before, the substitution of an ‘er’ for an ‘a’ can turn a term some hold as a point of pride into one of the vilest slurs in the book (and, depending on who you are and... Read More


Dead Prez - Stimulus Plan [Stream]

Though Dead Prez haven’t released a new studio album since ‘04’s Revolutionary But Gangsta (and have yet to appear on our front page as a duo), this new cut should reassure fans that Stic.Man and M-1 still... Read More


Mannie Fresh & Dead Prez Hook Up In Atlanta For Show in November [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- The World Famous Mic Club/4Kings Entertainment & BMI Atlanta will host super producer Mannie Fresh and underground heavyweights Dead Prez live on the same stage Thursday, November 1, 2007 , 9 p.m. at The CW... Read More