New Dee-1 Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Tank Washington ft. Kydd, Dee-1, ST 2 Lettaz & Cory Kendrix - Pot Luck [Stream & Download]

In a Pot Luck, each individual shares a little of what he or she has to offer (typically food or desserts), and in return gets to sample the wares of everyone else in attendance. Which can be either great or awful, depending... Read More


Dee-1 - Against Us [Stream]

The latest in a long line of Booth-acclaimed up-and-comers to end up on major-label rosters, Dee-1 recently inked a deal with RCA Records. Now that he’s made it to the big league, of course, snakes in the grass are a... Read More


Dee-1 - I’ll Pay for It [Stream]

There’s not a person among us who hasn’t thought, from time to time, about what he or she would do with a billion bucks. Me, I’d probably move to Paris (after setting my mom up in a new crib, of course). New... Read More


Palermo Stone ft. Dee-1 - Freedom Writers [Stream]

Set against the backdrop of the 1992 L.A. riots, 2007 drama Freedom Writers follows an English teacher played by Hilary Swank as she forges a relationship with a class of at-risk students. On Palermo Stone’ debut... Read More


Dee-1 - Only God Can Judge Me [Stream]

Fresh off his national tour with Thrift Shop chart-toppers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Dee-1 is enjoying a higher profile in the game than ever before. Since there’s nothing that bitter failures hate more than watching... Read More


Dee-1 ft. Killer Mike - Never Clockin Out (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Most people get to go home after a hard day’s work; Dee-1, on the other hand, has vowed to make every moment count toward his hustle. Having clocked in the moment he spit his first rhyme, the New Orleans... Read More


Dee-1 - The Focus Tape [Album]

Dee-1, the New Orleans rhymesayer who rose to acclaim on the strength of 2011's DJBooth-hosted I Hope They Hear Me, Vol. 2, has now unleashed that project's highly-anticipated follow-up. Hosted by fellow N.O. native and... Read More


Dee-1 ft. Alania - Pause the Music [Stream & Download]

Dee-1‘s last feature (a Killer Mike-assisted remix of a previously-featured single) found him highlighting the trait that separates him from his less ambitious peers: whereas other need a break from the hustle on... Read More


Dee-1 ft. Mannie Fresh & Yasiin Bey - The Very Best [Stream]

In this era of inflated braggadocio, every rapper and their mother will tell you they’re the greatest to ever touch a mic—even if you don’t believe it, you’ve got to fake delusions of grandeur just to keep... Read More


Dee-1 - Master P [Stream & Download]

President Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, [every notorious gangster both real and fictional], these are just a few of the notable individuals who have been the subject of a hip-hop record, but as you’ve probably noticed... Read More


Dee-1 - SUAG (Shut Up And Grind) [Stream & Download]

Absent from the Booth since January’s release of his I’m On It! (Remix), New Orleans emcee Dee-1 is back on his grind with the appropriately titled SUAG (Shut Up And Grind). Described as being “the new... Read More


Get Informed & Get Involved: #BarackTalk Stream of Pres. Obama’s State of the Union Address [Feature ]

Hip-hop may be stereotypically shallow and materialistic, but the truth is hip-hop has always been politically involved and politically powerful. In that spirit, League Of Young Voters Education Fund, and Rock... Read More


Dee-1 ft. Lil Chuckee & Fiend - I’m On It! (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Though it’s been nearly a year since I Hope They Hear Me (Vol. 2) was released in the Booth, the project’s impact is still being felt. Today, anthemic standout cut I’m on It returns in officially remixed... Read More


Dee-1 - My American Dream [Stream & Download]

With myriad rappers currently airing their frustrations with the bleak socioeconomic climate, Dee-1 is offering a positive antidote to the faulty value system that got us into this mess in the first place. On album leak My... Read More


The Road to A3C: Dee-1 [Feature ]

DJBooth is proud to announce that the Dee-1 will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. Born and raised in New Orleans, Dee-1 shares the same struggles as the legendary artists that put the 504 on... Read More


Dee-1 - Jump! [Freestyle] [Stream]

UPDATE: “Jump (Freestyle)” is no longer available to stream. Looking back to the days of watching The Ultimate Warrior and Jimmy Snuka flying across my Zenith in the evenings always provides a feeling of... Read More


Dee-1 - Never Clockin Out [Stream & Download]

We always knew that Dee-1 was going places, and now The Source is following our lead. The magazine’s current “Unsigned Hype” pick, the New Orleans repper (and freestyle series alumnus) fills us in on the... Read More


Dee-1 - Cornerback Blitz [Stream & Download]

Dee-1 may not be a household name (except in Booth readers’ households), but mark my words: one day he’s gonna sneak up, and come right out of nowhere to change the game—in other words, he’s gonna pull... Read More


Dee-1 - Blue [Video]

Dee-1 is fed up with the BS on his new video Blue, an inside look at an artist who doesn’t know how to be anything but true to himself. For more of that real rap be sure to check out his IHTHM2 project, available for... Read More


Dee-1 - Spell Check [Stream]

UPDATE: “Spell Check” is no longer available to stream. After an extended hiatus, the Freestyle Series makes its triumphant return to our pages. Entry #242 comes courtesy of Dee-1, the New Orleans... Read More


Dee-1 Spits “Spell Check” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Dee-1, the New Orleans representative who hooked up with DJBooth to drop I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2 back in March, has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #242 in our Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Dee-1 - The One That Got Away! [Stream]

From the recently released and Booth-acclaimed mixtape I Hope They Hear Me (Vol. 2), Dee-1’s The One That Got Away is a playful ode to the absolute worst kind of missed opportunity. Producer Mannie Fresh provides a smooth... Read More


DJBoothTV Sits Down With “Hope They Hear Me” Author Dee-1 [Video]

A New Orleans native with plenty to say and the skills to get heads’ attention, Dee-1 introduced himself to the Booth by offering some constructive criticism to rap’s reigning heavyweights on mixtape single... Read More


DJBoothTV Sits Down With “Hope They Hear Me” Author Dee-1 [Feature ]

A New Orleans native with plenty to say and the skills to get heads' attention, Dee-1 introduced himself to the Booth by offering some constructive criticism to rap's reigning heavyweights on mixtape single “Jay, 50 and... Read More


Dee-1 - I Hope They Hear Me (Vol. 2) [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee Dee-1 has joined forces with and O.M.A.R. Entertainment to bring fans his latest street release, I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2. The project finds the New Orleans representative showcasing his... Read More


Dee-1 ft. Murs & Syreeta Neal - Ridin’ by Myself [Stream & Download]

For some, cruising the interstate on one’s lonesome is, well, lonesome. For others, like New Orleans emcee Dee-1, there’s no better company when one’s looking to decompress from the daily grind than the open... Read More


Dee-1 - It’s My Turn [Stream & Download]

In the brutally-competitive music game, it’s not unusual for an up-and-comer to spend years hoping and praying before finally getting a shot at greatness (that’s if he or she doesn’t give up first). Dee-1,... Read More


Dee-1 - Jay, 50 and Weezy [Stream]

Sigmund Freud (in)famously stated that every dream represents the fulfillment of a wish. While I’m sure we all could think of counter-examples to that theory, the dream Booth newcomer Dee-1 describes on new single Jay,... Read More