New Def Beach Society Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Def Beach Society - PRAY [Stream & Download]

With summer on the horizon I’m sure many of our readers are planning a trip to the beach (unless, of course, you are lucky enough to live by one). For some, just hoping might actually be enough to get you to a normal beach,... Read More


Def Beach Society - Freedom [Stream & Download]

From the title of their latest single, Freedom, it might seem that Virginia Beach trio Def Beach Society are in search of some independence, but after one listen its safe to say that they’ve already attained it and much... Read More


Def Beach Society - Hold Up [Stream & Download]

If the climate in your city of residence is anything like it is around my way, it’s unlikely you’re going to be doing any top-down cruising for several months. With that said, those looking for a little something... Read More


Def Beach Society ft. Cave Johnson - Sweet Lemonade [Stream & Download]

There’s nothing like a tall glass of Sweet Lemonade to make a sunny day even better. The latest single off Def Beach Society‘s latest album (and the Virginia Beach crew’s first Booth feature), this... Read More