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Deniro Farrar Enters Our Booth to Feed The Cult (“Bless the Booth” Exclusive) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube Another week, another blessing. Following entries from Casey Veggies, Locksmith, Emilio Rojas and, most recently, Chaz French, we have reached the... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Same Ole Sh*t ft. Duru Tha King [Stream]

With his Rebirth now in the past, Deniro Farrar wasted little time getting involved in a new project. On Thursday, the Charlotte native released Cliff Of Death II, a seven track EP with producer Young God. The standout... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Tired [Stream]

It’s been nearly a year since Deniro Farrar released his Rebirth EP, but the North Carolina representative is still riding the wave, releasing a fresh set of Anthony Supreme and Mike Marasco-directed visuals for the... Read More


Duru Tha King - Corrupted ft. Deniro Farrar [Stream]

Did you take a shower this morning? If so, you’re gonna want to make time for another. Duru Tha King’s latest single, Corrupted, is so grimy you’re gonna feel dirty after listening—and I mean that in the best way... Read More


Deniro Farrar x Denzel Curry - Feel Like That [Stream]

Last Friday, Deniro Farrar and Denzel Curry hit the road as co-headliners on the national Bow Down Tour. On the fence about copping tickets? Not to worry; to help you decide, the collaborators have unleashed a fresh promo... Read More


Duru Tha King ft. Deniro Farrar - SET [Stream]

Duru Tha King‘s first and, to date, only Booth feature saw him taking a blunted voyage to Planet High. On freshly-minted follow-up SET (an exclusive world premiere!), on the other hand, the Charlotte repper has his feet... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Rebirth [Album]

In 2013, Deniro Farrar had his most exciting year to date, dropping two acclaimed mixtapes (The Patriarch and The Patriarch II) and capping things off by inking a joint contract with Vice Records and Warner Bros. Now, the... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Notice [Stream]

If the hip-hop world were a highway, a new single would be a billboard, always making you Notice an upcoming attraction, or in this case, a future album release. With that in mind, I think it’s safe to say Deniro... Read More


Deniro Farrar ft. Tang - Devils [Stream]

As the cliché goes, it’s not paranoia if everyone really is out to get you. On his latest promo single, premiering in the Booth along with its gritty official visuals, Deniro Farrar asks the Man Upstairs for protection... Read More


Denzel Curry & Deniro Farrar - Bow Down [Stream]

Since you’re browsing the Booth, I’m going to go ahead and guess you’re sitting down, with your Internet-connected device of choice resting either on a desk or on your lap. That position just won’t do... Read More


Blue Sky Black Death ft. Gucci Mane, Deniro Farrar, Nacho Picasso & Mack Shine - Keys [Stream]

Blue Sky Black Death, the Seattle-based beat crew who brought us Valley of Kings back in May, have just unleashed their latest project, a five-track collection of 10-minute, shoegaze-informed cuts created on a ‘99... Read More


Deniro Farrar - FREE TUNE [Stream]

You might see the title of Deniro Farrarr’s latest video single, FREE TUNE, and think that it is downloadable for free (which it in fact is) but, actually, this DJBooth premiere is about something you can’t put a price... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Danger [Stream]

On his last Booth feature, a single off his recently-released The Patriarch EP, Deniro Farrar filled us in on a few of the Fears that haunt him on the daily—including the possibility that he might become his city’s... Read More


Rich Kidd ft. Deniro Farrar - It’s Real Like That [Stream]

If you ask Rich Kidd, there are three things you should never leave home without: “a Philly to smoke,” “a jimmy to poke” and “a semiautomatic under your coat.” Why? ‘Cause It’s Real Like That. That... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Feel Right [Stream]

You could handpick the best emcee and producer in the entire world and have them collaborate, but there is no guarantee it would result in something amazing. Since the chemistry and singular vibe between an emcee and producer... Read More


Deniro Farrar ft. JMSN - Separate [Stream]

Today, North Carolina rhymesayer Deniro Farrar dropped the sequel to this March’s much-buzzed-about The Patriarch street album. Not wanting his project to get lost in the shuffle amidst today’s myriad high-profile... Read More


Spadez x Deniro Farrar - City on My Back [Stream]

The other day, as I was loading up my car for a long trip, my back started to hurt thanks to all of the bags I had to carry. I feel like a fool for complaining, though, because my burden can’t even compare to Deniro... Read More


Deniro Farrar - The Reasons [Stream]

Deniro Farrar has experienced and seen many of the hardships life has to offer and luckily for those of you listening from the other side of the tracks, he’s shared he woes today in the form of The Reasons. Producer... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Fears [Stream & Download]

Everybody’s scared of something—even an emcee as cold as Deniro Farrar. On the lead single off his next EP, his first feature since last October’s Back-Forth-Back, the Charlotte representative fills us in on a... Read More


Deniro Farrar x Shady Blaze - Back-Forth-Back [Stream & Download]

When you’re working your way from the bottom to the top, there are inevitably going to be dry spells; long, frustrating weeks and months spent busting your ass, running Back and Forth and Back again without any tangible... Read More


JMSN ft. Gilbere Forte, ANTHM & Deniro Farrar - Somewhere (JMSN Remix) [Stream & Download]

If you’re familiar with Detroit singer/songwriter/producer JMSN‘s hypnotizing †Priscilla† cut Somewhere then you’re probably wondering how in the world three very different emcees were able to work their... Read More


Deniro Farrar - Look at the Sky [Stream]

Plenty of artists have attempted to fuse hip-hop and electronic music, but never quite like this. On Look at the Sky, the latest single off Deniro Farrar‘s forthcoming album, Fools Gold duo Flosstradamus combine... Read More


Deniro Farrar ft. SL Jones - Subconscious [Stream & Download]

What lurks in the depths of Booth newcomer Deniro Farrar‘s psyche? On a newly-leaked mixtape standout, the First in Flight State repper gives us the lowdown, laying bare his Subconscious mind over David... Read More


Deniro Farrar ft. Emilio Rojas - Devil’s Pie (F*ck The Slice) [Stream & Download]

Booth newcomer Deniro Farrar‘s life to date hasn’t been a piece of cake—in fact, it’s been more like a Devil’s Pie. On the latest single off his forthcoming full-length, the Charlotte repper... Read More