New Devin Miles Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Devin Miles - The System [Stream]

Last October, Devin Miles released his P I X B U R G H album to reader approval, and today the Pittsburgh emcee is back to kick off the new year with The System. Producer and fellow Steel City repper Christo lays down a... Read More


Devin Miles - P I X B U R G H [Album]

Standing strong at 500,000 YouTube views coupled with a million Soundcloud plays, Devin Miles is the latest self-made voice from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On his debut full-length, the indie buzzmaker is fixing to show... Read More


Devin Miles - No Different [Stream]

Devin Miles‘s previous features have all packed skillful rhymes and quality production—traits that have won the Pittsburgh spitter high praise from the Booth readership. His latest effort is No Different. A promo cut... Read More


Michael Christmas & Devin Miles - The Brain Busters [Stream]

When Booth faves collaborate, beautiful things happen. Here to prove that fairly-self-evident assertion are freestyle series alumnus Devin Miles and Top Prospect Michael Christmas, with a record that’ll make you say,... Read More


Devin Miles - Came Up [Stream]

Great men and women never lack for enemies—and more often than not, their most vociferous critics are the closest to home. On his latest promo cut, Devin Miles lets haters in his native Pittsburgh and beyond know that... Read More


Devin Miles ft. TreeJay - Notice [Stream]

In Devin Miles’ world, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. That’s why the Pittsburgh rhymesayer feels fully empowered to talk sh*t, without giving the slightest thought to who hears him. As he explains... Read More


Devin Miles - Hella Late [Stream]

While Devin Miles didn’t schedule a follow-up appointment when he dropped by back in March with Booth-exclusive freestyle Where the DJs At?, I think it’s safe to say that he’s Hella Late. I mean, three... Read More


Devin Miles - Where the DJs At? [Stream]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More


Anti-Lilly & Phoniks ft. Devin Miles - Blue Dream (Remix) [Stream]

Anti-Lilly & Phoniks, the emcee-producer duo who brought us Rothko back in December, are back to jump-start their 2014 with another fresh single off their collaborative debut. Sharing a title with previously-featured jams... Read More


Devin Miles - 4:12am [Stream]

During the hours after midnight, when most of us are fast asleep, underground emcees are struggling to keep bleary eyes open as they lay down the final verses of the evening—or, technically, the morning. A true night owl,... Read More


Devin Miles - In Due Time EP [Album]

Following the success of his previous project, This Is How I Live, R.L.E.S. Society representer Devin Miles is preparing to unleash In Due Time, a 6-track EP filled with more skilled rhymes from the Pittsburgh native. Along... Read More


Devin Miles ft. Christo - Higher [Stream]

Ladies, I hope you have a pack of gum, some Dramamine and an airsickness bag handy, because Devin Miles is about to take you “Higher than you’ve ever been.” On his latest EP single, the follow-up to March’s... Read More


Devin Miles - The Cure [Stream]

Mediocre beats and rhymes have you feeling under the weather? Devin Miles has The Cure for what ails you. On his latest promo single, coming on the heels of January’s Beep Beep, the Pittsburgh rhymesayer showcases the... Read More


Devin Miles ft. Choo Jackson - Beep Beep [Stream & Download]

One of my all-time biggest driving pet peeves are people who lay on their horn when they could just as easily have politely honked. Now, think of Devin Miles’ latest offering as the latter. Instead of a loud, over-indulgent... Read More


Devin Miles - The Rise (Timente Asurgund) [Stream]

I may not know Devin Miles personally, but based on the visuals for his latest song, The Rise (Timente Asurgund), I can safely say Miles is a fan of horror movies. How else can you explain Miles lurking in a creepy, red room... Read More


Devin Miles - Never End [Stream]

Fresh off earning reader approval for the blunted Smoke Break, Devin Miles returns to our pages with yet another brand new promo single. As the title suggests, Never End is a reflection on eternity—specifically with regard... Read More


Devin Miles - Smoke Break [Stream & Download]

I think the one thing that I miss most about college is all the free time that I had for napping. My favorite nap of the week would come on Friday, just after my classes ended and a few hours before the studying parties... Read More


Devin Miles - Some Shxt [Stream & Download]

You know it’s Some Shxt when a rap record concludes with an audio clip from Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald’s This Is It.  Pittsburgh-representer Devin Miles doesn’t shy away from making this bold... Read More


Devin Miles x LE$ - Houston Astro (Remix) [Stream]

Although Pennsylvania rapper Devin Miles calls Pittsburgh home that didn’t stop the him from featuring a song titled Houston Astro on his This Is How I Live project (available for free stream and download on The... Read More


Devin Miles - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly [Stream]

Having released his new, DJBooth-hosted street album to widespread acclaim, Devin Miles continues his promotional push with the project’s latest video single, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Featuring visuals courtesy... Read More


Devin Miles - This Is How I Live [Album]

The DJBooth has joined forces with R.L.E.S. Society to unleash Devin Miles’ new street album, the aptly titled This Is How I Live. Featuring eleven new tracks from the Pittsburgh native, including the highly-rated... Read More


Tayyib Ali ft. Devin Miles - 412/215 [Stream & Download]

Two of the most talented representatives of their respective hometowns, Philadelphia’s Tayyib Ali and Pittsburgh’s Devin Miles collide on the former’s latest promo single, Keystone State anthem 412/215.... Read More


Devin Miles ft. Scolla - Fade (Theme Song) [Stream & Download]

When you’re looking to set the mood for a memorable night, finding the right soundtrack is a vital consideration. Just ask Devin Miles, who goes so far as to create his own Theme Song for the evening on new promo... Read More


Devin Miles - So Alive [Stream & Download]

How’s the hustle been treating Devin Miles since he stepped into the Booth with Vinny Chase back in September? Pretty damn good, judging by the Pittsburgh hopeful’s latest promo single, So Alive. On this... Read More


Devin Miles - Vinny Chase [Stream & Download]

As a talented up-and-comer hustling to make his way in a crowded industry, it’s no surprise that Devin Miles identifies with rising actor Vinny Chase, the central character of HBO series Entourage. On his latest LP... Read More


Devin Miles - SuperBad [Stream & Download]

Pittsburgh native Devin Miles has got a little buzz going. From gracing the cover of JENESIS Magazine to mentions by The Source and large scale downloads of his debut EP. Finding My Own, it looks like Mr. Miles is finding his... Read More


Devin Miles - All Good [Stream & Download]

Rappers who let haters’ words get under their skin would do well to remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Devin Miles clearly knows what the First... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Devin Miles & BrandUn DeShay - Too Cool [Stream & Download]

Young Scolla has teamed up with Pittsburgh’s Devin Miles and Chicago’s BrandUn DeShay for his new promo single, Too Cool. Produced by The University, Too Cool is not currently attached to a larger project. Read More


Devin Miles ft. Fashawn - So Real [Stream & Download]

Your average up-and-coming rapper might be able to claim a 60-70 percent realness level. Maybe 90, on a particularly hard-hitting record. For Booth newcomer Devin Miles, however, nothing less than perfection will do – in... Read More