New DJ JS-1 Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


DJ JS-1 ft. Ill Bill & Slaine - Profeshionals [Stream]

In a hip-hop game glutted with amateurs, DJ JS-1 and his colleagues are consummate Profeshionals. Don’t believe me? Simply hit play on the Brooklyn mainstay’s latest single, and hear for yourself. From the... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. Breeze Brewin’, Homeboy Sandman & Kyle Rapps - 110 Percent [Stream]

In an era when many big-name artists seem determined to put in as little effort as possible, DJ JS-1 never fails to go out there and give it 110 Percent, nor do his collaborators on the other side of the boards. Nowhere is... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. MURS & Fashawn - Whatever It Takes [Stream]

On Turn the Tables, the lead single off his latest compilation album, DJ JS-1 and guest spitter O.C. aggressively repudiated the rapper-centric culture of contemporary hip-hop, which pushes the crucial contributions of DJs... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. O.C. - Turn the Tables [Stream]

Often, the phrase “It is what it is,” is used to shut down discussion by suggesting that things can’t be otherwise than as they are. That fatalistic perspective doesn’t hold any water with DJ JS-1, who turns... Read More


Fjer ft. Substantial & DJ JS-1 - Children (QN5 Remix) [Stream]

Since I had to look it up, I’ll give y’all a hint right off the top: Fjer is pronounced like “fear,” not “fuh-jer,” and it’s Danish for “feather.” The moniker definitely fits, judging by the... Read More


Syler ft. DJ JS-1 & Nitty Scott, MC - Dusk Till Dawn [Stream]

An up-and-coming rapper and producer hailing from Long Island, New York, Syler makes his grand entrance into The DJBooth with the lead single and title track off his next LP. An anthem for anyone who’s ever sacrificed... Read More


DJ JS-1 & DJ Skizzmaster Offer “The Official 2011 CMJ Mixtape” for Streaming & Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The DJBooth has come together with Diamond Media 360 to bring listeners The Official 2011 CMJ Mixtape, a compilation showcasing the many underground and up-and-coming hip-hop artists participating in this... Read More


DJ JS-1 & DJ Skizz - The Official 2011 CMJ Mixtape [Album]

The DJBooth and Diamond Media 360 have come together to bring listeners The Official 2011 CMJ Mixtape. The project finds DJ JS-1 of the Rocksteady Crew and DJ Skizz of WNYU’s Halftime Show (89.1 FM NYC) each serving up... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. Tonedeff - Last To Know [Stream & Download]

Though DJ JS-1‘s been in the game for years, there are still all too many people out there who would tell him how to run his career. On new single Last to Know, the NYC native recruits frequent collaborator Tonedeff to... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz, Freddie Foxxx - Reppin NY [Stream & Download]

This reminds me of when radio usde to be great and DJs broke records live on air. Remember? Probably not. This is that New York City sound. I use to stay up late during my teenage years trying to get Hot 97 way up in... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. KRS-One & Rahzel - Boom Slap [Stream & Download]

A Big Apple native with strong opinions on the state of hip-hop (see the previously-featured Like This), DJ JS-1 flies his old-school flag proudly on new album leak Boom Slap. Here, the headliner serves up a gritty,... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. Large Professor - Like This [Stream]

DJ JS-1 is one opinionated guy; in his MySpace blog, the Brooklyn native has posted lengthy, unapologetically controversial rants against Christmas, cell phones, people who walk—oh, and just about every single person... Read More