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Interview: Starlito & Don Trip Continue to Grow Together on Third Step Brothers Album [Feature ]

“Et tu, Brute?” is the phrase Shakespeare wrote as Julius Caesar's final words. History revokes the authenticity of this quote—it’s been said that Caesar died in dead silence—but I love... Read More


Don Trip’s “Godspeed” Was One of the Most Overlooked Albums of 2015 [Feature ]

It’s basically the end of the year for music. Sure, we’ll continue to receive new albums and mixtapes until December 31, but your favorite outlets have already turned in their ‘best of’ lists... Read More


Don Trip - Man on the Moon [Stream & Download]

Lately, Don Trip‘s been feeling as fly as an astronaut looking down on the Earth from the lunar surface. And the haters? He’d need a high-powered telescope to even see ‘em. Coming on the heels of... Read More


Don Trip - Open Letter [Stream]

One month after garnering positive Booth reviews for promo single Therapy, Don Trip returns to our front page with a musical Open Letter to… actually, I have no f**king idea. After a listen to the Memphis... Read More


Don Trip ft. Singa Bromfield - Therapy [Stream]

The title of Don Trip‘s last Booth feature was unfortunately apt, since it was followed by a Break from the Booth of nearly a year. Now that he’s finally back on our front page, he’s got a few things to get... Read More


Don Trip - Break [Stream]

As much as we love the holidays, there is a downside; that first day back to work always seems like the worst day ever (unless you happen to work for No matter how many days off you might have had it never seems... Read More


Don Trip - Prolly [Stream]

With the exception of Allen Iverson, a single that pretty much everyone in the Booth recognized as stellar, Don Trip‘s Booth features to date have been polarizing, with some digging the Memphis buzzmaker’s... Read More


Don Trip ft. Jeremih - Still Got Love 4 Ya [Stream]

First impressions are a trip. That’s why you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or a song by it’s title. Don Trip lays out the ground rules for “what it is and what it’s gonna be” on... Read More


Don Trip - Like Me [Stream]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Don Trip’s Joe Yung Spike-directed “Like Me” video. Got beef with Don Trip? Well, he could care less. On the latest release off his forthcoming Gangsta... Read More


Don Trip - Allen Iverson [Stream & Download]

With his highly-anticipated Gangsta Grillz tape slated for release during NBA All-Star Weekend, it’s only right that Don Trip dedicate a record to a favorite baller. On the latest single off the project, the Memphis... Read More


Don Trip Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

Forget everything you thought you knew about Memphis, Tennessee and its hip-hop scene--especially if you learned it from watching Hustle & Flow. An rising rap star who takes as much inspiration from Jay-Z, Outkast and 2Pac as... Read More


Don Trip - The Life [Stream]

Previously featured as a guest artist on records by David Banner (Do Work) and Gilbere Forte (We Do This), Don Trip steps into the solo Booth spotlight with The Life, a newly-released single off his forthcoming Interscope... Read More


David Banner ft. Don Trip - Do Work [Stream]

David Banner may make this rap sh*t look easy, but don’t let his effortless Swag (or should that be “meta-Swag”?) fool you. For the Jackson, Mississippi representative, staying fresh and fly as he stacks... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Don Trip - We Do This [Stream & Download]

Tomorrow, Gilbere Forte’ and numerous other talented up-and-comers will be joining forces to fundraise for musical education as part of and the J. Dilla Foundation‘s Give Back showcase (click here for... Read More