New Dre-Ski Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Dre-Ski - So Far So Close [Stream]

When you’re a rap hopeful just starting to get a serious buzz up, the success you’ve always dreamed of can feel like it’s simultaneously right around the corner and light years away. Just ask Virginia Beach... Read More


Dre-Ski - Cloud 8.7 [Album]

Ill Vibes and proudly present CLOUD 8.7, the highly-anticipated new mixtape from Virginia Beach native and DMV representative Dre-Ski. A year in the making, the project features 14 tracks’ worth of new... Read More


Dre-Ski - Go On & Try [Stream]

A laissez-faire approach to relationships may make for good times in the short term, but behind every player and “playette” lie numerous burned bridges and broken hearts. Newly-leaked mixtape cut Go On & Try (making... Read More


Dre-Ski ft. Dub - We Ride [Stream]

August 2010 may be at an end (damn – that was quick!), but those who haven’t taken full advantage of the summer still have a few more weeks of sunny weather to spend rolling through the streets of their local... Read More


Dre-Ski Debuts “Why I Hustle” Video at [Exclusive] [Feature ]

Virginia Beach, Va. -- Back in January, up-and-coming emcee (and freestyle series contributor) Dre-Ski brought us the world premiere of "Why I Hustle," a mixtape leak which won rave reviews from our readers. Now, the DMV... Read More


Dre-Ski ft. Nike Nando - Music & Sound [Stream]

If you’re worried that Dre-Ski‘s latest album leak, making its world premiere in the Booth, won’t live up to its title, allow me to allay your doubts; Music & Sound does indeed consist of a pattern of... Read More


Dre-Ski - Calm Your Taste Budz [Album]

Ill Vibes and proudly present Calm Your Taste Budz, the pre-cursor to Dre-Ski‘s forthcoming album Cloud 8.7.  This ten-track mixtape, which was recorded in just two days, allows fans of the DMV... Read More


Dre-Ski Premieres Video for Booth-Exclusive “Hotline” Freestyle [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Earlier this month, "It's Getting Old" emcee Dre-Ski stepped into the Booth with "Hotline," the 126th entry in our Freestyle Series. Now, the Virginia Beach native is back to bring fans the... Read More


Dre-Ski - Why We Hustle [Stream]

On his last non-freestyle feature, It’s Getting Old, Dre-Ski sounded a little exasperated with the unceasing grind that comes with being an up-and-coming emcee. Fortunately for the Virgina Beach native and his fans, new... Read More


Dre-Ski - Hotline [Stream & Download]

The 126th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Dre-Ski, the Virginia Beach up-and-comer who earned reader acclaim for Empty Paradise and It’s Getting Old. On his brand new, previously-unreleased... Read More


Dre-Ski Spits “Hotline” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. - Dre-Ski, the Virginia Beach up-and-comer who earned reader acclaim for Empty Paradise and It's Getting Old, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 126th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Dre-Ski - It’s Getting Old [Stream]

Early this month, Dre-Ski hit a home run in the Booth with his first feature, the hypnotically head-nodding, J. Cole-produced Empty Paradise. Now, the D.C. rapper’s back to turn his smash-hit Booth debut into a winning... Read More


Dre-Ski ft. Marky - Empty Paradise [Stream]

Every so often a track comes along that put you into a trance, subconsciously forcing you to nod your head and tap your foot. Case in point: the supremely smooth Empty Paradise, a fresh track by newcomer Dre-Ski that’s also... Read More