New Dujeous Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Dujeous ft. Immortal Technique - I Witness [Stream]

If rap is, as Chuck D, famously claimed, the “black CNN,” then you can consider Dujeous a crack team of investigative journalists. On a new single off their next street album, the Booth-approved crew hook up with... Read More


Dujeous ft. Skyzoo - Throne (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Back in the day, you’d challenge your rival to a duel by throwing down a gauntlet. Well, you can consider Duejous’ latest feature an iron glove spiked in the faces of rap’s reigning heavyweights. On this... Read More


Dujeous - No Competition [Stream & Download]

If there are any acts out there who can measure up to Dujeous’ brand of underground freshness, the Big Apple crew haven’t encountered ‘em yet. No Competition, the latest promo single off their forthcoming... Read More


Dujeous - Patron [Stream & Download]

Not the type to leave a job half done, Big Apple crew Dujeous finnish the whole bottle of Patron on this newly-leaked “FreEP” inclusion. Taylormade Sounds keeps things appropriately off-kiler on the production... Read More


Dujeous - Throne [Stream & Download]

Formerly regular visitors to our front page, Dujeous have been conspicuously absent from the Booth since bringing us the bummed-out but dope Death & Taxes back in December ‘09. Well, I’m happy to say that the... Read More


Dujeous - Death & Taxes [Stream]

To paraphrase the great Isaac Newton, every action has its equal and opposite reaction – and for Dujeous’ latest single, the uplifting Spectacular, that reaction is gloomy B-side Death and Taxes. Centered more on the... Read More


Dujeous ft. Sharon Jones - Spectacular [Stream]

I don’t know about everyone else, but if ever I needed motivational music, now is the time. With the gloomy Minneapolis winter in full swing, the idea of curling up in a cave and sleeping till spring is seeming more and... Read More


Dujeous “Break Bread” In Brand New Video [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Dujeous, the NYC hip-hop ensemble that recently contributed "Shuttle Bus" to our exclusive freestyle series, have premiered a brand new video for "Break Bread," a single originally featured back in October of... Read More


Dujeous & Jigsaw Spit “Shuttle Bus” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Dujeous, the NYC hip-hop group our readers may remember from single "Break Bread" and the highly-rated "Uptown," have stepped into the Booth with Bronx emcee Jigsaw to bring us the tenth entry in our exclusive... Read More


Dujeous ft. Jigsaw - Shuttle Bus [Stream]

UPDATE: “Shuttle Bus” is no longer available to stream. The tenth entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Dujeous, the NYC hip-hop group who brought the Booth cuts like Into Night and the... Read More


Dujeous Drops “No Clearance: The Mixtape” [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- For the last three months, NYC hip-hop group Dujeous have been releasing weekly tracks as part of their No Clearance series, all featuring impossible-to-clear samples from a genre-crossing array of featured... Read More


Dujeous ft. Joe Cuba - Uptown [Stream]

Every Tuesday, seven-man group Dujeous releases an uncleared, uncut joint; on January 20, every one of these releases will be packaged together to form a No Clearance: The Series compilation.  On the fourth installment... Read More


Dujeous ft. The Shins - Into Night [Stream]

The e-streets are currently the hottest place to push your product, and no one understands this better than New York’s illest hip-hop band, Dujueous.  Every Tuesday, the group will drop an uncleared and uncut joint... Read More


Dujeous - Break Bread ft. John Legend & Maya Azucena [Stream]

After spending years selling out clubs in the New York underground circuit, seven-man band Dujeous is set to drop their sophomore album, Day In, Day Out, this November.  Pronounced doo-jee-us, these explosive live... Read More