New Duran Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Duran - Circles ft. Willie Hyn [Stream]

Duran has apparently been toking some of that good good recently, as the unsigned buzzmaker has been driving around in Circles while crafting one hell of a soundtrack to a spacey, zoned-out highway cruise. On his latest... Read More


Duran - Invisible Movement (Die Slow) [Stream]

It’s been a hot minute—more than a year, in fact—since Duran blessed our pages with his last feature, Almost Perfect. What’s he been up to in the meantime? A lot of thinking, for one thing. On Invisible... Read More


Duran - Almost Perfect [Stream]

No matter how much sh*t you have to go through on a daily basis, having the right person to come home to in the evening makes it all worthwhile. (Conversely, of course, coming home to the wrong person can wreck even the most... Read More


Duran - Truth Hurts [Stream]

UPDATE: “Truth Hurts” is no longer available to stream. Sometimes, the truth is easy to handle. For example, the truth is that Maryland emcee Duran can really spit. Sometimes, however, the Truth Hurts. While... Read More


Duran - Stargazers: The Preamble [Album]

Maryland rhymesayer Duran has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Stargazers: The Preamble. The project features 12 original jams from the up-and-coming emcee, including... Read More


Duran - She Gon Learn Tonight [Stream]

Duran‘s December Booth debut, I See Stars, found the emcee fantasizing about the fame and fortune in his future over ethereal boardwork, by Mike Aaron. For the follow-up, the Maryland representative shifts his focus to... Read More


Duran - I See Stars [Stream]

Duran may not be an astronomer; he might not even have a telescope. Nonetheless he is no stranger to stargazing. Making his Booth debut with I See Stars, the Maryland native combines a few styles and techniques over a spacey... Read More