New Dynas Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Dynas & Tony Galvin - Busy ft. DJ Klassik [Stream]

It’s been some time since we last heard from Dynas in the Booth - over two years to be specific - but the Florida native and former Rawkus and BBE signee makes his return today, as he’s teamed up with producer... Read More


Dynas ft. Hassaan Mackey & AG Lyonz - Manhood [Stream & Download]

Dynas’ last feature, Redrum, was a low-concept lyrical free-for-all which found him trading aggressive verses with REKS and Aarophat. For the follow-up, the Magic City emcee takes a detour into more personal,... Read More


Dynas & DJ Klassik ft. REKS & Aarophat - Redrum [Stream & Download]

Last featured in 2009, when he spit Henny & Coke for our soon-to-return exclusive freestyle series, Dynas is back to turn The DJBooth into an abbatoir with blood-spattered single Redrum. Here, the Magic City rhymesayer... Read More

rising-pledge-0531111 Presents The Rising: PL3DGE Edition [Feature ]

Miami, Fla. -- has teamed up with Last Rights, 2DopeBoyz, and Pyramid Builders to present The Rising: PL3DGE Edition, the latest installment of Miami's premier live music series. Going down June 17, at... Read More


Vagabonds ft. Dynas - Here We Go [Stream & Download]

With a name like Vagabonds, you’d think that group members E.R. and Baysiqly were a notorious grouping of miscreants complacent with making a cacophony of noise. Well, if by “miscreants” you mean “badass Miami... Read More


Dynas Spits “Henny & Coke” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Dynas, the Florida native who recently teamed up with the legendary Slick Rick on album track "Family Jewels," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 101st entry in our Freestyle Series. On... Read More


Dynas - Henny & Coke [Stream & Download]

The 101st entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Dynas, the Florida native who recently teamed up with the legendary Slick Rick on album inclusion Family Jewels. On his brand new Henny & Coke... Read More


Dynas ft. Slick Rick - Family Jewels [Stream]

As we all witnessed last year, electoral candidates are often met with just as much skepticism as praise. However, there is a runner this year that has been getting his share of votes to remain on his throne, and has no... Read More


Dynas - Totally Tanya [Stream]

True love is a great start, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to make the damn thing work.  Dynas, the Miami rapper introduced to the Booth via Lex One‘s Heat, is well aware that passion and compatibility... Read More


Lex One ft. Bishop Brigante & Dynas - Heat [Stream]

Back in October of ‘08, double-threat emcee/producer Lex One‘s first feature split Booth reviewers into two camps; though many appreciated Queen for what it was—a mellow, female-oriented record with plenty of... Read More