New Earl Sweatshirt Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


How Earl Sweatshirt Taught Me to Overcome My Insecurities [Feature ]

“The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.” —Robert Hughes Exaggerated self-belief has always been worn by rappers as... Read More


Meet Mach-Hommy, Earl Sweatshirt’s New Favorite Rapper [Feature ]

I’ve always been fascinated with who my favorite rappers’ favorite rappers are. Growing up, if I’d see one of my favorite rappers co-signing an artist or an album, I’d be the first to check... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt Has Begun Work On a New Album, Get Excited [Feature ]

After the goldmine of great releases that made up 2016, the new year is off to an unsurprisingly strong start. While January provided few high-profile releases outside of Migos, February has given us plenty of star... Read More


10 Hip-Hop Songs Under Two Minutes We Wish Were Longer [Feature ]

Don't you just hate it when a song you love is too short? The internet may have crippled our attention spans (thanks a lot, Vine), but a great song will always hold our ears for longer than our impatient minds... Read More


10 Times a Rapper’s Guest Feature Hijacked Their Entire Song [Feature ]

Despite the hip-hop landscape seemingly morphing into a much friendlier space in recent years, with rappers much more likely to collaborate than go to war, the spirit of competition is still deeply ingrained into the... Read More


The Metamorphosis of a Lyricist: Earl Sweatshirt’s Artistic Evolution [Feature ]

Earl Sweatshirt’s self-titled, debut mixtape was like listening to a king cobra sink poisonous fangs into my eardrums. Venom dripped from every offensive lyric and derogatory line. I cringed after hearing... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt Hooks Up with Knxwledge, Reminds Us He’s Great [Feature ]

Last year Earl Sweatshirt released a new album (I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside), hinted at a name change, labeled Drake a "culture vulture," and fired shots at Eminem on social media. Through the first seven... Read More


How Odd Future’s Break Up is Birthing Solo Success [Feature ]

Odd Future, a large group that appeared as a weird collective of misfits that didn’t fit the conventional idea of a rap group. They were more punks who knew a thing or two about rejection. They cursed their fathers for... Read More


Drake Privilege? Earl Sweatshirt Accuses the Star of Being a “Vulture” [Feature ]

Drake has always been known to hop on a the flow of the moment, but apparently that isn't sitting well with one former member of Odd Future. On Twitter, Earl Sweatshirt voiced concern about Drake's practice of... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt Hints at Name Change, Doesn’t Want to Be “a Joke Forever” [Feature ]

[Image via DiarmuiF] Earl may soon be taking off his sweatshirt for good. The LA-based rapper and former Odd Future member took to Twitter yesterday to reveal a possible switch in his rap moniker, as he seems to have... Read More


The Dysfunctional Brotherhood of Tyler & Earl [Feature ]

When you announced your engagement, I wondered what happened to the kid that I used to watch chase girls around the monkey bars in elementary school. When you devoted your free time to The Nation of Islam, I wondered what... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt Finally Finds Himself on “I Don’t Like Shit” [Feature ]

Can you imagine the mindset of Nasir following up Illmatic? Wu-Tang after 36 Chambers? Snoop after Doggystyle? It has to be a psychological battle against hype, one that Earl Sweatshirt has struggled with since returning from... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt & Action Bronson - Warlord Leather [Stream]

Both Earl Sweatshirt (I Don’t Like S**t, I Don’t Go Outside) and Action Bronson (Mr. Wonderful) are celebrating album releases this week, and to commemorate the occasions, beatsmith legend The Alchemist was kind... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt - I Don’t Like S**t, I Don’t Go Outside [Album]

Can you imagine the mindset of Nasir following up Illmatic? Wu-Tang after 36 Chambers? Snoop after Doggystyle? It has to a psychological battle against hype, one that Earl Sweatshirt has struggled with since returning... Read Full Review


Earl Sweatshirt - Grief [Stream]

While we haven’t heard much from Earl Sweatshirt since the release of his ‘13 debut album, Doris, in the blink of an eye we not only have word of a new album nearing release but also a freshly-minted music video... Read More


Gangrene - Play It Cool ft. Samuel T. Herring (of Future Islands) & Earl Sweatshirt [Stream]

Though it’s only Friday, Gangrene sounds easy as Sunday morning as they Play It Cool on their latest record. To celebrate the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V, the legendary underground duo of The Alchemist and Oh No... Read More


Odd Present: OFWGKTA is All Grown Up & Rewriting Music’s Rules [Feature ]

I turned the television to Jimmy Fallon, influenced by a Twitter timeline full of excitement for this group that was about to hit the stage. How “odd” could a group that called themselves Odd Future be?... Read More


Lil Herb ft. Earl Sweatshirt - Knucklehead [Stream]

Red Bull Sound Select will be giving music enthusiasts wings this holiday season. Apart of their 20Before15 campaign, expect 20 free, original tracks between December 1 and 20. That’s almost an entire month full of new... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt - Chum (Left Brain Remix) [Stream]

Earl Sweatshirt‘s first release since returning from his stint at a Samoan boarding school, Doris lead single Chum was a striking change of pace from his debut EP. On the track, he cast his diabolical persona aside to... Read More


Boldy James ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Da$h & Domo Genesis - Reform School [Stream]

Those looking forward to Boldy James’s upcoming project, My 1st Chemistry Set (produced entirely by Alchemist), will be excited to get their ears on Reform School. As eager as you might be to hear some dope rhymes over a... Read More


Tyler, The Creator, HodgyBeats, Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt - Look [Stream]

With that post-Doris euphoria finally wearing off, Odd Future fans are undoubtedly fiending for another hit of grimy, offbeat Left Coast goodness. Well, Look no further; Tyler, The Creator has linked up with three of his most... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt - Doris [Album]

Like many, I got my first exposure to Earl Sweatshirt via the AJ Rojas-directed visuals for "Earl". Depicting the 17-year-old emcee and his Odd Future colleagues mixing up and imbibing a literal drug cocktail with results... Read Full Review


Earl Sweatshirt ft. Vince Staples - Burgundy [Stream]

With his major-label debut just a week and change away from release, Earl Sweatshirt is stoking the flames of anticipation with yet another fresh record off the project. Whereas the Odd Future lyricist’s last feature,... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt ft. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies - Hive [Stream]

Not featured on our pages since dropping off the aptly-titled WHOA back in March, Odd Future phenom Earl Sweatshirt returns to build anticipation for his forthcoming full-length with new single Hive. Whereas its predecessor... Read More


Harry Fraud ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Riff Raff - Yacht Lash [Stream & Download]

Living life loaded might sound like a walk in the park, but high-rollerdom has its occupational hazards. Like Yacht Lash, a type of neck injury commonly contracted in boating accidents. On the latest single off Harry... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt ft. Tyler, The Creator - WHOA [Stream]

Few young emcees inspire more shock and awe on a bar-by-bar basis than Odd Future lyricist Earl Sweatshirt. If you’re picking up what he’s putting down, practically every other line will elicit a double-take. On... Read More


Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt - Super Rich Kids [Stream]

Fresh off taking home his first Golden gramophone for debut full-length Channel Orange, R&B innovator Frank Ocean has unveiled the latest single selection off the universally-acclaimed set. A soulfully cynical examination... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt - Chum [Stream]

Since returning from his sojourn to Samoa back in February, Earl Sweatshrt has been relatively quiet, restricting his musical output to a few guest features with Odd Future affiliated artists. Now, however, he’s... Read More