New El Da Sensei Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The Regiment ft. Sadat X & El Da Sensei - Raise Up [Stream & Download]

Raise your arms Up like you’re gonna “grab the sky,” because The Regiment is back! A freshly-minted loosie that marks the Motown duo’s official return to HiPNOTT Records, this cut sees partners-in-rhyme OSI... Read More


El Da Sensei - Show Stoppa [Stream]

Some things don’t change. From the days of The Artifacts to today, El Da Sensei has kept the quality of his bars in tip top shape, rightfully owning the title of Bully Rap for his subgenre. An example of this mastery... Read More


The Immortals Project ft. El Da Sensei - Affirmative Action [Stream]

Upon reading the title Affirmative Action, I immediately though of The Firm’s classic drug-dealing single. Booth newcomers The Immortals Project, which has a “rotating membership” that currently consists of... Read More


Vorheez ft. El da Sensei & Homeboy Sandman - Place to Be [Stream]

A member of Mystika Music‘s Problemaddicts crew, Vorheez makes his grand entrance into the solo spotlight with debut single (and first Booth feature) Place to Be. On this head-noddable underground banger, Polish beat... Read More


El Da Sensei ft. Rah Digga & Tame One - Everyday in the Street (!llmind Remix) [Stream]

Fresh off earning rave reviews for Nu World Part II, the inaugural leak off his forthcoming remix EP, El Da Sensei returns with a follow-up that’ll make a big impression on longtime fans and neophytes alike.Everyday in... Read More


El Da Sensei ft. Nutso & Soul Khan - Nu World [Part II] [Stream & Download]

Just over a year after the release of acclaimed full-length Global Takeover 2: Nu World, El Da Sensei is getting ready to build on the project’s success with a fresh remix EP. One of five revamped tracks set for... Read More


Attention Dope MCs: Enter El Da Sensei’s “Nu World” Remix Contest [Feature ]

To celebrate the release of El Da Sensei and The Returners' "GT2: Nu World" album, Coalmine Records & Flüd Watches are calling on rhymespitters all over the world to enter the "Nu World" MC Contest. The winner gets their... Read More


Everliven Sound ft. El Da Sensei - Elements [Stream]

Drafted by Russian chemist Dimitri Mendelev in 1869, the Periodic Table of the Elements was a useful guide to the building blocks of matter, but suffered from a tragic lack of hot beats and witty punchlines. Unfortunately, no... Read More