New El Prez Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


K-Young, One-2, Fashawn & El Prez - Something About Mary [Stream & Download]

Treacherous C.O.B is busy prepping the release of their upcoming compilation, Mint Room 2, set to be released on May 12 via a premiere by The DJBooth and the good folks of 2DopeBoyz. There is definitely Something About Mary... Read More


El Prez - Society ft. Sean Falyon [Stream]

It’s been nearly a year since El Prez was last featured in the Booth, but the Inglewood rhymesayer has joined forces again with his PrezSport running mate, beatsmith Jansport J, for a freshly-minted record off of the... Read More


PrezSport (El Prez x Jansport J) - Droptops [Stream]

When Inglewood emcee El Prez and beatsmith Jansport J unleashed their first collaborative project under the PrezSport banner, it was late autumn and much of America was bundling up for the brutal winter ahead. It’s only... Read More


PrezSport (El Prez x Jansport J) - IFYA [Stream]

Most of the time, public service announcements make me roll my eyes. PrezSport‘s latest DJBooth feature is one of the rare exceptions. While the West Coast duo’s new single finds frontman El Prez rhyming in a... Read More


Koncept x J57 ft. Co$$, Tenacity, Johaz, Blame One, El Prez & Realm Reality - When I Get There [Stream]

In 2013, Red Bull Records invited Brooklyn emcee Koncept to L.A. to spend a week in their world-class studio. After due consideration, he decided the opportunity would be best used to create his first joint project with... Read More


PREZSPORT (El Prez x Jansport J) - Urban $treet Americana [Album]

Booth regular emcee El Prez and highly-respected producer Jansport J, who recently united to form PREZSPORT, have released their new street album, Urban $treet Americana. The album, which explores the trials and tribulations... Read More


PrezSport (El Prez x Jansport J) - Same King [Stream & Download]

El Prez, an Inglewood rhymesayer with an illustrious track record on our pages, and Jansport J, the Covina-repping beatsmith behind reader-approved mixtape Sport Did It Tho Vol. 1, have joined forces to craft a collaborative... Read More


Raven Sorvino ft. Chuck Dizzle, Smokey Lane & El Prez - Homegrown [Stream & Download]

NY has Nicki Minaj and Miami has Trina, so why can’t California have their resident female spitter in the mainstream mix as well? We think that they can, and she goes by the name of Raven Sorvino. Once again proving the... Read More


Gotham Green x Quickie Mart ft. El Prez - Everything [Stream]

I know, I know, we’ve been missing new music from Gotham Green and Quickie Mart too. But after a hiatus filled with touring, moves and solo projects, the dynamic duo are back at it with new single Everything. For the beat... Read More


El Prez - LEADERSH!T [Album]

West Coast underground rhymesayer El Prez has come together with The DJBooth, WGGP and Honour Role Music to bring listeners his latest street release, LEADERSH!T The project finds the artist showcasing the originality and... Read More


El Prez - Pass It [Stream & Download]

El Prez loves weed. I mean, he really loves weed. For an indication of just how deep the Inglewood rhymesayer’s affection for Mary Jane runs, check out newly-released single Pass It, which finds him getting lifted over... Read More


Treacherous Records ft. Fashawn, Kobe, El Prez & Kenny Siegel - Born Go Getta [Stream & Download]

A little-known biographical fact about Fashawn is that, when his mother was in the delivery room, the Grizzly City rhymesayer-to-be refused to leave till the doctor waved a c-note in front of the birth canal—at which point... Read More


DJBoothTV Travels to L.A. for Interviews With Thurz, BJ the Chicago Kid & More [Feature ]

DJBoothTV's crew usually keeps well within the confines of New York City, but for our special L.A. Edition of Outside the Booth, Jacques Morels traveled to the sunny streets of Los Angeles to sit down with seven of the west... Read More


El Prez ft. King Mez - Love Kills [Stream & Download]

Can you really die of heartbreak? According to five minutes on Google, most definitely—not only can the stress of separation from a loved one apparently cause literal, fatal heart spasms but, if you’re not careful... Read More


El Prez ft. Aleon Craft - In the Kitchen [Stream]

Aside from a handful of guest features, West Coast representative El Prez has been relatively scarce of late; his last solo cut, Dedication, hit our front page way back in October of 2011. Where’s he been in the... Read More


J NICS ft. El Prez & REKS - All These B*tches Love It [Stream & Download]

Women flock to J NICS, and it’s not too hard to see why; with his swag, his mic skills, and his ever-expanding pocketbook, what is there not to like? Just in case you remain unconvinced, the Panhandle State rhymesayer... Read More


Yung Nate & El Prez - Hate No More [Stream & Download]

To paraphrase both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Yoda, hate does as much damage to the hater as to the object of hatred. Especially if said objects are Yung Nate and El Prez, who could care less what jealous lames think of... Read More


J.Lately ft. El Prez - Share the Love [Stream & Download]

It takes a special woman to roll (and smoke) with Booth newcomer J. Lately but, if you can keep it up, you can be sure the Oakland rhymesayer will show the proper appreciation. On new single Share the Love, project... Read More


Yung Nate & El Prez - Wake Up to the Money [Stream & Download]

When my alarm rings in the morning, my first priority is coffee, followed by breakfast. For Yung Nate and El Prez, on the other hand, paper is always at the top of the agenda. The official lead single off their forthcoming... Read More


El Prez - Dedication [Stream & Download]

While many rappers are bragging about why they are the best around, displaying the cars, fame, jewels, big booty women and other materialistic items to prove it, El Prez has taken a different approach. On his new single,... Read More


Freddie Gibbs ft. El Prez - Executive Decision [Stream]

Indecisive people annoy me; the “well-I-don’t-know-attitude” is endlessly frustrating. Good thing there’s no indecisive rhymes or emcees on Executive Decision, just deciders (George Bush voice). L.A.... Read More


Tiffany Leigh ft. El Prez - Round & Round [Stream & Download]

Previously heard assisting rapper/singer/producer Woody on album leak Photos, singer Tiffany Leigh steps into the solo Booth spotlight with Round & Round the Yung Nate-penned debut leak off her NO Gimmicks mixtape. Here,... Read More


Yung Nate ft. El Prez - Feelin’ It [Stream & Download]

Fresh off relaunching his #FreeMusic series with the mellow Hands Up High, Yung Nate rejoins forces with El Prez to bring us the latest breezy installment, Feelin’ It. Here, Kalby‘s smooth sample work (from The... Read More


One-2 ft. El Prez - Eskimo Brothers [Stream & Download]

I haven’t seen The League, but it seems that the FX original series has made an enduring contribution to our pop-cultural lexicon: “Eskimo Brothers,” referring to two men who have slept with the same woman.... Read More


Yung Nate ft. El Prez - Hands Up High [Stream & Download]

When someone screams at you to put your Hands Up High, there are only two main possibilities: you’re either having a great time listening to some dope music, or you’re being arrested (or mugged). The only question... Read More


El Prez - Friday [Stream & Download]

It’s Friday afternoon, and you know what that means—Friday night is coming right up. If you still don’t have plans, El Prez’ latest mixtape leak may be just the thing to inspire you. With... Read More


El Prez - Steady Mobbin [Stream & Download]

Fresh off doing it Animal Style! on the retail version of his 2010, Booth-sponsored mixtape, Inglewood emcee El Prez returns to start the dsummer off right on Steady Mobbin, the inaugural leak off his follow-up release. Here,... Read More


El Prez - I’m Gone (King Kong) [Stream & Download]

Picture this scene: Beat drops, El Prez begins to rhyme and girls are running to the dance floor spilling their drinks yelling out, “I just wanna dance ... this is my song.” In an era of too many shout outs and... Read More


Gotham Green & El Prez “Inhale” on Booth-Sponsored EP [Feature ]

New York, N .Y. -- Inglewood emcee El Prez and L.A./N.Y. dual representative have stepped into the Booth with a brand new collaborative EP, Inhale. Featuring six fresh cuts' worth of hot rhymes and smoked-out production, plus... Read More


Gotham Green & El Prez - Inhale [Stream & Download]

In middle school I used to play Grand Theft Auto 3 constantly, religiously even. While I rampaged, I always had to put on Game Radio FM hosted by Stretch Armstrong (remember!?) and as I played, I often thought it’d be a... Read More


Scar ft. El Prez & Aleon Craft - Smoke & Ride Out [Stream & Download]

Some, like yours truly, think there’s no better combo than good music, food, and drinks; others, Charlie Sheen for example, might prefer strippers and coke. On Smoke & Ride Out, the latest leak from SMKA’s... Read More


Jabee ft. El Prez & Yung Nate - Bout My Business [Stream & Download]

With all the beef and personal drama, the rap game often seems more like a circus than an industry run by grown-ups. Not that there’s anything wrong with circuses – if you’re not scared of clowns, they can be a... Read More


Black EL ft. El Prez & 6th Sense - Sunday Drive (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Ah, Sunday; no alarm to wake you up in the morning, nowhere you need to be, and nothing to do but lay around till Saturday night’s hangover fades away (Unless you’re a churchgoer… or a DJBooth staff member... Read More


Exclusive A3C Video Interview: El Prez [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- On October 7-9, many of hip-hop's hottest emerging talents gathered in ATL for 2010's A3C festival, which included a star-studded showcase sponsored by none other than (click here to read Sig's... Read More


ESSO ft. El Prez - Someday [Stream & Download]

If you haven’t caught wind of the buzz New York emcee ESSO has garnered as of late, you must have been under a rock. The emcee had a break-through year in 2009, splashing his name across a plethora of publications, from... Read More


The Canz ft. El Prez & Aleon Craft - Ferris Bueller (Personal Day Off) [Stream & Download]

“When Cameron was in Egypt’s land, let me Cameron go.” You’ll have to excuse me, I just see a title like Ferris Bueller (Personal Day Off) and instinctively start quoting the most rewatchable movie of my childhood... Read More


Shawn Chrystopher, El Prez & J the S - Shootin’ Cops [Stream]

First things first: Shootin’ Cops, the latest leaked track off Numonics’ forthcoming street album, is not a spiritual successor to Ice-T’s infamous Cop Killer. In fact, the title doesn’t have a whole... Read More


El Prez - Animal Style! [Album]

There’s no way to truly understand El Prez’ new mixalbum Animal Style! without understanding Southern California, and in particular, In-N-Out. So for all my unfortunate souls with snow-packed sidewalks awaiting you... Read Full Review


El Prez - Animal Style! [Album]

SoCal emcee El Prez has joined forces with, IM-King clothing, and the FCC to cook up his first true solo project since ‘08, a brand new street album entitled Animal Style! Named after a... Read More


El Prez Takes Fans on a Tour of “Inglewood” in New Video [Feature ]

Inglewood, C.A. -- Featured back in summer '09, El Prez' "Inglewood" (feat. Shawn Chrystopher and Polyester) has received the official music video treatment. Directed by Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleischman of APLUS Films, the... Read More


El Prez ft. Donwill & Von Pea - Victory Lapse [Stream]

Despite the miserable weather these past few weeks, El Prez has given us all a reason to celebrate (unless you bet a hefty sum on Peyton going the distance), and no winning moment is complete without a few Victory Lapse... Read More


El Prez ft. J7 - Phantoms of Opera [Stream]

First things first: Phantoms of Opera, the latest Booth feature from Inglewood emcee El Prez, has nothing to do with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s similarly-named stage production - thankfully; saying that I’m not a big... Read More


El Prez ft. Shawn Chrystopher - Inglewood [Stream]

Every city has it’s ups and downs, but it’s hard not to love one’s own hometown.  Take Minneapolis, for example; though our long, grueling winters are enough to give a hermit cabin fever,  those... Read More


El Prez - John Wilkes Booth [Stream & Download]

The 52nd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of El Prez, the currently-unsigned up-and-comer introduced to readers via mixtape cut Bright Lights Big City.  The Inglewood native, who flows over... Read More

El Prez Spits “John Wilkes Booth” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- El Prez, the currently-unsigned up-and-comer introduced to readers via mixtape cut "Bright Lights Big City," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #52 in our Freestyle Series. On his brand... Read More


El Prez - Bright Lights Big City [Stream]

Musical icons may not always breed equally talented offspring, but, if I were a betting man (which I am, but that’s beside the point) I wouldn’t hesitate to put money on M. Will The Shogun, an up-and-coming... Read More