New Elijah Blake Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Elijah Blake - Blueberry Vapors [Album]

Seven months removed from the summer release of his debut album Shadows & Diamonds, Def Jam singer/songwriter Elijah Blake returns with a brand new free project, entitled Blueberry Vapors and hosted by DJ Carisma and Yesi... Read More


Elijah Blake - Shadows & Diamonds [Album]

Elijah Blake has been behind the scenes for years, garnering songwriting credits and releasing his very well-received Drift EP last year. While he may still be relatively unknown to the general public, the singer/songwriter... Read More


Elijah Blake - Uno [Stream]

We’re a little less than two weeks away from the release of Elijah Blake‘s debut album. To date, the singer has delivered highly-rated singles I Just Wanna… and Fading, but his latest release, Uno, might be... Read More


Elijah Blake - Fading [Stream]

Elijah Blake has been buzzing for several years, but every time he has picked up a head of stream his label, Def Jam, did not seem ready to capitalize. That will all change next month, however, when the singer/songwriter... Read More


Elijah Blake - I Just Wanna.. ft. DeJ Loaf [Stream]

Ladies, Elijah Blake seems to be a relatively simple man to please, at least judging by his latest single I Just Wanna…. “I just wanna get f**ked up,” the singer/songwriter croons on his latest DeJ... Read More


Elijah Blake ft. Big Sean - Come Away (Remix) [Stream]

Elijah Blake‘s last Booth feature was dedicated to a woman whose love, like hard liquor, was both addictive and fraught with danger. On his latest effort, the Def Jam crooner pays tribute to a chick who’s every... Read More


Elijah Blake - Black Whisky [Stream]

Like a stiff drink, love can cloud your mental, make you dizzy and persuade you to do things you’d never do in a normal state of consciousness. So it’s not hard to understand what Elijah Blake means when, on this... Read More


Elijah Blake - Drift EP [Album]

Def Jam has a relatively hidden gem on their artist roster and his name is Elijah Blake. Hiding in plain sight the past two years, the singer/songwriter is looking to breakout with the release of his new EP, Drift. His first... Read More


Elijah Blake - Strange Fruit [Stream]

Update: The Sean Alexander-directed visuals for Elijah Blake’s Strange Fruit single have been added. After hearing Elijah Blake tackle the difficult topic of child abuse on 6 / Fallen, I was expecting Strange Fruit to... Read More


The MIDI Mafia ft. Rick Ross & Elijah Blake - She Want That [Stream]

The MIDI Mafia‘s first headlining feature, the Rockie Fresh-assisted Back Down, won lukewarm reviews on our pages, but the beat duo aren’t about to… uh… back down. More than a year later, we find them... Read More


Elijah Blake - 6 / Fallen [Stream]

Whereas many people—and artists—idealize childhood as a carefree time of innocence, Elijah Blake doesn’t have that luxury. He’s still dealing with the emotional fallout of growing up with a father who used... Read More


Elijah Blake - Aqua Static [Stream]

Last week, we heard Elijah Blake pay tribute to a chick whose body he just couldn’t seems to get off his mental on Wicked, a single off his upcoming Drift EP. Though “Aqua Static” kinda sounds like the name of a... Read More


Elijah Blake - Wicked [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for Give Me U, a standout cut from his recently-released Free Pt. 1 EP, Elijah Blake is already back on our front page with the latest single off his next EP. Featured in conjunction... Read More


Elijah Blake - Give Me U [Stream]

Earlier this week, Elijah Blake liberated an EP featuring three tracks’ worth of new material, free of charge. All he wants in return is… you. That’s right, you. On project standout Give Me U, a... Read More


Don Benjamin ft. Elijah Blake - Doin It Well [Stream]

After Don Benjamin‘s turn on Americas Next Top Model last year, the world knows that that he can work a runway, but poise and a pretty face aren’t sufficient to excel in the rap game. Thus, listeners may be... Read More


Elijah Blake ft. Rick Ross & Game - Sing For Me [Stream]

Relationships work best when the partners have shared interests, so it should come as no surprise that R&B singer Elijah Blake‘s significant other is as anxious to show off her pipes as he is to show off his. To... Read More


Elijah Blake - Towers of Tokyo [Stream]

Some relationships are flimsy and structurally unsound, like a house built on sand. The love that Def Jam crooner Elijah Blake and his girl share is more like the Towers of Tokyo—rock-solid and really f**king huge. Though... Read More


Elijah Blake ft. J. Cole - Vendetta [Stream]

Absent from our front page since bringing down the house with December 2012’s Common-assisted X.O.X., Elijah Blake is back to (finally) kick off his 2013 with Vendetta, the second single off his forthcoming full-length.... Read More


Elijah Blake ft. Common - X.O.X [Stream]

I can tell you from experience that few things suck more than being romantically involved with someone who’s still in love with an ex—except, perhaps, being the person who can’t get over that old flame. An... Read More


Elijah Blake - Started From The Bottom (Freestyle) [Stream]

Whenever an artist like Started From The Bottom, it is inevitable that The DJBooth becomes swamped with remixes and freestyled versions of the record. Typically, for the sake of our readers, we skip over these submissions, as... Read More


Elijah Blake - Talk To Me [Stream & Download]

Hey girl, is something bothering you? Elijah Blake wants you to know that he’s here to listen; which brings us to Talk To Me, the latest offering from the upstart singer’s Bijoux 22 EP that dropped back in... Read More