New Emanny Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Emilio Rojas - No Good ft. Emanny [Stream]

This Friday, Emilio Rojas will serve up his new EP, L.I.F.E. Following a pre-release leak or two, the upstate New York native has chosen one final song as a pre-release gift for fans, the Emanny-assisted No Good. Over the... Read More


Emanny ft. Felicia Temple - Ya Sex (Duet) [Stream & Download]

Songs about lovemaking are a lot like the act of lovemaking itself: in a pinch, you can pull it off on your lonesome, but having a partner is always preferable. On his latest Booth feature, indie crooner Emanny transforms Ya... Read More


Emanny ft. Crooked I - Work on Me (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Originally released last fall as part of Emanny‘s Songs About HER. 2 LP, Work on Me has now received the official remix treatment. This rendition of the smooth, Karon Graham-produced jam boasts an added guest 16 from... Read More


SmCity ft. Emanny - Riding off in the Sunset [Stream]

With a mere two days remaining before SmCity‘s next album hits record stores and online retailers, fans of the DMV repper must be feeling as restless as kids on Christmas Eve. To tide y’all over until the big day,... Read More


Emanny - Perfect [Stream]

With less than 24 hours to go till his latest independent full-length hits store shelves, Emanny has liberated a little something to keep his fans satisfied in the interim. On this heartfelt, yet edgy ballad, the singer... Read More


Emanny - Songs About YOU EP [Album]

Unsigned R&B singer Emanny has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Songs About YOU EP. Presented by Sex, Love & Vices, a collective which includes Emanny, Joe Budden, Parks and K Dot, the project finds... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Emanny - Something Special [Stream]

Though Emilio Rojas’ latest full-length, No Shame, No Regrets…, hit the ‘net just last month, he isn’t resting on his laurels. Today, the Rochester rhymesayer returns to our pages with a fresh cut... Read More


Emanny - Would You Mind 2013 [Stream]

Part of Janet Jackson‘s 2001 All for You LP, Would You Mind has aged pretty damn well over the last decade and change. With its minimal beat and risqué lyrical theme, it wouldn’t sound entirely out of place... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Emanny - Make a Move [Stream & Download]

Fresh off garnering positive reader feedback for LP single Pray, Rochester-repping reader fave Emilio Rojas bounces back with a freshly-minted cut that didn’t make it onto his next project’s tracklist. An... Read More


Emanny ft. SLV - Miss Me [Stream]

On She Don’t Put It Down Like You, the hit lead single off his No Love Lost LP, Joe Budden admitted to an ex that, where getting it in was concerned, his new girl just couldn’t compare. Miss Me, the latest single... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Emanny - More of Me [Stream]

Featured on our front page back in early October, the last single off Joe Budden‘s A Loose Quarter LP not only met with positive Booth reviews, but proceeded to spend four consecutive weeks (and counting) on our music... Read More


Emanny - Broken Heart [Stream]

If you’ve been in the dating game for a decade or more, chances are you’ve suffered a few emotional bumps and bruises over the course of your romantic history. Fortunately, we have pop musicians like Emanny to... Read More


Emanny ft. Emilio Rojas - Wrong Impression [Stream]

It’s a story we all know by heart: singer (or sometimes rapper) heads out to the local spot, scopes out the most attractive woman in the spot and immediately gets down to business, working to lower her defenses with... Read More


SLV (Joe Budden x Emanny) - F**k That Condom [Stream]

SLV is not the newest R&B girl group sensation, but the collaboration of New York natives Joe Budden and Emanny.  Already together on a couple of tracks, the duo has released their second record as an official duo,... Read More


Emilio Rojas - One Last Time [Video]

Following the release of his brand new Billionaire Boys Club and DJ Green Lantern-presented album “Breaking Point,” Emilio Rojas unleashes the video for stand out cut “One Last Time.”  The... Read More


Emanny - Don’t Say Sh*t [Stream]

Nowhere is the axiom “Actions speak louder than words” truer than in the bedroom. Emanny clearly knows what I’m talking about; on his latest promo single, a joint leaked yesterday via his Twitter account,... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Emanny - She Dont Love Me [Stream]

Fellas, don’t you just hate it when fly honeys are only interested in you for your money and sex appeal? On second thought, I’m sure plenty of fellas would kill to be in the position that Joe Budden describes on... Read More


Emanny ft. Jadakiss - Young & Ready [Stream]

Perhaps inspired by hearing Beyoncé quote the line in single Party, Emanny makes a classic line from Keith Sweat’s Right and a Wrong Way into the centerpiece of his latest single, Young & Ready. Supporting the... Read More


Joe Budden x Summer Leather Vest - Unison [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: “Who the f**k would wear a leather vest in the middle of the summer? And, more importantly, who the f**k are Summer Leather Vest?” In answer to the first question… bikers, maybe?... Read More


Emanny ft. Joe Budden - I Messed Up [Stream]

Though the perils of habitual jump-offs could hardly be more obvious, the promise of a no-strings-attached hookup attracts us like moths to an 80-watt bug zapper. Just ask Emanny, whose latest promo single finds him admitting... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Emanny - Dreamerz [Stream & Download]

For many rappers, dreams are a positive experience, driving them forward with visions of the fame and fortune that lies in their (potential) future. Step into the psyche of a slumbering Joe Budden, however, and you’ll... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Emanny - Ayo [Stream]

While many Joe Budden fans are anticipating an amazing album from Slaughterhouse after their signing with Shady Records, some fans of his solo work may be happy with a recent leak from his unreleased vault. The record,... Read More


Jadakiss ft. Emanny - Hold You Down [Stream]

With the scarcity of new Jadakiss material in recent memory, (he had just two solo features in 2010), his devotees may be starting to wonder whether something’s wrong. Did that romantic spark die out while we... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Jay Townsend & Emanny - Tipsy [Stream]

It’s been a long winter for all of America, from Chicago to Atlanta and everywhere in between. Perhaps that’s why we’re starting to hear songs that reflect the residual effects of “Cuffin’ Season”... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Emanny - Short Summer [Stream]

In a game full of narcissists, no one likes to talk about himself more than Joe Budden (ok, expect for Diddy). Lucky for us, New Jersey’s most suicidal rapper also happens to be one of the best lyricists alive. Come on, how... Read More


Emanny ft. Jadakiss - Time Is Up [Stream]

Is it just me, or are Trey and Usher the only male R&B artists you hear on the radio nowadays? The vets may be dominating at the moment, but new cat Emanny is hoping to change that. On his new single, Emanny teams up with... Read More